American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to

Afghanistan Scott, Peter Dale
his pro!ocati!e, thoroughl" researched boo# e$plores the co!ert aspects of %&S& foreign polic"&
Prominent political anal"st Peter Dale Scott marshals compelling e!idence to e$pose the
e$tensi!e gro'th of sanctioned but illicit !iolence in politics and state affairs, especiall" 'hen
related to America(s long)standing in!ol!ement 'ith the global drug traffic& *eginning 'ith
hailand in the +,-.s, Americans ha!e become inured to the CIA(s alliances 'ith drug
traffic#ers /and their ban#ers0 to install and sustain right)'ing go!ernments& he pattern has
repeated itself in 1aos, 2ietnam, Ital", Me$ico, hailand, 3igeria, 2ene4uela, Colombia, Peru,
Chile, Panama, 5onduras, ur#e", Pa#istan, and no' Afghanistan to name onl" those countries
dealt 'ith in this boo#& Scott sho's that the relationship of %&S& intelligence operators and
agencies to the global drug traffic, and to other international criminal net'or#s, deser!es greater
attention in the debate o!er the %&S& presence in Afghanistan& o date, America(s go!ernment
and policies ha!e done more to foster than to curtail the drug trade& he so)called 'ar on terror,
and in particular the 'ar in Afghanistan, constitutes onl" the latest chapter in this disturbing

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