The Vampire Tarot

This document is a quick summary and reference guide for both traditional and non-traditional Tarot cards. This reference is not intended to all inclusive, but is intended to provide a general guide for the beginning Tarot Card reader. This summary was compiled from several books, articles, documents and online resources. The descriptions that are contained in this document make reference to the Major and Minor Arcana cards of a conventional tarot deck. The images and descriptions shown in this document are referenced to a non-traditional tarot deck entitled “The Vampire Tarot”, by Robert M. Place. Compiled by: Garry C. VanPool
Revised: 12-19-2009

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The Major Arcana
No 0 – Jonathan The Fool (Chaos) – The Fool: Jonathan the Fool represents a new beginning, a stranger or state of ignorance or may make reference to unknown dangers. Curiosity urges you toward a new path. The fool may also offer some protection but you must be aware of pitfalls that lie ahead. Expect movement, change and a fresh start.

No 1 - The Magician (Free Will): The Magician represents eloquence, power and skill. The Magician may also bring an element of trickery or deceit to the current issue. The magician may represent a person who is a smooth talker or a trickster so beware when he makes his appearance. The Magician represents the creative exercise of will and learning.

No 2 – Mina (Unconscious) – The High Priestess Mina represents an inner, esoteric spiritual experience. Mina may also represent a guide, a teacher or a helper. Heed your inner voice and look within yourself to find the answers that you seek. Mina represents the keeper of secrets and mysteries. Pay attention to your inner intuition, hunches and dreams.

No 3 - The Brides (Intellect) – The Empress The Brides represent beauty, attraction, seduction and the power to charm and mesmerize. The Brides may also represent the ability of holding our attention at the expense of others. You are gifted with an acute and active mind. Exploit these qualities through study or creative activities. Intellect may provide the proper platform to start a new project. The Brides represents a feminine ruling power, the enjoyment of pleasure and beauty.

No 4 - The Count (Solidity) – The Emperor: The Count represents someone of authority or someone to be cautious around. The Count represents stability, structure, accomplishment, responsibility, confidence, wealth, stability, leadership or decisive action. The Count may represent a father, brother, or husband. The Count bodes well for all those that seek success. Your strength lies in your capacity to persevere in your intentions, without giving up. The Emperor sets things in order, supervises and counsels. The Count is a powerful and influential person who is a born leader, authoritative, responsible and wise. No 5 – Van Helsing (Master) – The Hierophant: Van Helsing symbolizes the exoteric aspect of spirituality, such as morality and faith. Van Helsing represents a protector, a guide, a teacher, a spiritual master or mentor. If this card is placed to the right of another card, pay attention to who he is defending with his cross. Follow the path of righteousness and sincerity. You will always be an example and a guide for those around you. He is the revealer of sacred things, providing the link between outer experience and inner illumination. This card may represent a devotion to a path of spiritual development. No 6 - The Lovers (Revelation): The Lovers represent sexuality and all of its contradictions: Attraction – Repulsion; Seduction – Aggression; Love – Lust. The lovers also represent a divine union, balance, love, harmony, trust, honor, optimism and attraction The Lovers represent an encounter with someone or something that will bring joy or excitement. The lovers represent relationships, intimate communication and choice or the possible beginning of a new romance, relationship or an affair. New knowledge may bring a new perspective to your illusions, presenting a reality that is much different from the one you imagined. No 7 - The Wagon (Liberation) – The Chariot The Wagon represents travel, movement and self control. This card urges you to free yourself from the conditions that imprison your very nature, forcing you to play a role that you are not comfortable with. The Wagon may represent an unexpected package or a visitor or a possible retreat.

No 8 – Justice (Self Control): Justice represents truth, justice and concerns with the law. Justice also represents a final reckoning or the inability to proceed with a current action. Justice may also represent a determination to fight evil or set things straight. You are aiming at an idea of perfection that is difficult to reach. This makes you uncompromising with yourself and with others.

No 9 - The Hermit (Quest): The Hermit represents solitude, meditation or the need to be alone. The Hermit may represent an unsatisfied hunger or a challenge in which one should avoid being used by another for their gratification alone. The Hermit represents the time necessary to reflect on what your desires and true aspirations are. The Hermit represents the need for meditation or simply the desire to be alone. The Hermit sometimes represents someone with some good solid advice or an experienced guide and seeker of truth. No 10- Fate (Eternity) – The Wheel of Fortune: Fate represents life and fate. It can symbolize a cycle or a routine, but it can also symbolize the change from active to passive or passive to active. Fate also represents movement, destiny, big changes, new adventures, new life, evolution, progression or rotation. The end of a cycle corresponds to the beginning of a new cycle in eternal growth. Good and evil are on two sides of the same coin. This card can represent good luck and is generally a positive card.

No 11 – Strength (Rigor): Strength represents the idea that the greatest power is the power of nature and to realize our full power we must ally ourselves with our inner nature. Now is not the time to act without thought. Mitigate your instinct with common sense. The greatest power is the power of nature. Strength from within must always be measured and controlled.

No 12- The Madman Man (New Vision) – The Hanged Man: The Madman represents a mental disturbance, hunger and restraint. He may represent someone who is not to be trusted. A possible traitor in your midst. On a positive note, it can represent an unusual perspective. This card may represent a hold on your life and the best option is to look deep within yourself. The present is a gift and with this knowledge you are now capable of fully enjoying your life, granting each thing its due value.

No 13- Death (Resolve): Death represents the end of something and the beginning of something new, and should not be feared. Death can also represent a transformation, making way for the new, unexpected change, a loss or bad luck Death represents a sweeping away of all that is old and obsolete in your life.

No 14- Temperance (Balance): Temperance represents the attainment of ones desires with restraint, timing, health and balance. It is a card of harmony, balance and beauty. The card of temperance tells us to exercise moderation with in all of your actions.

No 15- The Devil (Dark side): The Devil represents the Shadow, an unconscious force that will enslave us to addictions, prejudices and dark passions if we do not allow these forces into our awareness and temper them with virtue. This card has mostly to do with sex, money, power and control. The devil card is at best, a stark warning!

No 16- The Tower (Warning): The Tower represents a shattering of illusions, a rude awakening or a sudden change of circumstance. It can also represent a flash on insight that is enlightening. I Do not try to hang on when the Tower card appears within a spread. Be aware of your limitations; stretching your limits may be risky. Changes of a negative or of a positive nature are taking place.

No 17- The Star (Protection): The Star represents an ascent to a higher state. This ascent may be materialistic, intellectual or it may be spiritual. The Star may also represent being taken over by another’s viewpoint or convincing another of one’s own perspective. The Star card is affectionately called the wish card. All you wish for or deeply desire may now come to light, but be careful for what you wish for.

No 18- The Moon (Shadow): The Moon represents the Moon and the Night, a time to rest and sleep but also a time to dream. It also represents the unconscious and intuition. The moon may represent an inner depression, though not often severe. All will not be clear within the light of the moon, deception and wishful thinking may now cloud your outlook.

No 19- The Sun (Light): The Sun represents dawn, illumination, creativity, clarity, logic, joy and the dispelling of illusions. It may refer to a bad situation that you will overcome or an overbearing ego that you will escape from.

No 20- Judgment (Rebirth): Judgment represents a renewal, an awakening, or better health. Judgment may also represent the recalling the past or coming out of a state of rest. Let the healing process begin with the card of drama and a balancing of your actions.

No 21- The World (Good Fortune): The World represents the mystical state of wisdom and understanding. The world often signifies that the cycle is complete. The World also represents the achievement of one’s goals. The World tarot card indicates the successful completion of the matter in hand. The journey ends and begins once more

Stakes indicate the work place and the family setting of the querient. They represent actions, vitality, energy and travel. Represent career & business ventures. Ace Stakes – A beginning: Represents the power of the heart and feelings, and identifies what is good and evil. A creative beginning, a new business venture, a profitable journey, an inheritance, a new career or a birth in the family. II (2) Stakes – Disharmony: Represents attraction, hunger and lust. Conflicts in the family or work place are inevitable. You must know how to adapt yourself to ongoing changes. May represent a kind and generous person, an interest in science, patience, creative ability, courage and things to come. A partnership that is yet to be fulfilled is drawn toward a common goal.

Stakes (Wands)

III (3) Stakes – A new undertaking: Represents support and reinforcements who are coming to ones aid. It is time to dare! Hesitation may suffocate enthusiasm. Slow down. May represent cooperation in business affairs, trade and commerce brought together by a good partnership. Practical help may come from a successful person.

IV (4) Stakes – Rest: Represents commitment and ties between people. May refer to marriage You have just ended a very difficult phase of your life. Now you can relax and recharge your energies before starting again. Represents the potential for progress, renewal and new beginnings. Creative venture.

V (5) Stakes – A Challenge: Represents creativity and energy expressed through one’s own hands. Can represent the power to influence others. With your gifts of courage and tenacity, you are capable of facing any challenge. May represent competition, possibility of a lawsuit or quarrel, obstacles, courage

VI (6) Stakes – A conquest: Represents someone who has elevated himself or herself to a place of respect and admiration You have won your battle in spite of many obstacles. Be proud of yourself. Good news, victory, and success after labor. Helpful friends provide leadership during a journey.

VII (7) Stakes – Rivalry: Represents anger and aggressions or an argument in which one side tries to overpower another, rather than a debate in which the goal is to find the truth or compromise. Defend your position. Represents the ability to hold one’s own against adversaries. May represent stiff competition in business, a fight or struggle that one may have to face soon. Victory, energy and courage. IX (9) Stakes – A Barrier: Represents someone who is overpowering; a burning away of what is unwanted or a sacrifice. You feel threatened and are attempting to protect yourself with all possible means, but this may be a false alarm. Success is here, but the struggle has been hard. Fatigue and weariness after many mistakes, but you are at the door of victory. Stay vigilant.

VIII (8) Stakes – Communications: Represents new ideas, discipline, sacrifice, cutting back and performance of duty. Good news is coming and perhaps it is just what you were waiting for. Everything will happen quickly as your goals are near. Love of open air, gardens and the outdoors.

X (10) Stakes – A burden: Represents the resurrection of what is forgotten or something in the past. May represent old memories or an unexplained visit from an old acquaintance. Your work implies much effort and responsibility. Are you sure you want to do everything by yourself. This is a hard burden to carry.

Knave of Stakes – A Trusted Collaborator Represents someone who is beautiful, passionate and possessing a strong will. A young but talented person may be of great help. Represents a new energy, a change, a person who is energetic or a message. The Knave may bring discord to you or the proceedings, so take care when dealing with “clever” types.

Knight of Stakes – The Watchman: Represents a generous friend, introverted and highly aware of his feelings but also comfortable using the sensitive and intuitive functions. Someone as been observing you for some time with the intention of evaluating your preparedness. You may soon be put to the test. May represent a young outer energy, a quick and purposeful man or could represent a new idea. The Knight of Stakes is someone who is adventurous, energetic and resourceful. He is immature, and may not follow through, so be cautious if you are trusting in this person. King of Stakes – A Patron: Represents someone who is powerful and expressive and sets the mood and tone for others to follow. Enjoy the trust and protection of an important person who may facilitate your career. Often represents an older successful, confident, energetic person in business, religion or politics.

Queen of Stakes – The Rival: Represents someone who is inspired and capable of inspiring others. Someone who is fond of nature or the home. Someone who is well liked or honorable. Discover who is attempting to obstruct you with any means available. Act with prudence and try to anticipate their every move. The Queen of Stakes usually represents a creative woman, with good business skills. She is successful and dynamic.

Knives (Swords)

Knives indicate the intellect, language, communication and ideas, but also refer to conflict and all sorts of difficulties and challenges. They also represent desires for freedom and independence. Thoughts, Words, Communications and Mind Ace Knives – Willpower: Represents a clear positive thought or a new idea. Card of inspiration, wishes and direction. You need to make a quick and intelligent decision. Logic must prevail. The Ace of Knives has a “karmic” vibe so events could be unexpected or abrupt. Indicates new vigor or moving toward something good II (2) Knives – Attention: Represents a debate between two different points of view. One from the heart and feelings and one coming from the mind. Strength is born of your capacity to maintain self control. Every action you take without thinking can be waste of energy. This card indicates an argument, different points of view or parting of the ways IV (4) Knives – Isolation: Represents meditation, retreat, rest and a regrouping of ones inner strength. May represent an event you have no control over forces you to take a pause or rest. Take advantage of this restful period to energize your mind and reorganize your ideas. May indicate possible ill health.

III (3) Knives – Disenchantment: Represents doubt, fear and other negative thoughts that cause emotional pain. But is also cautions us that some pain may be necessary for emotional growth. Something or someone has hurt you deeply, shattering your certainties. There seems to be no remedy for this situation. Loss, separation, broken words. May represent heartbreak or someone or something that must now be cut from your life. Affections may experience “stormy weather”.

V (5) Knives – Loss: Represents something that is being fixed or specially prepared. Represents skilled work. You have fought an extenuating battle against a ferocious adversary, but there were great losses on both sides. Accept the loss and consider all of the alternatives

VI (6) Knives – The Trip: Represents going with the flow or being driven by a situation that is beyond one’s control. You are leaving everything behind and heading into the unknown. The unknown brings doubts and fears. A lot of emotions may have been spent, but now the situation must be balanced.

VII (7) Knives – Oppression: Represents a thief, and intruder or someone who is dishonest and covert. Represents deceit and slander. Guard your secrets well and take care of what you say. May represent an unwise attempt, unreliability, betrayal, insolence, spying and possible failure.

VIII (8) Knives – Constraint: Represents something that is captive or something in our psyche that is repressed. A period of sacrifice and deprivation, solitude or the feeling of being entrapped by the past. It may also be a self imposed condition or may represent a fear of what others think about you.

IX (9) Knives – Theft: Represents fear, constraint and the inability to move forward. Stay alert, because someone is plotting against you in the shadows. Deception and betrayal are around the corner. May represent extreme fear and anxiety that is coming from within. Represents a need to share and talk to ease one’s own worries

X (10) Knives – Affliction: Represents danger and betrayal that brings emotional and physical harm. You are giving up on a dream that you have pursued for a long time, and with it, and important part of your life. Your suffering is inconsolable. Represents a betrayal by someone close. Sudden misfortune, ruin of plans, defeat, failure pain and tears.

Knave of Knives – An Assistant Represents an obsession, persistent guilt, fear and punishment. Do not underestimate the potential of a colleague who, even if not an expert, will be able to learn rapidly thanks to his dedication and hard work. Can signify a new communication, message or a new development that will require thought and care.

Knight of Knives – The Paladin: Represents someone who is innovative in his philosophy and is able to combine thinking with intuition. In difficult moments, you know you can always count on the support of a friend who has often proven to be a staunch ally. The Knight of Knives signifies someone who is quick witted, but who often rushes into a situation. They have many ideas, but may be immature and could make many mistakes King of Knives – The Commander: Represents someone who is handsome, intellectual and moody. Often a mature man, intelligent, well read and a good communicator. Under his guidance you will have the opportunity to attain important objectives to your ventures. This person may use his communication skills as a weapon against you, in order to justify his objectives. This person may represent a judge, powerful commander, a firm friendship or a wise counselor.

Queen of Knives – A Volatile Woman: Represents someone who is beautiful, gracious, capable and intelligent. You are dealing with an energetic and determined woman. Nothing can stop her from getting what she wants. She is unbending and severe and will not tolerate weaknesses. The Queen of Knives may represent the questioner. Usually a woman, intelligent, educated, articulate and independent who may become spiteful, opinionate and bitter, so beware.

Garlic Flowers (Coins)

Garlic Flowers represent wealth, contracts, profits and materialism in general. They indicate the ties between people and things, places, objects and more generally, with daily living. Materialistic, practical, conservative and grounding. Ace Garlic Flowers – A good Omen: Represents a store of resources at your disposal, health, protection and material well-being. Represents a promise. What you desire will come true and everything will work out for the best. Initial rewards from financial venture or initial actions. Care must be taken – do not forget that the rewards at this stage may be small. II (2) Garlic Flowers – A Choice: Represents a situation that is stuck or stagnant. It is necessary to take a position concerning an issue that needs to come to resolve. A deteriorating financial situation. You must prioritize your spending and your finances need balancing. It would be better not to hesitate. Not enough money could be the message.

III (3) Garlic Flowers – Innocence: Represents creative work, observation and study. May pertain to creative work supported by money or other resources. Too much trust in those around you makes you vulnerable. Someone may profit from your ingenuousness. Foundations are now in place and it is now time to formulate details. Success through skill will come from expertise and professionalism. V (5) Garlic Flowers – Discomfort: Represents an outsider or the act of being shut out. You may feel along and unloved, and you may feel oppressed by difficulties. May represent a down turn in living style. This card could represent a need to find an alternative source of money for the short term in order to get over a depressed financial state.

IV (4) Garlic Flowers – Stability: Represents greed or someone who is focused on the material world. You fear losing the things that you have accumulated and seek to avoid any risks that could cause harm. Your excessive frugality may transform itself into greed. Be careful what you spend – money spent now may be needed very soon. The message is hold your finances in check.

VI (6) Garlic Flowers – Equilibrium: Represents selfsacrifice, generosity, sharing and intimacy. Represents good deeds, giving to charity or service to the community. Any gifts received must be reciprocated. Don’t take advantage of the generosity of others.

VII (7) Garlic Flowers – Patience: Represents transformation and the stages that are necessary for one to reach one’s goals. A project grows and develops slowly. To obtain the best results, it is advisable not to make haste but be patient. A time to wonder and wait, but may represent a difficult time in the short term. IX (9) Garlic Flowers – Prudence: Represents a natural prosperity that sustains health and well being. A difficult situation requires extreme caution. Weigh each option carefully and leave nothing to chance. May represent a future end to the current venture and that a steady level of earnings have been reached. Rest, enjoy and reap the benefits of your efforts.

VIII (8) Garlic Flowers – Learning: Represents repetitive work or work that earns money, but does not engage the emotions or intellect. You are about to undertake something new and are building a solid foundation. Your success depends on your commitment. May represent new skills, but often mistakes are made as you learn

X (10) Garlic Flowers – Wealth: Represents materialism and the amassing of wealth in contrast to a natural wealth that takes care of ones needs and is renewable. This is a prosperous period for positive financial results and increasing your capital wealth. Business deals are advantageous and good fortune is smiling upon you, your family and business.

Knave of Garlic Flowers – A Friend: Represents someone who has good looks and material possessions but in other ways is shallow and self-absorbed. A serious and reliable person is offering you help with a delicate matter. Pages usually represent a younger woman/girl or immature adult that is earthy, practical and possibly overweight. May represent a new course of learning. An enterprise could bring future wealth but extreme care must be taken.

Knight of Garlic Flowers – The Cunning Profiteer: Represents someone who needs direction but who can implement a plan and bring it to reality. Trust your intuitions concerning a business partner who will be useful. Represents a quick and purposeful man, a person who is dependable and practical or may represent a material development that could bring further similar projects or success.

Queen of Garlic Flowers – A Career Woman: Represents someone who is attractive but egocentric and materialistic. Represents a realistic, capable and determined woman who represents authority or may be a person that is a mature mother figure. Sometimes, this can represent the actual questioner. Usually represents a generous family woman who has money to spend and security. On a negative note, the Queen of Garlic Flowers may be obsessed with material wealth and she may fear feelings.

King of Garlic Flowers – A Professional: Represents someone who is capable, trustworthy and practical and yet has a mysterious side that is hard to fathom. The tenacity of this man has determined his destiny and represents a person of power or a father figure. He demonstrates competence in his job and transmits security to those around him. Often he is a man of finance, sometimes through business, but often he comes from Old Money.

Holy Water (Cups)

Holy Water refers to the emotional and spiritual sphere and indicates love in all its possible forms. They represent desires, hopes, joys and displeasures and all the emotional aspects of a person. Holy Water also unveils the secrets of the subconscious, bringing to light eventual fears, blocks and conditioning. Ace Holy Water – A Party: Represents the harmony between the conscious and the unconscious mind or finding ones true purpose. The family unites to toast you at a happy event. This is the beginning of a joyful event. Represents II (2) Holy Water – A Happy Union: Represents a sexual encounter, love, attraction, care and healings. A deep connection between people. When the right people meet, profound and lasting bonds are created. Represents happiness and harmony

III (3) Holy Water – Happiness: Represents group support or a person you can rely on for love, friendship and support. What you have sown is now bearing fruit. Rejoice and be grateful for what you receive. Love, a happy conclusion or unknown talents are discovered.

IV (4) Holy Water – Fulfillment: Represents a conservative position or a situation that is at an impasse. You have obtained the success you deserve and your worth has been recognized. You feel that you have finally reached your goal.

V (5) Holy Water – Unease: Represents a break with expectations. A liberal position in contrast. Something modern and up to date. You lack the strength necessary to combat your fears. You are seeking to flee from yourself, avoiding a confrontation with your inner demons. May represent a possible upset, sorrow, loss of a loved one, a broken marriage or disillusionment.

VI (6) Holy Water – The Past: Represents support or may represent the similarities between child and parent. Lends support, love, protection and allows space for development. An encounter with a person from the past brings back feelings in you that you have never forgotten. A balancing of the past and the future. A gift from a childhood acquaintance or happiness or pleasure brought from the past. Good memories, a new friend, a gift from an admirer or new opportunities.

VII (7) Holy Water – Ecstasy: Assess your choices and temptations and choose wisely. An intense passion overwhelms you unexpectedly and you feel you cannot resist. You yearn to abandon yourself to this passion completely. Represents both changes and choices.

VIII (8) Holy Water – The Departure: Represents a variety of choices and weapons. You are leaving what is familiar to you to begin a new life elsewhere, but the break is difficult and painful. An emotional risk may now be called for. A sense the unknown and the unsure. A large amount of emotional input may now have to be abandoned for the better. An abandonment of one’s current path in life. Disappointment and misery in love. X (10) Holy Water – Cooperation: Represents a web of trickery. A social group, place of work or study or the internet. Peace and calm prevails in your surrounding. People come together and collaborate in perfect harmony. The cycle of happiness is completed and now all is in harmony. A happy family life, true friendships and lasting happiness Knight of Holy Water – The Guardian: Represents someone who explores the unconscious and has insight into people’s hidden motivations. Only the one who loves you truly understand who you are. Nothing escapes his glance and his heart. A quick and purposeful man or a message soon coming. The Knight is some one who is sociable, sensitive and intuitive. Intelligence, romantic dreamer or the coming or going of an emotional matter

IX (9) Holy Water – Well-Being: Represents achievement, selfconfidence and a greater perspective. It is the right time to grant yourself a pause and enjoy the pleasure life has to offer you. Full of happiness and well-being. A good times card.

Knave of Holy Water – An Admirer: Represents someone or something that is alluring and magically influential, but they may not be who they appear to be. Someone demonstrates affection and devotion to you, but shyness prevents them from openly declaring their feelings. Knaves are a younger woman/girl/immature adult. This card may signify someone who is sensitive, creative and intuitive or someone who lives life to the fullest. Represents gentleness, sweetness, kindness. Represents an interest in poetry or art.

Queen of Holy Water – The Opportunist: Represents someone who has an introverted master of the intuitive or someone who finds inspiration in the unconscious and can freely express in Art. Be careful of those who may take advantage of your generosity for their own profit. Usually a Woman who is sensitive, intuitive and sympathetic and at times mystical. The Queen can negatively be too emotional, dishonest and may some times play the victim. May represent a good wife or loving mother.

King of Holy Water – The Mentor Represents someone who has an extraverted master of the intuitive function and can use his ability to influence others. Let yourself be guided by those who are capable of helping you in your personal growth. You will acquire useful teachings. Often represents an older man guided by his emotions. He is sensitive but can become quite jealous at times. May represent a business man, a man of law, kindness, a considerate person.

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