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4th of July Safety Tips

4th of July Safety Tips

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Published by: Catholic Charities USA on Jul 03, 2014
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For many of us, the 4

of July means lounging in the backyard with good friends and family—including
the four-legged members of the household. It is a day intended to be enjoyed and, the information will
help keep you, your children and your neighbors safe this Independence ay.
!he safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks show put on by professionals. "tay at
least #$$ feet away from the show and lea%e any area immediately where untrained amateurs are using
&any states outlaw most fireworks. &ake sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using
It can be a really challenging and difficult holiday for some military %eterans' they may find it hard to
enjoy patriotic fireworks display, as the bright lights and booms bring back unshakeable memories of
(ccording to the )" *onsumer +roducts "afety *ommission, ,#$$ people in the )" are treated each
year for fireworks-related injuries. "e%en out of e%ery -$$ people injured from fireworks ha%e to be
hospitali.ed. !he estimated annual cost of fireworks-related injuries in the )"/ 0-$$ million.
1 !hose most fre2uently injured by fireworks are boys aged -$ to -4 years old.
1 &ore than 4$3 of those injured are children younger than -4.
If someone is setting fireworks off at home, they should follow these safety steps/
• o not allow young children to play with fireworks under any circumstances, e%en with adult
o "parklers, considered by many the ideal 4safe4 firework for the young, burn at %ery high
temperatures and can easily ignite clothing.
o *hildren cannot understand the danger in%ol%ed and cannot act appropriately in case of
• 5lder children should only be permitted to use fireworks under close adult super%ision. o not
allow any running or horseplay.
• 6eep a supply of water close by as a precaution.
• &ake sure the person lighting fireworks always wears eye protection.
• 7ight only one firework at a time and ne%er attempt to relight 8a dud.9
• "tore fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.
• :e%er throw or point a firework toward people, animals, %ehicles, structures or flammable
• "oak all fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them in the trash can.
• ;emember pet safety/
o :e%er use fireworks around pets. 6eep your pets in the house, rather than in your yard.
o &ore dogs go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year. Fireworks <loud noises
and burnt aromas= can be e>tremely disturbing, and ? million pet owners will seek
tran2uili.ers or other help from %eterinarians for their traumati.ed dogs.

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