Beauty lies in the beholder's eye. This is always the truth, never a lie. Beauty exists all over God's wonderful creation All that's required to find it is keen observation. Beauty is not just a static entity Keener the eye, richer the beauty! "Eye" itself doesn't mean just the sight. It's our thoughts guided by great insight! Enjoying beauty is such a subtle quality You don’t need to be a connoisseur to have this ability. There is beauty in almost everything that we see What a pity! We miss this because we are too busy! There's beauty in the innocent baby's smile, Although it is likely to stay for just a while. There's beauty even in the baby's crying As she pauses to see what her mother is doing. There's beauty in the young girl's face As she dances merrily with feline grace There's beauty in the young boy's countenance As he toils with his toy without any pretence. There's beauty in every single movement of the trees As they sway in unison, in tune with the gentle breeze There's beauty in the snow-clad mountains As they overlook the amazing natural fountains. There's beauty in the gradual change of season All this wasn't created by God without any reason. There's beauty in the torrential fall of rain As the waters inevitably find the rivers to drain. There's as much beauty in the winding of the snake As in the tortoise swimming casually in the lake. There's beauty even in a piglet's tail But, to notice this, we most often fail.

There's so much beauty in the flight of birds That cannot be described in a million words! There's such beauty in the swimming of fishes That can never be aped by man as he wishes. There's as much beauty in the symmetry of the cactus plant As in the variety of colours and shades that flowers present There is as much beauty in the hot Arabian sands As in the freezing white blanket of Antarctica lands It is just madness to try to compare one beauty with another. Each of them is so unique - one is one and other is the other. Beauty is something which belongs to God, never to man The moment man tries to "own" beauty, it's already gone!

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