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Developing Tactics for Listening - Test Booklet

Developing Tactics for Listening - Test Booklet


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Published by: hungulam on Nov 27, 2009
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1. Let's Listen


A: Where do you work, Sharon?
B: I work at a French restaurant on
Park Street.
A: Oh, what do you do there?
B: Well, I plan the menus and cook
the meals.

A: So, where are you working now,
B: Right now I'm working at the Oak
Tree Hotel.
A: What do you do?
B: Well, I carry bags to people's rooms.

A: Where do you work, Nina?
B: I work for Better Gardens and
Flowers magazine.
A: Really? Are you a writer?
B: No, I take photos.

A: What do you do, Bruce?
B: I work downtown at City Hotel.
A: Are you a bellhop?
B: Oh no, I'm a waiter in the
restaurant there.

A: Where do you work, Laura?
B: I work for the local newspaper.
A: What do you do there?
B: I'm a staff writer. I write all kinds
of news stories.

2. Let's Listen

I've been a third-grade teacher at
Hudson Elementary School for ten
years now. A lot of people think being
a teacher is easy because you get the
whole summer off for vacation, but
teachers work very hard during the
school year. I spend a lot of time
thinking of interesting activities for
my students. I want to make sure that
they are never bored in my class. Most
of the time the children are easygoing,
but sometimes they can be loud and
difficult. Teaching is not a quiet,
relaxing job, but I really enjoy the
variety that it offers.

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