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Lebanon 2006

Photo Story
M. Kelechian
Lebanon 2006

From: 1915 Forced Deportations

To: Armenian Refugee Camps

Bourj Hammoud

Jan 28 2006
Tents & Wooden Houses With Metal Sheet Roofs
1925 Camp Huts
Danish Mission Clinic 1925
1927 Miss Pip visit to Camp
A House Standing today with Wood & Metal sheets
 Open sewage in the alleys
First Generation House falling apart
Compare details with the 1925 photos !
One wood at a time!
Mother & Daughter two generations…
 Read their eyes do you hear anything?
Few Generations…
One side of the room the mother was crushing garlic…
The other side of the room her One Eyed son was building the Titanic?
Such handcraft with one eye!
This was her window from outside!
This proud Lady from Kharpert (Harpoot) her grandfater’s brother
was the famous Father A. Missakian who was to be hung from the
gallows and something happened and the last minute the Turks
didn’t hang him as she says… We were from upper Meziree
This Sanjak Camp will be flattened out by the end of the year… making way for some
new roads, buildings and a public park. Since my first visit in Jan 2006… it has started
to be flattened out, and the camp is being evacuated…
This one has been evacuated…
Last Sanjak Camp Generation?
This Poster! So Ironic on one of the Sanjak Camp walls!!
It reads: Commemoration of Armenian Genocide 91 Years
Struggle until Victory
Popular March “We do not beg for Justice we fight for it”
OCT 23 2006