PEACE is a precept of all FAITHS but Look
Even without it we're all pretty Good.
We may not have Happiness every day
But who promised us that, the USA?
Who said that colleges aren't parents.
Yet they still commit incest with students.
Or even repeal all the rights of youths
To protect them to death and derision.
To lambast their intelligence with Tests
None of them could even pass themselves.
Faith and the Faithless, who will outlast all
Truth, Love, Innocence, and Beauty still live
Even if only in Dreams still they thrive
They pick themselves up and keep on Driving.

Partisanship killed Democracy. Not I.
Don't blame me yall said it would happen Why?
Nobody really understands the truth.
They dont' talk about it in school, and worse..
The children are allowed to be murdered.
They are called undesirables too.
THey brandish their innocence everyday
But they too are criminals, oh, what, hey?
I call it a betrayal of poetry
and death to all beauty albeit worse
than succumbing to an imbuing
Color is anything but Ancient time
People accrue to their physical being
That tells of all places and beginnings

Jewish people are known that they are not to seek conversion. If this is the truth, then Jews
must realize they will always be a minority if they choose and that all other faiths permit the
Jewish faith its holiness. None should hate the Jews for their observance of the belief for beliefs
are inherent too all people. For this reason and no other they were cast out of the many nations
and states where they lived or subjected to removal by stasis within populaces. Their lives were
made secret or they outwardly were forced to assimilate. Assimilation is the worst form of
Atrocity for it takes the Indian out of the Indian and meanings and beliefs shed tears of blood.
People are not Ideas. Ideas are Humans, their vast existence embodied in an individual.
Therefore when Ideas dies, blood--the whole set of Authors held in a small capsule which is the
body flow from the Body. Though we are Alive we also loose Blood. Indeed, Blood could be
from now onward, the Sea of Humanity of which we are all its Sea as distinguished from the
Amphibian who lives between solid and gas water. We as People live in the Gaseous H2O.
Therefore, when we see Clouds we may be assured that those are Heavens consisting of our

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