Managing Many-To-Many Relationships

As mentioned earlier (See article on Identifying Table Relationships), RDBMSs do not
support manytomany relationships bet!een tables" This is the e#ample !e had of
this type of relationship$
Tables with a many-to-many relationship
The usual solution is to brea% this relationship do!n into t!o onetomany
relationships by creating an intersection or junction table" This table !ould hold the
primary %ey field from each of the tables in the manytomany relationship" In the
ne! table, those fields together !ould be a multifield primary %ey resulting in the
follo!ing relationships and diagram"
An intersection table and two one-to-many relationships
This forms t!o onetomany relationships& each employee can !or% on many
pro'ects and many employees can !or% on a single pro'ect" (ust as you might ha)e
to ma%e a connection in *hicago to fly from Boston to Seattle, you sometimes need
an intermediate or 'unction table to get !here you need to be"

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