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Reflect on your social work practice against the SWRBs ten core competence standards,
using the attached template. Provide a short narrative that demonstrates and presents
evidence to support your competence to practise social work. Refer to the Guide otes and
!"amples for guidance.
Where your Self Reflection has identified areas of your practice that could #e strengthened
through further professional development, provide comment on these areas, for e"ample,
what steps you are taking to gain this development.
The example of a completed Self Reflection is provided for guidance only and
should not be replicated in your own Self Reflection.
When completing your Self Reflection ensure that you
State your name and date of #irth
Write in the first person
Sign and date each page
$aintain confidentiality #y protecting peoples identifying details
%se single&sided '( paper and )* point font si+e
S!,- R!-,!./01
Tee !ic"son
#irth !ate
Registration 23
'pplication 23
Competency %3 .ompetence to practise social work with $4ori
's a $aori practitioner 0 understand the importance of /e Reo me on /ikanga practises that
assist in enhancing the engagement process in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.
5emonstration of the 6 Principles recognised in /he /reaty of Waitangi acknowledging that
Participation from #oth parties is necessary to reduce re&offending in order to create safer
Competency * .ompetence to practise with different ethnic and cultural groups in 'otearoa ew 7ealand
1pportunity to practise with different ethnic 8 cultural groups while #eing on my practicum with
the 5epartment of .orrections Pro#ation Service situated in the heart of $angere. !ngaging in
a manner that is culturally appropriate and respectful for e"ample at home visits often with other
family mem#ers including individual interviews at the office.
CO+,ETENCY - .1$P!/!.! /1 PR1$1/! /9! PR0.0P,!S 1- 9%$' R0G9/S '5 S1.0', :%S/0.!
Working from a motivational approach has guided me to understand others, identifying
strengths and opportunities to encourage the client to focus on achieving their sentence
strengthening their confidence to move forward. -ocusing on the positive creating an
understanding and respectful environment.
Competency . .ompetence to promote social change
0t is evident within the .orrections field that some whanau ; clients feel discriminated when it
comes to applying for <o#s or housing for their families. 's a social worker it is part of my role to
assist in achieving successful outcomes where whanau are treated e=ual and fairly.
Competency /3 .ompetence to promote empowerment and li#eration of people
I posses the ability to respect and uphold the human rights of a person regardless of the
persons age, religious beliefs, culture, gender, family and economic status. The Human Rights
Act 1993 protects people in Ne !ealand from being treated unfairly or less fa"ourably than
another person. #"eryone person in Ne !ealand is entitled to be treated ith respect.
COMPT!C" #$ Competence to utilise social work practice approaches
.reating a safe space for the client to feel that they could freely communicate and engage with
the process at hand. %tilising a motivational approach focusing on the positives and
empowering the client towards good goals settings and decision making.
Competency ' .ompetence to utilise theories of human #ehaviour and social systems
5oing my practicum for the 5epartment of .orrections there are frameworks and policies that
guide practice such as the mandatory standards. 0 was a#le to complete the 5ip sample task
#y using these mandatory standards for 0ntensive Supervision and Supervision while on
Competency 03 .ompetence to promote pro#lem&solving in human relationships
/here are specific practise tools that are availa#le and very useful to use as practitioners to
engage and promote self determination with whanau. 0 was a#le to motivate the client;whanau
to remain focused when waiting on outcomes that determined their lifestyle and well#eing.
Pro#lem solving was all a#out identifying tools and other options for the client to make informed
decisions. !mpowering the client and whanau.
Competency (3 .ompetence to use systems of accounta#ility in place for their work
/hrough o#servation 0 have seen transparency #eing used as a way of keeping oneself
accounta#le to their work and also to their team. 0 have also adopted this tool to show
accounta#ility for my own work and responsi#ilities i.e feed #ack 8 feed forward.
Competency %$3 'dherence to professional social work ethics
Paying attention to the .ode of !thics of '7'SW guides me towards professional social work
practise. !nsuring my practise is ethical and meets the responsi#ilities to my clients,
colleagues, agencies 8 organisations including my own responsi#ility to myself acting in an
integral manner at all times.