A-80 Volumetric Flow Rate Calculations

reflects non-ideal mixing effects.
Standard Gas Flow
Standard gas flow is based on the molar volume of an ideal gas
at standard conditions. It is a direct conversion from the
stream's molar flow rate, based on the following:
• Ideal Gas at 60°F and 1 atm occupies 379.46 ft
• Ideal Gas at 15°C and 1 atm occupies 23.644 m
Actual Gas Flow
This volumetric flow rate is calculated using a rigorous vapour
density calculation at the actual stream T and P conditions, and
reflects non-ideal mixing and compressibility effects.
A.6.4 Volumetric Flow Rates as
If you require that the flow rate of your stream be specified
based on actual density or standard density as opposed to
Standard Ideal Mass Liquid density, you must use one of the
following procedures:
Actual Volume Flow
Molar Flow MW
--------------------------------------------- =
Actual Gas Flow
Molar Flow MW
--------------------------------------------- =

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