Paper F7

• Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income – possible transactions to include depreciation, revaluation, investment property, IFRS 5. • Consolidated I/S and SFP for either 2/3 company groups.. • Published accounts. • Cashflow question with report on company performance. • Financial statement interpretation. • Intangible non-current assets including research and development. • Liabilities including deferred tax. • Leasing – both numbers and written aspects. • IASB framework – elements or qualitative characteristics.

Paper F8
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Payables – validation of period end balances and cut-off. Acceptance of appointment – ethical and practical issues. System evaluation and management letter extracts. Audit of estimates including provisions and contingencies. Understanding unmodified audit reports and modified opinions. Closing review, subsequent events and threats to going concern status. Payroll audit procedures. Not for profit organisations. Internal control weakness. IAS 570 going concern. Analytical review as a planning tool. Threats to an auditors independence. Inventories or non-current assets.

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