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Test 29. Conditional Sentences. (Nicolenco)

1. Plants die if you (not/ate!) t"e#.
a) on$t ate! %) don$t ate! c) ouldn$t ate!
2. If I "ad one #illion dolla!s& I ('!o%a%ly/%uy) a yac"t.
a) ould '!o%a%ly %uy %) ill '!o%a%ly %uy c) '!o%a%ly %ou("t
). *o did it "a''en t"at you #issed you sto'+ , I (not/#iss) it if t"e conducto! (announce) t"e
a) ouldn$t #iss %) "adn$t #issed c) ouldn$t "a-e #issed
d) "ad announced e) ould "a-e announced f) announced
.. /"at a 'ity #y "us%and is aay0 If "e (%e) "e!e "e ("el') us.
a) e!e %) ould %e "e!e c) is
d) ill "el' e) ould "el' f) "el's
1. If I ((et u') ea!ly to#o!!o #o!nin(& I ((o) 2o((in(.
a) ill (et u' %) (et u' c) (ot u'
d) (o e) a# (oin( to (o f) ill (o
3. 4ou loo5 ti!ed. If I (%e) you& I (ta5e) a "oliday.
a) %e %) e!e c) "a-e %een
d) ill ta5e e) ould ta5e f) ta5e
6. If 7en2a#in 8!an5lin (not/o!5) so "a!d& "e (not/%eco#e) t"e sy#%ol of A#e!ica.
a) didn$t o!5 %) ouldn$t "a-e o!5ed c) "adn$t o!5ed
d) ouldn$t "a-e %eco#e e) "adn$t %eco#e f) ouldn$t %eco#e
9. Did you say anyt"in( "en "e as5ed you+ , No& I didn$t. 4ou see& if I (say) e-en a o!d& "e
(fly) into a !a(e.
a) said %) ould said c) "ad said
d) fle e) ould "a-e flon f) "ad flon
9. /ould it %e all !i("t if I (co#e) !ound at a%out si:+
a) co#e %) ca#e c) ill co#e
1;.If you (%e) at a loose end last #ont"& you ('ass) you! e:a#. 7ut
you failed it.
a) "adn$t %een %) ouldn$t "a-e %een c) e!e not
d) ould "a-e 'assed e) ould 'ass f) ill 'ass
11.If t"e ate! (%e "eated) to 1;; de(!.C& it (%oil).
a) ill %e "eated %) ould %e "eated c) is "eated
d) ould %oil e) %oils f) %oil
12.If 'i(s ("a-e) in(s& t"ey (fly).
a) "ad %) "a-e c) ould "a-e d) ill fly e) fly f) ould fly
1).I (do) t"e sa#e if I (%e) in you! s"oes.
a) ould do %) ill do c) ould "a-e done
d) a# e) e!e f) ill %e
1.. If I (see) "e!& I (s'ea5) to "e!. 7ut I didn$t see "e! and s'ea5
to "e!. a) sa %) "ad seen c) ould "a-e seen
d) ould "a-e s'o5en e) s'o5e f) ould s'ea5
11. *u!!y u'0 /e (not/(et) (ood seats if e (a!!i-e) late.
a) don$t (et %) on$t (et c) didn$t (et
d) a!!i-ed e) ill a!!i-e f) a!!i-e
13. If I (5no) t"at you e!e co#in(& I (#eet) you at t"e ai!'o!t. I
"ad a lot of ti#e to do t"at.
a) "ad 5non %) 5ne c) ould "a-e 5non
d) ould #eet e) ould "a-e #et f) ill #eet
16. If Colu#%us (not/"a-e) suc" a 'assion fo! t!a-ellin(& "e
(disco-e!) A#e!ica in 1.92.
a) "adn$t %) ouldn$t "a-e "ad c) "adn$t "ad
d) "adn$t disco-e! e) didn$t disco-e! f) ouldn$t "a-e disco-e!ed
19. <o%%y& loo5 at t"at #an0 If "e (o!5) "a!de! at sc"ool& "e
(not/see') t"e st!eets no.
a) o!5ed %) ould "a-e o!5ed c) "ad o!5ed
d) ouldn$t %e see'in( e) ouldn$t "a-e se't f) on$t %e see'in(
Test 12. 8ill in =ill/on$t/ould/ouldn$t>?
1. /"at @ you do if you on lots of #oney+
2. If t"e students e!e studyin(& @ you distu!% t"e#+
). If you #a5e so #uc" noise& I @ %e a%le to slee'.
.. T"ey @ "a-e to "u!!y o! t"ey @ #iss t"e t!ain.
1. T"ey @ "a-e #issed t"e last %us if t"ey "ad "u!!ied.
3. If I e!e you& I @ %uy a ne %icycle.
6. If s"e "ad loc5ed all t"e doo!s& t"e %u!(la!s @ "a-e (ot in.
9. If #y t!ain is late I @ ta5e a ta:i.
9. *e #ust %uild a st!on( %oat& ot"e!ise "e @ %e a%le to sail !ound t"e o!ld.
1;.If you a!e a (ood (i!l& I @ %uy you so#e c"ocolate.
11.I @ finis" t"e o!5 if you don$t "el' #e.
12.If only t"ey @ a!!i-e on ti#e.
1).4ou @ unde!stand unless you listen ca!efully.
1..If "e "adn$t cut "is fin(e!& it @ not "a-e "u!t fo! ee5s.
11.I @ (i-e you A1 if you do #e a fa-ou!.
13.If C"!is didn$t fall in lo-e it" Bane& "e @ (i-e "e! floe!s.
Test 1). 8ill in =ould/"a-e/"ad>?
1. If s"e @ not d!i-en so fast& s"e @ not @ c!as"ed "e! ca!.
2. I is" I @ as"ed #y clot"es yeste!day.
). If "e @ finis"ed "is #edical studies& "e @ %e a docto! no.
.. If t"ey @ not %een late& t"e teac"e! @ not %e an(!y it" t"e#.
1. I only is" I @ 2ust a little %it #o!e #oney.
3. If "e @ failed "is e:a#s& "e couldn$t study at t"e uni-e!sity.
6. If t"ey @ loc5ed u' t"e c"ic5ens at ni("t& t"e fo: @ not @ eaten t"e# and t"e c"ic5ens @
%e ali-e no.
9. /e @ @ %een "e!e ea!lie! if t"e t!ain @ %een on ti#e.
9. If I sa a #ouse in t"e 5itc"en& I @ t!y to catc" it.
1;. If you @ a -ideo& you could !eco!d it you!self.
11. I is" I @ an ele'"ant. I could t!a-el t"!ou(" t"e 2un(le.
12. I is" t"ey @ sto' #a5in( so #uc" noise so t"at I could concent!ate.
1). @ e 5non you! add!ess& e @ @ !itten a lette! to you.
1.. If it @ not %een fo! you! "el'& e @ @ (ot into !eal t!ou%le.
Test 11. Co!!ect #ista5es if t"e!e a!e any?
1. /"at ould you do if you li-e "e!e all t"e ti#e& as e do+
2. If e #et Ca'tain *oo5 in o'en fi("t& lea-e #e to deal it" "i#.
). If "e "adn$t co#e %y 3 o$cloc5& "e on$t co#e at all.
.. If you eat less t"an you need& t"e %ody %u!ns fat to (et ene!(y and you loses ei("t.
1. If you "a-e finis"ed you! "o#eo!5& you #i("t %e a%le to "el' us.
3. I could unde!stand you! f!iend f!o# Italy if "e s'o5en #o!e sloly.
6. If #y cat e!e sic5& I ould "a-e ta5en it to t"e -et.
9. I is" you ould (i-e #e t"is %oo5 fo! a "ile.
9. /"at ill t"e 5itc"en loo5 li5e if e 'ainted it (!een+
1;. C-en if "e did say so& e cannot %e su!e t"at "e as tellin( t"e t!ut".
11. If you "a-e %een al5in( all t"e ni("t& you '!o%a%ly need a !est.
12. If you ent to London& you #i("t "a-e seen t"e Dueen.
1). If t"ey a!e '!o#isin( to %e "e!e& t"ey ill ce!tainly co#e.
1.. C-en if #y 'a!ents disa''!o-ed of #y 'lans& I ouldn$t "ad (i-en t"e# u'.
11. I is" t"e eat"e! ouldn$t %e so d!eadful today.
(Eilo-ido-& Su%2uncti-e)
C:. .) Fse Su%2uncti-e?
1. 4ou (to s'ea5) %ette! if you (to %e) #o!e attenti-e. 2. If "e (to unde!stand) t"e situation& "e (to
act) diffe!ently. ). *e (to catc") t"e t!ain if "e (to #a5e "aste). .. If I (to %e) you& I (to conside!)
t"e #atte! settled. 1. If only "e (to %e) "e!e& "e (can) tell you. 3. If I (to %e) in you! 'lace& I (to
t"in5) as you do. 6. *e not (to do) it if you not (to "el') "i#. 9. If "e (to %e) '!esent& "e (#ay)
o%2ect. 9. S"e (to co#e) to see you if s"e not (to %e ti!ed). 1;. If I (to (et) t"e tic5ets %efo!e
tel-e o$cloc5& I (to co#e) st!ai("t "o#e.
1. I t"in5 t"at if e (to ta5e s"elte!) unde! t"ese t!ees& e not (to (et et). 2. If I (to "esitate)
#uc" lon(e! %efo!e (ettin( into t"e ate!& "e not (to let) #e si# at all today. ). If s"e (to co#e)
ea!lie!& s"e (to "a-e %een a%le) to see "i# %efo!e "e ent out. .. *e (to (o) fo! a !ide it" you& if
"e (to !e'ai!) "is %icycle. 1. If a yea! a(o t"e sailo!s (to %e told) t"ey e!e to unde!ta5e a t!i' of
t"is so!t& t"ey (to %e su!'!ised). 3. If "e (to %e) '!esent& t"is not (to occu!). 6. If t"e sto!# not (to
!a(e)& t"e s"i' (to lea-e) t"e "a!%ou! last ni("t. 9. If ou! tele'"one not (to %e) out of o!de!& I (to
!in() you u' t"is #o!nin(. 9. If you (to co#e) %eteen to and t"!ee yeste!day& you (to find) #e
at "o#e. 1;. If I (to "a-e) to ca!!y t"at "ea-y %o:& I (to %e) o%li(ed to d!o' it afte! fi-e #inutes.
11. I not (to (o) to slee' o-e! t"at %oo5 if it not (to %e) so dull. 12. If I (to 5no) you (to co#e)& I
of cou!se (to stay) at "o#e. 1). If anyone (to say) suc" a t"in( to #e& I (to feel) "u!t. 1.. /e
ne-e! (to sol-e) t"e !iddle& if you not (to 'ut) us on t"e t!ac5.
C:. .1 O'en t"e %!ac5ets?
1. If I "ad 5non t"at you e!e in "os'ital I (-isit) you. 2. If I (5no) t"at you e!e co#in( I$d
"a-e %a5ed a ca5e. ). If you (a!!i-e) ten #inutes ea!lie! you ould "a-e (ot a seat. .. 4ou ould
"a-e seen #y (a!den at its %est if you (%e) "e!e last ee5. 1. I ouldn$t "a-e %elie-ed it if I (not
see) it it" #y on eyes. 3. I (offe!) to "el' "i# if I "ad !ealiGed t"at "e as ill. 6. If I (!ealiGe)
"at a %ad d!i-e! you e!e I ouldn$t "a-e co#e it" you. 9. If I "ad !ealiGed t"at t"e t!affic
li("ts e!e !ed I (sto'). 9. T"e "ens (not (et) into t"e "ouse if you "ad s"ut t"e doo!. 1;. If "e
"ad 5non t"at t"e !i-e! as dan(e!ous "e (not t!y) to si# ac!oss it. 11. If you (s'ea5) #o!e
sloly "e #i("t "a-e unde!stood you. 12. If "e "ad 5non t"e "ole sto!y "e (not %e) so an(!y.
1). If I (t!y) a(ain I t"in5 t"at I ould "a-e succeeded. 1.. 4ou (not (et) into t!ou%le if you "ad
o%eyed #y inst!uctions. 11. If I (%e) !eady "en "e called "e ould "a-e ta5en #e it" "i#. 13.
If s"e "ad listened to #y di!ections s"e (not tu!n) don t"e !on( st!eet. 16. If you (loo5) at t"e
en(ine fo! a #o#ent you ould "a-e seen "at as #issin(. 19. I (ta5e) a ta:i if I "ad !ealiGed
t"at it as suc" a lon( ay. 19. 4ou (sa-e) #e a lot of t!ou%le if you "ad told #e "e!e you
e!e (oin(. 2;. If you (not sneeGe) "e ouldnHt "a-e 5non t"at e e!e t"e!e.
1. If I (see) you in t"e st!eet yeste!day& of cou!se I (say) =Iood #o!nin(.>
2. I$# so!!y I t"!e t"e nes'a'e! aay. I (not t"!o) it aay if I (5no) you anted it.
). /"y didn$t you as5 #e to "el' you+ , Of cou!se I ("el') you if you (as5) #e to.
.. I$# so!!y I couldn$t co#e to t"e cine#a it" you last 8!iday. , I (co#e) if I (not %e) so %usy.
1. I (not lea-e) t"e office ea!ly yeste!day if I (not finis") #y o!5.
C:. )6.1 Put t"e -e!% into t"e co!!ect fo!#?
1. T"ey ould %e !at"e! offended if I (not/ (o) to see t"e#. 2. If you too5 #o!e e:e!cise& you
(feel) %ette!. ). If I as offe!ed t"e 2o%& I t"in5 I (ta5e) it. .. I$# su!e A#y ill lend you t"e
#oney. I$d %e -e!y su!'!ised if s"e (!efuse). 1. If I sold #y ca!& I (not/ (et) #uc" #oney fo! it. 3.
A lot of 'eo'le ould %e out of o!5 if t"e facto!y (close don). 6. /"at ould "a''en if I
('!ess) t"at !ed %utton+ 9. LiG (a-e #e t"is !in(. S"e (%e) -e!y u'set if I lost it. 9. Ea!5 and
Ca!ol a!e e:'ectin( us. T"ey ould %e disa''ointed if e (not/ co#e). 1;. /ould Ti# #ind if I
(%o!!o) "is %icycle it"out as5in( "i#+ 11. If so#e%ody (al5) in "e!e it" a (un& I$d %e -e!y
f!i("tened. 12. I$# su!e Sue (unde!stand) if you e:'lained t"e situation to "e!.
1. If I (5no) "is nu#%e!& I ould '"one "i#. 2. I (not/ %uy) t"at coat if I e!e you.
). I ("el') you if I could& %ut I$# af!aid I can$t. .. /e ould need a ca! if e (li-e) in t"e
count!y. 1. If e "ad t"e c"oice& e (li-e) in t"e count!y. 3. T"is sou' isn$t -e!y (ood. It (taste)
%ette! if it asn$t so salty. 6. I ouldn$t #ind li-in( in Cn(land if t"e eat"e! (%e) %ette!. 9. If I
e!e you& I (not/ ait). I ((o) no. 9. 4ou$!e alays ti!ed. If you (not/ (o) to %ed so late e-e!y
ni("t& you ouldn$t %e ti!ed all t"e ti#e. 1;. I t"in5 t"e!e a!e too #any ca!s. If t"e!e (not/ %e) so
#any ca!s& t"e!e (not/ %e) so #uc" 'ollution.
1. I didn$t 5no you e!e in "os'ital. If (I/ 5no)& (I/ (o) to -isit you. 2. Jen (ot to t"e station in
ti#e to catc" "is t!ain. If ("e/ #iss) it& ("e/ %e) late fo! "is inte!-ie.
). It$s (ood t"at you !e#inded #e a%out Ann$s %i!t"day. (I/ fo!(et) if (you/ not/ !e#ind) #e. ..
Fnfo!tunately& I didn$t "a-e #y add!ess %oo5 it" #e "en I as in Ne 4o!5. If (I/ "a-e) you!
add!ess& (I/ send) you a 'ostca!d. 1. A? *o as you! "oliday+ Did you "a-e a nice ti#e+ 7? It
as OJ& %ut (e/ en2oy) it #o!e if (t"e eat"e!/ %e) %ette!. 3. I too5 a ta:i to t"e "otel %ut t"e
t!affic as -e!y %ad. (It/ %e) Kuic5e! if (I/ al5). 6. I$# not ti!ed. If (I/ %e) ti!ed& I$d (o "o#e
no. 9. I asn$t ti!ed last ni("t. If (I/ %e) ti!ed& I ould "a-e (one "o#e ea!lie!.
C:. .;.. Co!!ect t"e sentences if t"ey a!e !on(?
1. I is" Sa!a" ould %e "e!e no.
2. I is" you ould listen to #e.
). I is" I ould "a-e #o!e #oney.
.. I is" it ouldn$t %e so cold today.
1. I is" t"e eat"e! ould c"an(e.
3. I is" you ouldn$t co#'lain all t"e ti#e.
6. I is" e-e!yt"in( ouldn$t %e so e:'ensi-e.
C:. 13 Put t"e -e!% into t"e co!!ect fo!#?
1. If you (find) a allet in t"e st!eet& "at ould you do it" it+ 2. I #ust "u!!y. Ey f!iend ill
%e annoyed if I (not/ %e) on ti#e. ). I didn$t !ealise t"at Ia!y as in "os'ital. If I (5no) "e as
in "os'ital& I ould "a-e (one to -isit "i#. .. If t"e '"one (!in()& can you anse! it+ 1. I can$t
decide "at to do. /"at ould you do if you (%e) in #y 'osition+ 3. A? /"at s"all e do
to#o!!o+ 7? /ell& if it (%e) a nice day& e can (o to t"e %eac". 6. A? Let$s (o to t"e %eac". 7?
No& it$s too cold. If it (%e) a!#e!& I ouldn$t #ind (oin( to t"e %eac".
9. A? Did you (o to t"e %eac" yeste!day+ 7? No& it as too cold. If it (%e) a!#e!& e #i("t
"a-e (one. 9. If you ("a-e) enou(" #oney to (o any"e!e in t"e o!ld& "e!e ould you (o+
1;. I$# (lad e "ad a #a'. I$# su!e e ould "a-e (ot lost if e (not/ "a-e) one. 11. T"e
accident as you! fault. If you (d!i-e) #o!e ca!efully& it ouldn$t "a-e "a''ened. 12. A? /"y do
you !ead nes'a'e!s+ 7? /ell& if I (not/ !ead) nes'a'e!s& I ouldn$t 5no "at as "a''enin(
in t"e o!ld.
C:. 16 Co#'lete t"e sentences?
1. LiG is ti!ed all t"e ti#e. S"e s"ouldn$t (o to %ed so late. If @
2. It$s !at"e! late. I don$t t"in5 Ann ill co#e to see us no. I$d %e su!'!ised if Ann @
). I$# so!!y I distu!%ed you. I didn$t 5no you e!e %usy. If I$d 5non you e!e %usy& I @
.. T"e do( attac5ed you& %ut only %ecause you '!o-o5ed it. If @
1. I don$t ant t"e# to %e u'set& so I$-e decided not to tell t"e# "at "a''ened. T"ey @ if @
3. Fnfo!tunately& I didn$t "a-e an u#%!ella and so I (ot -e!y et in t"e !ain. I @
6. Ea!tin failed "is d!i-in( test last ee5. *e as -e!y ne!-ous and t"at$s "y "e failed. If "e
C:. 19 Fse you! on ideas to co#'lete t"e sentences?
1. I$d (o out t"is e-enin( if @ 2. I$d "a-e (one out last ni("t if @ ). If you "adn$t !e#inded #e&
@ .. /e ouldn$t "a-e %een late if @ 1. If I$d %een a%le to (et tic5ets& @ 3. /"o ould you
'"one if @ + 6. Cities ould %e nice! 'laces if @ 9. If t"e!e as no tele-ision& @
C:. 19 Put t"e -e!% into t"e co!!ect fo!#?
1. I feel sic5. I is" (I/ not/ eat) so #uc" ca5e.
2. I$# fed u' it" t"is !ain. I is" (it/ sto') !ainin(.
). It$s a difficult Kuestion. I is" (I/ 5no) t"e anse!.
.. I s"ould "a-e listened to you. I is" (I/ ta5e) you! ad-ice.
1. I is" (Ann/ %e) "e!e. S"e$d %e a%le to "el' us.
3. A!en$t t"ey !eady yet+ I is" (t"ey/ "u!!y u').
6. It ould %e nice to stay "e!e. I is" (e/ not/ "a-e) to (o no.
9. /"en e e!e in London last yea!& e didn$t "a-e ti#e to see all t"e t"in(s e anted to
see. I is" (e/ "a-e) #o!e ti#e.
9. It$s f!eeGin( today. I is" (it/ not/ %e) so cold. I "ate cold eat"e!.
1;. /"at$s "e! na#e a(ain+ I is" (I/ can) !e#e#%e! "e! na#e.
11. /"at I said as stu'id. I is" (I/ not/ say) anyt"in(.
12. (in a ca!) 4ou$!e d!i-in( too fast. I is" (you/ slo don) a %it.
1). It as a te!!i%le fil#. I is" (e/ not/ (o) to see it.
1.. 4ou$!e alays ti!ed. I is" (you/ not/ (o) to %ed so late.