Corn Bread Pudding Recipe

1 (17oz) can of whole kernel corn
1 (17oz) can of creamed corn
1 stick ( ! cup) of "utter# melted and cooled
1 ($oz) package of sour creame
% eggs# "eaten
1 package of &iff' corn muffin mi(
1) Beat eggs in a large "owl
%) *dd melted "utter# sour cream# "oth cans of corn# and the &iff' mi(
+) Pour into a %), -uart casserole dish
.) Bake at +,/0 (177C) for a"out an hour) 1dges will "e golden "rown
2ptional: sprinkle sharp cheddar cheese o3er the top "efore "aking
4az' preparation alternati3e: if 'ou are 3er' careful 'ou can melt the "utter in the casserole dish in the
microwa3e# let it cool a "it# toss in the eggs and "eat them# then throw e3er'thing else in) &ust make
sure e3er'thing is mi(ed together well) 5his spares 'ou one dirt' dish# "ut it can get mess')
6kinn'ing it down: 7ot recommended# "ut I got edi"le results "' reducing the "utter to 18+ of a stick
and adding 18+ cup powdered nonfat milk with 9ust enough water to make a thick paste# replacing the
sour cream with plain nonfat 'oghurt# and using egg whites instead of whole eggs) 1di"le# "ut not the
comfort food this was meant to "e)

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