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College life NAME: Dr.

Baban Dattataray Mahajan DATE OF BIRTH: 22nd Nov, 1950


MARRIAGE DATE: 5th Nov, 1979

ADDRESS (RESI): (1) G-603, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune-411019 (2) A/P & Tal: Hatkangale, Dist : Kolhapur. E-MAIL: dr.b.mahajan@gmail.com (M):9967064791 CONTACT NO: (020)32538958/

ACHIEVEMENTS ACADEMICS:  M.S(General surgeon)  Worked as Medical officer for 12 years.  As Civil Surgeon cadre for 17 years.  Director of Employment State Insurance Scheme for last 4 years. (Govt of Maharashtra)

OTHERS:  Visit to University of South Florida, Tampa, USA for Training in H.I.V AIDS. AWARDS:  Savedna Pratitshtan Puraskar for Best Management of Casualties occurred during bomb blast, Mumbai, in the year 2003  Certificate of honor from ‘ALL INDIA MUSLIM COUNCIL’ for the same.

SPOUSE, CHILDREN AND THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS:  Wife House wife.  Daughter B.E (Computer engg). Memories about staff and classmates:  Regular Bunking the Inorganic Chemistry class after Attendance. Just could not attend it.  Quality teaching of Hindi Teacher Jamdaani  Spectacular Cricket play of D.D.Patil

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