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andrew topel

RE-ECHOES © andrew topel 2009

thank you to peter ganick & jukka-pekka kervinen

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voice. raspy rash chiasm lucky charms chasm kith kasha bijou yet another year for the
oyster to tern the otter’s utter, hear it? our ear or deft dirt buy blue bruin burn in
(brunette braided your brains) hajjis but hubbub jailed milk silky joking jello likely linkup
lieu tiresome transom. freedom treason treated as random, john’s and jenny’s jeans. she
shut the sheet out in the shed, the stet got shot, yurt your cheek, cheap candy in chicago
we cheer co can get high off the shih heel, heed why shag that sore thigh from my sight.
take the highway. water we wet with. face the fact: your foci is fuzzy. tactical trapeze
dado vending vans straight from tents. gifted gadfly giraffe gadgets, fly fishing in
dagobah; launch lobotomy rocket diagonal adobes disobeying agora pagodas. ghastly
ghosts answer to tom sawyer’s lawyer. i’ll wager some soggy gas that your mind sags
(snap a song with your son caught in the cog) swaged on stage the tyrant typo trying out
tyco toys on you. true fog in beer kegs and afros frozen she who chg. by that one guy’s
yucky eye up near my bus stop, aye? until units come untied i’ll fold your fist into a
festive fastball with bags full of blonde bangs; there was a bad bar where biff went in
alabama, i think that’s what drove betty batty eating baby ruths. rats growing roots in ruts
while your tooth rots rush the ruche getting rich off the truth butyl silly battle in batik bay,
egads we evade sadness. an egg fight join joyous jibs by the joints oily boot oozing tar
out. some say tarzan was the irrational part, hulky helmet yon duo of iron icon of the
automobile flaw chef vex vs. calling a cab stuffed in a cube amidst scabs. corn on the cob
a cubit, cows bet by the exit orbiting ghazi chug a huge beer, federal agents fed up with
fads, gym fly dozing as i defy gravity and daze some ducks. adz dhoti dueling in the
dunes (sometimes we gotta deal with dull knives) the gutter’s global glottal unyoked
when they identify the perpetrator. a kilo of quails in unison, union ivy league all the hip
hobos hiding, stalk talking mug huff of heft gasp glistening. vertical ego ‘leggo my eggo,’
we’re on the eve of savants sent from seventy vents. scents dirty to a degree dirge the
derby dreggy hut revs your crew of rude rowers; a sage asks about anger, auger aster
drew dewy studious mountain dew aligned with an elite eloign log cabin full of legos,
wow that star leo. leech locked on to an echo, axon son common one don. omniscient
commie homing in on axial action, showed disdain for charles dickens diction tricky
diactinism (didactic charges), tough actin’ tenactin actinic tenacity, the dictator extends
the strictness. jumbo umbilical chord rumba armpit eating gumbo with gambit, that cajun
from the x men. misused mustard mud slinging for amusement muslin nuzzling up, do dry
you hair into bite-size bits, scroll across the skull. poaching pork, peeking into the pouch,
pock marks and poi on top of the peak. a jillion lions jelling, nibbling on illusion; hooey,
did you see haley’s comet, homie? hocking hanes to play poker, your hand in the ham
sewing swastikas to wasps. tenors tense up intentionally, terminal tentacles tenuously
riding ten speeds; all tenured terms are up when the terminator arrives. richie rich ratchet
watch out for wretched rats, rikers island ruckus, i heard geraldo rivera loves rice. vile
rivers heralded at trivia, reverse the live-wire. righteous dichotomy- ghouls playing golf,
ghee leave it to beaver proof assert basketry mastery sparingly, certain serpent asperity
polka pooled up in your palms, ralph polo at the polls. hungered night negated bug free,
windows slamming slim clams salaams claim to shame salami inked info to inches polemic
sway sawed on the verge, emergent energy. encrypt degree dribble outgrew basic wax
was waseca, waco texas awoke. texts taxed. violin via voyage vying and chewing on
knobs sappy spy with asparagus especially. tarantulas tutored tutu tuataras debunk
dreaming certifies homogony harmonious homonym tremolo thimble trombone culpa
culmed culprit combed coughs bigot riots rigid rigor ragged inspector gadget piggy phony
jury juicy junk hunting incredible hulk, bruce banner banter, brace for the broken brute
blasting croutons, martha stewart photogenic lawn. proton fusion steward steaming honey
jaunt hung bestrews birds birthed bit awry, away foe drops from froth; frog drooping clay
clouds, gobs of gibe i’m getting bad vibes gofers guts shut the gate. decoct device,
deported cocoa, vhf joking judo jut keeping kilopond compound kombi kampong camp
songs ax exec ox vice said stained sand shad words worth a watt writ warts, abortion
doesn’t work, daub yttrium stimuli my own owl owes tax. toxic taco tucked tactical
ticking tuxedo askew. cable scaled cannibal out in hannibal missouri, handball mesa verde
masks mashed potatoes flow deplored décor delores claiborne floor flooded flow dolor
some folks got the flu resumed to declaim vampire talcum velum decamp dollop portfolio
color foliage. fly deli we duel diesel fuel hits rooster pizza hut adverb band aid acidify loud
sodas as an aside, did i just say that aloud? just about. anecdote guilt be my guest gout
genet glued mad visas viscid; the rate of recurrence knotted rarity rascally rabbit unaware,
rare asthma rash erased the taste from your mouth, chasing ratified petrification certified
metaphysics purified, ludicrous luggage compartment lubricating lucid incidents, indent
your dentist. luck is pretty lucrative. king-size kingpins kiss and make up, kitty-cornered
by a klutzy knapsack. the knack for kinship should come in a kit. now we got kittens
making copies at kinkos, kenos hi-jinx hiding from the hail. i saw a hive-shaped helix high
jacking high-octane hilarity while out hiking the other day. yes indeed, this was just
yesterday. a single testy yeti yields at the y-junction, yearning for yellow yelping yin-yang
board games. some were just yearlings when the magistrate was formed informally
through infernal telephone lines. for that reason I will be forthright: to the outsider total
destruction of the letter seems like it ostracizes the other self, otherwise we ought to have
ousted any outbreaks concerning ostriches. an otherworldly ounce of dust spells
combustible trouble. derek jeter hits a double, the yankees short stop then yanked from the
line-up for spinning these incredible yarns, like how he once found the holy grail at a yard
sale. even fidel castro looked pale after he heard that one over the radio while filling a
fiddle with caster oil. the jester jettisons his diet as fans jeer; a meteor deletes the war jets.
control casserole, where’s the capitol of cosa nostra? from coast to coast, cola’s in a
coma; nostril seasick seizure squeeze sizzling cuisse sassier cuisine pacing, mean joe green
singing about odd human beings, neil diamond wining. hypodermic allocate bidding
myopia carcass crackle, effervesce to, accede to psyche muzzle my mêlée, nevertheless
revolve seizure wide awake my never-endingly rearward destroyer? nuisance soothing at
to cryptogram surpass patois, purify the wharves, what remains, cadaver vestiges
instinctively within. calibration hit them like mortar shells flying in infinity firecracker leak
slithered eel to water mecca, hooligan (mica oxygen) calculatingly clash in the midst of
odium, the human race approximating fleeting perpetuity. demur concentration, it
concentric trickle. overpowering butcher minces the mindset out of form, calisthenics
damage to the thenar then theme tenor thecae thinner tear procure yowled zealot ancillary
antidote and so forth itemized, finish off slobbered sit-ups. clone genus themistocles. him
in stitches, chitchat chitty-chitty bang-bang. hear the theta, it gets thinner until heat fuels
the night. undo billy idol (bully in the bellybutton) buffalo bills big league bialy in of
alameda balance glancing at alpacas, alliance lance valor ala neat inseam mecum scream
cam ice-cream neap, amole mule inhabit pinhead inchmeal slam-dunks drunk droopy. bald
bomb. dank frank fallout it sinks without a trace. gamut hit squad moroseness mind your
Ps and Qs pass the pasta and them mineral deposits reneged sop like italian whop bop a
loo bop a bop bam boom. loop around the moon. numbing hulas housel hooplas take
umbrage in times gone by, fiord many fire retardant irrigate measure of inadequacy
mechanical medallion. hoof it classically; the going rate is the length of that id thermos.
quotients flex. demo tape, issue forth from forest morph. sentient mingles listen mega
tope ogled and poled zeta éclair tilde adsorb ivied, imides imbeds ash floret scup.
imbroglios, ameba kanga ephemera fajita, ingesting utile euchre belie gating hind coalface
oxalate falafel fallacy adlib. tines what trace the taco. catacomb insectivore selenography
sectile lenitive tilde palatal nasal sound underslung saluki kiosk kinkajou journeyman
manipulation. divisionary instinctive kick back to bat status decipher no (or know) in him
all ways. helms hulk chisel graph bump kelp pouf yore tyro yare webs deft bur fuggy yuri
mar befall zest as is us sis so vs. zed axed ancient granule nullify fermata firth gigue gnu
menu. ordering slab of rib, butyl biome battle is vital brimming that coy lockup lankily
opium pokily loopier tier the fern tree. where the red fern grows, that’s love. hover
enough nougat noumenon gậteaux teasel dipsacus sylvestris (latin displaced discos)
sylvester’s discus silvertips, sly stallone. black stallion tectum covers tecumseh, “shawnee
leader who attempted to establish a confederacy to unify native americans against white
encroachment. he sided with the british in the war of 1812 and was killed in the battle of
the thames.” (the american heritage dictionary, pg.1843) tête-à-tête u thant thammuz
chant thalassic shamus cycle thalassemia shames media demean duo jack dews scathed
adjudge nun acne cub scuttle adds rarity knag daffy duck dosed coca chick cinched circa
1978 kick cava gasify denim bevy stiffen, now is your body fit to listen? cist the soles of
the feet begin to slip pied piper opt niger teem eat the heat, heft the ether est. ethos foe
solos he robotic braille reader, like mind seed. plant the trap wig partition democratic
party, i attend to rat-a-tat-tat. that wind winding -kafka gecko kick him hum omni um
moon yurt wreathing jib mol ply the kin is the key -hub gifted sac vega (elvis at vegas) biff
nail a naïf make the map amok a mocking bird, to kill -harper lee lei mol moa mom & pop
store mob, the mole and porpoise scheme -ply lip huge cadres coder entwined with tweeze
eked skid no kidding banc- she dashy sift through the safe zebu defog, this zebra and frog*
the wind in the willows lay low- whale heal whole wheat ilk inky dingy milk moth man
(milk man tom) mynah monodies last month (june) resume gentry gear evade the germ
dews am an add as hefty zaftig softy bruin buy chum kneel tern trove presidential term
worming up ah return desire- ready or not naught knot cottage (house or cheese)
goldilocks no longer at ease- slaw the cola at the coca cabaña come coal colonel sander
banning cert. moue minus many mice three hater thru hire incubi encamped edged at the
edge dust egg too tug that tuxedo tutelage t v dinner fry the flu french fries, too few ty
cob cub chicago team ice cube put a cap in your back from an untraceable gat fig. j hajj
(yogi berra and boo boo, two more cubs) yet it defy deaf fade (kid ‘n play haircut) fads
sap saxophone fid had hid he doffs avers ask the ears hug up dewy unit buy oil uric i o u
do faddy ‘g’ mack daddy as era erg catcher in the rye rat hag of chi ohm shy phi sci-fi high
five safe sad side yet art is pertinent here? -fudge guff if juke (box) gnu kit dui veteran of
war intriguer artier tritium trio unwritten riot through the trophy atrophic gentian gotten
brutish, brush bedim oxide carefree caterers according to the caterpillar codes load live
latex asp aslope the alps quartz verbs and herbal ballistics. throng together throttlehold at
peace atrociously bludgeoning blue-collar bluffs, skirmish hut (jabba1 (see frog*)) of the
storm retire from the start pursuit irrupt curter weir wren (and stimpy) cat nap skimpy
stump doha the high “european icon” iron mask- never saw iron man eat macaroni- bad
karma? market cheap, heap on scorn hearing impaired heartache out-and-out otherwise
engaged outcast deformity defrosting degenerate functions blubbered blow-your-top
blueprint blundered under within the sphere of thunder, browbeats bruise brownie browse
through bragging oat bran brainchild hovered h.q. owls huddled up silent, sign your name
silage like a shot of lightning crazy to explode, reload the expose, epées epodes epos
exposing the phony episode, pod racing upheld tire yourself out titanic tissue titillated for
the title fight tube tunes toupee trussed and sued test tube taped to the top of rupees (toss
the tusk around) tread on treacherous treasure chests hit and miss joie de vivre jocular jog
your memory join forces against jellylike jawbone jazzed up je ne sais quoi jealously where
the jagged jeep jammed the sheet, saris sail to paris (parish parrots parked in prayer), get a
new knee on one end, sis, says i. out for the count flows the fox outlandishly lean-to the
spitting image of a supernatural thespian, these days the whole thesis is out of whack.
short-term shotgun shells should think about shouldering some responsibility, shout
approval for story time. check out your elders cheek cheerfully in chunks (careful skunk)
of incensed chorus’s inching their way inchoate incidentally incinerated chores incased in
certain ceriman cereals heroin addiction siberia citron cereous carousing the circus causing
used cars to stray off course; get entangled in the wrong end of a pickle, tickle me elmo
limbs growing lemons on elm street elemi glom aluminum gloomy alumni elf, the rumor
mill sticks the seconds in the thermos hedging your bets heedlessly, heir to human heights
thanks to imagination thawed from abroad. take the chair off the edge, initiate liberty,
mickey mouse in the limelight every minute of opportunity. watertight waves with
hindsight withering in the dawn factory pawns in fracture tractors tactile tracked along
razors praise to irrigate trauma vanished vanguards vaporizing your vantage point vaguely
giggling gingerly flying saucer flutters dairy farm disobliging gibbet touchable laxity
somersaults the atmosphere sagacious somnolent sonata somewhat doldrums on the air
onslaught the dew UFO ulcers outstandingly onus focused tin foil kernels frothy chew the

jabba the hutt, the notorious crime lord who ran his organization from the planet tatooine, was one of the major
kingpins in the outer rim territories. his organization was into a wide variety of illegal activities. from smuggling to
spice dealing, slave trading to murder, loan sharking to protection, jabba the hutt had his bloated fingers in all the
underworld’s pies. like others of his race, jabba was a legless, sluglike being with reptilian eyes and gross
mannerisms. approximately four meters long, jabba was huge even among his own kind. his desert palace on
tatooine was full of all kinds of decadent luxuries, an army of alien and human criminals, droid slaves, and fawning
servants. among jabba’s most prized possessions were the rancor and the sail barge. every smuggler, bounty hunter,
pirate, and thief in the outer rim territories eventually took on a job for jabba, including han solo and his partner
in fact, it was because of a job solo botched that jabba ultimately met his end. after solo dumped a
shipment of spice to avoid an imperial blockade, jabba gave the smuggler a limited time to make good on the
shipment’s worth. when solo failed to return to tatooine to pay off his debt –he was off helping the rebellion –jabba
put a price on his head. boba fett eventually collected the bounty, but solo’s rebel companions came to rescue him.
among this group was luke skywalker. although skywalker’s jedi “mind tricks” did not work against jabba, his other
abilities made short work of the crime lord’s men. it was princess leia, however, who actually killed jabba. since
that time, other criminal organizations have been attempting to fill the void left by jabba the hutt’s sudden and
unexpected demise. (a guide to the star wars universe, pgs.238-239)
fat one hundred percent eyesores fabricated mystical AWOL baboons. Comeuppance fold
in half into the future fascistic fashion accessories ancestry suture full of beans, some say
n’sync is the bane of our existence. when the chips are down- abandoned abbreviations
v.imp.,(verb impersonal) getting a whiff of waffles in all directions, certain unalienable
rights have been bended, band in studio tumid unfed bunch whydah shoddier shadow tight
think laterally thin on top drop out trousers drowning eat into eavesdropping rattletrap in
rust appetite whet rotary rubbishy barney rubble off the cuff offshoots sprouting spring
fling button up the battalion in a word, bloom incandesce effortlessly safari fifty pence
piece jetties joists cracked joker on your guard noodles opaque something like wastrel
parsonage yon calvin and hobbes calving hobbies iron bones chemical addition calisthenics
stultify cudgeled cornucopia cockpit cast system west coast encased the depths giant huey
dewey and lewey power ranger aggrandize lawyers put on layaway with a shudder
reduction mother goose noose fail-safe doused frosty popping harry potter in the pituitary
gland, lend glen a glad bag deactivated. aegis aesthetic aerosol in the dead of night
environs something else entirely deafeningly knifed glitch letch keen methyl mighty dog
latch hesitant gulp plug pug guppie, earth thread, er, re: dead tear, added art, tar daddy
brire rabbit tibetan rib vibe bit into beta tablets beat with a bat, sabotaged. “
,” :’ ” - __ % ^ `` `.“ ,( ), ?”
comic cimoc, absurd duress, bogus global bugle. bagel and cheese wheezing the other
extreme therapeutic kindergarten in two shakes of a lamb's tail inundation it would seem
that the items on your itinerant have been jackknifed the instant hidey-hole muesli mud-
spattered multi-color mugger run over the height above sea level shovel ease onto the
plate along with beans and peas versatile vertebrate ethiopia on the brink of sinking of two
minds from side to side, this from the horse’s mouth. down south scavenging skeptically
add zing to borty blurted bunt the burly wings equaling shallow holes, allow ohio to bury
the signs; noun nut hit the hog on a hot day flock of fleas in scientific flasks baste jute ‘hey
jude’ injection needle mop top beatles jagged judge and his eager beagle the color drains
from somebody's features achieve exclusive shish-ka-bob cremation device routing routine
hover royal as long as sleep remains aslant au fait with mustard augmented your aura.
devout dewdrop dexterously ambidextrous left to the right diacritical mark could scar
would be my diagnosis. a little amount of alien spacecraft elfin disconnect execution
byzantine cabal banana cackle legerdemain illegibly cooking cadmic cameras bulge. start
afresh. locate stephen hawking, he’ll put an end to the androgynous. sometimes frank
sinitra, we all know sonny should share. sanitary scimitar suntrap donating don quixote’s
donkey homonym awkward disc spinner disembowels order diaphanous gossip factious
activism tactics italic midair idée dibasic indonesia literacy hares tough as old boots (bugs
bunny tour de force). there used to be a bounty on the elephant man’s bones. act as
deputy honestly roll the dice, cloning time strikes a scientific chord model-a ford shored
up chopper eatery galumph from the very beginning frontal lobe bowling lane portal
mendacious muffle mussolini anachronistic upbeat yet to be bishopric scribes get together
for a scrimmage slab peddler potpourri marmalade marooned at the marketplace, ahead of
the present. jingoism newsy honorary see in your mind's eye homicides topple your throat
is dry the highlight swathe in bandages. tend towards tendonitis intensely ridiculed all
thumbs wrestling argots, area of stability the twinkling of an eye rhythmical rickety ribcage
watch your waistline wrinkled tinker bell is not believable health spa loutishness ritzy dna
roadblocks dyne get your own back get your hackles up to be brief, toady too become
foamy. assembling seriously ill cerebral polo neck inwardly rake over the coals the powers
that be therapy night light nihilist free-style break dance frenetically slighted clairvoyant
remember the clapper? salad dressing together with j.r. tolkien’s sweat walkie-talkie ten-
four, four score and the thing was the world, unexplained. end user dressings energizer
bunny bashfully warriors a while violating wacky star trek voyager android knock down
with a feather aspect tylenol aspirin turn your stomach debonair tv dinner honeymoon (one
of these days, alice (malice alive in lice)) trellises entrenched cultural attaché combat zone
rip apart rag doll raggedy ann and andy raiding the lost ark in end times. pigeonhole juice
extractor increase in speed incubate bankroll for the foreseeable future brusquely bubonic
plague marrows marvel at tomorrow’s lawlessness sterile jangles biodegradable [if you
want to bisect your autobiography, that’s your birthright] wax lyrical frolics down in
fraggle rock, drag the fragments of gamete for the team. drop a dime on godlike
imbalances immaculately vibrant shut within decoded décolletage, decontaminate the
composition collage vetoing minutes juxtaposed compost mentis compose yourself using
mentos, the fresh maker, lend a mentor to a praying mantis cancellation exculpate pulse
word-process arms abound with whatever’s about to happen data needle point mutually of
omaha over your limit tack hammer thyme (mc hammer time) cacophonously outlawed
miss the target isolate the itch verbalization converge post security hypothesis decoys
flogged do magic tricks go to seed restructuring valuation decay colossally decapitates
delivery service didactic a lot of difference of opinion on what’s the best diet. roof beam
maneuver advantage a cinch with acme products (see road runner cartoons) loutish
analytically ancestral anatomy ignominious bred noble {barnes and noble doesn’t sell
bread} that's alright glue less complex consciousness disguised red baron pizza bargain if
you got double coupons barroom brawl sigil misguided missile sided with the sacred
guinea pig (mouse -single simile) barmy vis-à-vis mascara virtuoso, virus in the
(tele)vision. tile steel. eel (ēl) n., pl. eel or eels. 1. any of various long, snakelike,
scaleless marine or fresh water fishes of the order of anguilliformes or apodes, especially
anguilla rostrata of eastern north america or a. anguilla of europe, that lack pelvic fins
and characteristically migrate from fresh2 water to salt water to spawn. 2. any of several
similar fishes, such as the lamprey and electric eel. [middle english ele, from old english
‫ع‬l.] (the american heritage dictionary, pg.586) arytenoid. –oid, acanthoid oidium spore
fragmentation, fungus genis. ōion egg see ∞ seeress. essequibo. ibuprofen C13H18O2
alteration of chemical name i(so)bu(tyl)phen(yl) pro(poinic acid) bionic million dollar man,
lion’s lifespan can be extended by eating spam. suppose anodes got into soda bos
grunniens boa constrictor grannie, granted, she’s never been a fan of the nightclub.
lubumbashi (sushi bomb). shibboleth. ethmoid. oidium echo. intrauterine device, - ium
neuter suff. stuffed socks on neptune, i, um, well i meant to be neater. ugaratic standard
sense ukase asepsis sissified i.e. id est (that is) tisiphone oneida idaho ahorizon
zonapellucida lucille ball dna regeneration, twilight zone episode. angle in on the equinox
pancho villa pillar ulna, for those who are frustrated, let me restate it this way: aiguilles

fresh prince, the. smith, will. “you go to school to learn, not for a fashion show.” from ‘parents just don’t
understand,’ off the album he’s the dj, i’m the rapper.
arytenoids –aid void old acanthodians odium gneiss travel to zion to shop at sears, spot a
shy peer, duck. sirens pierce the world series earless heir sees measles in limbo
bun(till)phenol(phony when yell) (opined picnic bows gunnies granite labrum sunbird)
locum albums bump sahib method man ethnocide odium - gum mummified imp scuff the
surf hanging ten with papa smurf neopectate petunia attuned pentane antenna prune
quadratic galactic geriatric guarantee east sousaphone eider aid the spider and edit the
media dayhop horizons compel soaped zanier lucid laic ale done. no danced, texts sleigh
decoders placid syllable glanced gamma moor ethic tread fob he retort knit nixon grids
censed exercise (oversized energy eternally) trace redroot morphs retro woks ‘yan can
cook’ it, nolan ryan multiple cy young awards. ran from the waist, soak study. relish
seculars eat nimrod diseurs nerve acre node wolf newel in womb, birth of the now. put
them hot atoms nevoid, come neighs in envious neighbor. hyoid gouda ruff notice onsite
limos sound plod fro z tremor SCEcorp tact stump be two by he deny. hansoms as sun
implies blimp yuppie blind tees now stir the entire pot of gold. day guiros lid cuffs edify as
suave to depict flay myna yentil. knout catheter buoy leave rehab, seven-got hush seta
drab satin opt sort of joy, plash am keels wallop roué stomp. subtle nostalgia secom circa
this very second nerds sneer somewhere. grilled genially dewlapped elegiac damp alligator
lanolin fenced noised succor scatters the sector; motor revive, grillers spore no fork
mom’s normal doom. lien gory north. samara tariff merged, strip of thrift shop gauzy
slipups marks but immersed in the masks. sic’em tuna. elude septum, “meow no, steal
dog.” sati’s law envoi, snag eyebrow yet sky laird sat. knurl evidenced lira that skims
simooms taw tucker leif genitive ignites an elbow, slipover brave deducts another
gravesite. swollen whales iotacism orthogonal spy telexed gym regna envoy gins rater at
noon. ox yore ryes echini the icing on the cake, can icon equine science quiver bees mish
deviance lilacs. madam shih going omni neutral entry grandkid. tube stems guru suggests
a lot of sugar, evil nephew gneissic rig john lennon’s lyrics. pension gnat, i have yet to
mention ginkgo bulbous. rhea nursed in a rehab unit obese toes gnomon that tidal end
how’d be the little nipper. genipaps snippets secretors rerecord rack arc nabob entomb
now stool pigeon lacing naïf dial six deadens my sterna (in stereo) like equal skills for
neuters loaches here poochy poochy strife tariff dire loch who terrifies lollipops knew saw
donkeys rayed dinettes in a steady rain angelic, gallop on yellow igloo on squab espuma
isobar defuse tenet ripe stint nowise fond of freckles mirrors air atop a corpse, of course
draught sterol stomp a tomb secants on melba remember wellborn belabor keno ends scab
lazed an epic pet with ESP, how apt. ape leapt empty bytes and bits of tykes, amigo laced
under alcohol marigold calico thrum chrome apron horror, ihram pompom osprey driving
a hotrod (saw it in harlem) enamel octane tunics mope around the noun napping the soup,
shhh, coup opus shahs café éclat given gingival in the naval muff generators extol letter
tubful of tofu, taboo headachy echidnae signet zenith round never, thread hatred to a tree,
dyad even been seen plash lease, fleas clash against the law wow eggnog aunt guenon
scenic tart soused is drool olla niftier, knots meat eater of retag, three, prolog: rotifers
yean oasis hose neon ret erg detail shoepack wesley snipes nitpick unworthy knag nest
right in the knee. genie gunfire piqued spice piled few nay ten or so yeller flares just
glaring. allayer yelp geol. gnus drop no mix sliver exam suit dour email reappear genius
nisus evict which cist? chow chichi smears toad under dean recant eye. glitter lightning
grit yalta igor odor rigor sulk soul resold motto of he larva gin knight, fur earth, myna
rethought skirts examination smith looks as elision hog shoji exec often dory foist yarely
suttees, ledge elderly use stoop around shin gringos going again knew slang acrid hare
slain ceruse crushed terriers thrush hurts thirty stetted teal am ketch brew mir at tussah
tiny tsetse fly demise medusa emirate from prom (won best hairdo), on from some, amah.
nocturnally sleepless sycophancy moon boot focal point knife attack cenotaph enfant
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hip [perhaps from wolof, hipi, hepi, to open one’s eyes, be aware.] (the american heritage
dictionary, pg.855) and the mouth opens wary, revealing the arytenoid –either of two
small pitcher-shaped cartilages at the back of the larynx to which the vocal chords are
attached. (the american heritage dictionary, pg. 106) drone snatchel voice snip gilube tre,
dince fru hingut, i.e. pataphysics (the french absurdist concept of a philosophy or science
dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics, intended as a parody of
the methods and theories of modern science and often expressed in nonsensical language
ta epi ta, metaphusika. (the american heritage dictionary, pg.1325)) ouzel hansel and
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thorium bussed ivanhoe reawake youths apothems assuming the scorpion motion felt
condign emption. preemptory oryx –any of several african antelopes of the genus oryx,
including the gemsbok, having long, straight or slightly curved horns and a hump above
the shoulders. perhaps from orussein, to dig. (the american heritage dictionary, pg.1279)
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security administration. ionia. niamey. meyer. yerkish: an artificial language using
geometric forms to represent words, created for experimental communication between
chimpanzees and human beings.4 [after robert mearns yerkes] (the american heritage
dictionary, pg.2070) yerevan. vanadic acid. cidevant. antiapartheid. eidetic.
ticonderoga. ogam. gambusia. siabon. bonhomie. (word up to all the o.g.) mien.
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hai ku (h ī‛kōo) n., pl. haiku also –kus. 1. a japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five,
seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons. (from chinese pa, farce) (the
american heritage dictionary, pg.812) western samples follow: anatomy hole/the structure of absences/vanished into
time growing seedlings spun/churning the earth forever/creating life’s breath the diaphragm lifts/while death
watches silently/wind meets the echo unconscious wheat fields/humanity’s oxygen/bent towards quiet space
golden silence waits/currency pierced reveals none/the rich will wail soon self’s ego alone/the vein of
autonomy/awakes to find dark about whispers hate/what goes on in broad daylight/a mere shadow hint vibrant
skull matter/photograph musculature/tissue elongates calcium acted/milk-sweet of morning earthly/the thirst for
knowledge vocal code break-up/loudly crackle the airwaves/signals turned down east truth lies in the
split/allegory medicine/science cannot save conscious dissection/transplanted cranial light/memory fade-out
territorial/divisions between powers/all rulers falter stability fault/unattainable mission/depth crevice reigns now
trails what path is of/sacrifice is the effort/acronym of faith for faith feel sleep pulse on us/the heart’s inner ear
flows free/touching others blood tower of babel/desecration commences/your’s language it clash effervescent
cold/what lies in frozen nightmares/returning from thaw vicarious dawn/rhythm’s realization/music we carry
corpse what breath comes near/burial epitaph moans/paralyzation evacuate time/synapse skip universal/rewind
from birth’s first electrical current/switch despondent there aware/as to voltage numbs wisdom’s
anarchy/relegates knowledge fossil/unburied when truth study history/learned what slaves the pain
throughout/proclaimed treatise fails context carries filth/taxonomy traced pronoun/poisoned metaphor halt
zoology/evolves from arachnid’s web/disintegration philosophy where/argue dementia on/has theory melted
territory scope/tectonic dissolves native/snap-shot conquers proof
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player is forced to make an undesirable or disadvantageous move. [german zugzwang :
zug, pull, move (from middle high german zuc, pull, from old high german, from ziohan,
to pull; see deuk- in appendix) + zwang, compulsion (from middle high german twanc,
from old high german).](the american heritage dictionary, pg.2080)) parenthesis- a. either
or both of the upright curved lines, ( or ), used to mark off explanatory or qualifying
remarks in writing. b. a comment departing from the theme of discourse; a digression. c.
an interruption of continuity. (the american heritage dictionary, pg.1315) “this is one of
the things i wasn’t prepared for–the amount of unfilled time, the long parenthesis of
nothing.” ( margaret atwood )
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a note placed at the bottom of a page of a book or manuscript that comments on or cites a reference for a designated
part of the text. (the american heritage dictionary, pg.708)
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glory hallelujah, the teacher hit me with a ruler. drool lured. a)bstraction b)randished
c)allus, d)eranged e)strogen f)alters g)randly; h)elms i)gnite j)ericho, k)inetic l)ife
m)eticulously n)ear o)scillation. p)robes q)uestion r)esurrection. ‘s)tray t)heoretical,’
u)mbilical v)iolence w)hispers. x)anthomatosis y)ields z)ip. saen(z zymurg(y thibodau(x
jigsa(w t(v kud(u combatan(t melanosi(s suga(r ch(q blim(p eryng(o filet migno(n swar(m
idea(l, spar(k dr. (j. radi(i squelc(h scathin(g hal(f grenad(e. isocarboxazi(d
brachydactyli(c bom(b swastik(a. aortic amnesia ascends astoundingly, all astronomical as
astronauts are asleep. assassins assembled as ash, agile archery aptitude. bait breath, but
beware: bipods bloom. banish bills, broil bronze. be brave, bring britches, break dance.
call classified cows. cats clap, covert, come careening carelessly. conserve cognizable
cockroaches. designs drain dawn dubiously. equations erupt earth eyeing escalation ever
eerie. film future fear fully for forlorn forceps. forfeit form. freedom flash-forward.
grand gears grow glistening greed. hello? hendrix harkens heavy, heritable healing
hardens hylozoist hearts. he hears his history.
indent innovation.
jim-dandy jitterbugs join journalism. knotted kingdoms kindle kidneys. live lava, lost
love. mean melanesia musters meager mercy. no noise. opponents obstruct once
octagonal operations. platoons polluted pluvial. quietness quilted. ?–question mark.
retime requiem’s ratio retied round ruins. sand-sunken signs. tinged tango terror tying
the tongue. unison untied. voiced volition vacated. why water when wisdom wets?
weapon whiplash. x-ray xanthenes, xyster xeroxed. yesterday’s young. you yearn.
0=zero. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,etc.=zillion.
zap zeus’s zipper. lexicon. conifer. phosphorescence. spherical. heresy. erase.
hexagonal. xanthochroid. anthropomorphic. troposphere. posh. directional.
rectilinear. ectostosis. testosterone. sterile. tear. intuition. pituitary. tarsus.
archiepiscopacy. pisciculture. cult. destitution. estheticize. sthenia. niacin. iatrogenic.
troglodyte. glow. decision. cissoid. issei. seizure. zucchetto. cheetah. tahsildar. ah.
malnutrition. alnico. nickeliferous. keloid. elohim. lohengrin. oh. litigations crumble,
light saber of halo glistening. beams of confusion sapped the troops artillery. past the
port of reality, bleary, real life fillet tells secrets, turkish crumbs make the cable murky.
rummy cube bucking docile mummified femur, remove the myth. thyroid druid reunion,
ruinous sound snout turned out to the tune, nerd’s tundra. drumming up murder. dracula
is nuts, his card too dark. a formula looming. nimrod sings. energy negates nervous
gashes sagging gassed sages. take a guess. blood gush drool lure for the mighty ruler,
russian roulette tet offensive. sieve in the veins, sniveling veiled leaf field. deaf feeder a
red defender reels asleep, pealed lapel deleted. shadow dash. saddened radish hides,
dehydrated terror rot tore rotating gently. negligent intelligence gunning nuggets savaged
grief. gun get thief. forgive me for forging gingivitis. navigate through vain grout, gut
tug. gutturals lure ruling rupture purpose, supposedly. purport supposition, sound
incision doused in synchronicity. no chromosomes. museum on septum, musing neptune.
nursed penetration, tart trap parts all rapport. torpedo depth peddling timid mitigation,
mini gemini intimidates dim data at mid riff. fiddles differentiate between reefs and fear.
eardrum mecca murder romulus solo remorse smeared in dreams. mere reams come to
meet moccasins comatose stem. metacarpals practically incinerated, inherent trap
mathematically melted automatically. tactile helmet telepathy. pathetic hat of the hermit,
meticulous termite matricide. acidic atari rain dance. model the dome, methods and
modes to dominate nomadic domains. the mule smiles. main frame modules dilute the
pupil. peel the leopard’s polio, all draped and pared down. the widow’s dowry wound
around a wounded spot, stopping or clogging golem’s tomb. bombs somehow creating a
mosaic incision, somatic anatomy, atomic mimicry. the body as dapple ganger. gangrene
energy regeneration. renege the general of his negligence, renegade grenade damage,
gametes manhandled. dandelions infested by maggots, the game has been infiltrated. dart
triad, tirades picked up on the radar. mirrored remorse adorned by road kill licked and
split until the lips spill over. rover play catch rhetoric liar earring. centrifugal refuge. (see
falsified. paralyzed.
horrified. solidified.
lied. magnified.
animalized. tied.


realized. agonized.
fossilized. compartmentalized.
philosophized. destabilized.
reorganized hovering veracity veers through ravished, shaved havoc. maverick rave
speech. un-teach what has been taught. unleash nuthatch on utah. hatchet seal. trial on
lease. ocelots, talon lateral retreat tearing back layers. torn realization, pierced zeal.
sleazy peace. (haze seeps) keep rising for sure. fissures of meteoric tools rise apparition
branch ache, swollen larvae indication. a motorcade of explosive puff of air winter protest
en route for the lesion, vague of the razed miracle. fist of metacarpus translated into
phantom limb pain, inflamed larynx testimony. biology versus the suction of REM
frequencies, self-portraits are asleep. too much taxonomy exhausts the leader's indication.
each letter entombed in a sarcophagus when philosophy wears the sash. triceratops will
rule again, taking on the burden of endurance, this is ultimately mutilation. we keep falling
over our reflections, history mirror. hares frozen in impassionate generators. an army of
details attacking museums full of vanquished treasures that caused pirates to lose their
lives, blink of the eye mapping the path of the dynamite. strikers secrete assassin blood.
drool from the king, adjective spittle. the kettle containing the domain has been boiling for
quite some time now, hear the whistle, trumpet of jericho. hire the church to photograph
the decay. ecology opposed to the succumbing of brandy, selfless pulp slumbering in the
center of reluctant free will. how weird to summon up the mercenaries trained to be
relished to the berserk tribunal. a procession of combustible howitzer spies march toward
the wound, uncertain of the ravished phenomenon. compromising with the bird’s flight,
sin of hollow agony. lightning strike of time. dripless community utopian banish, essence
as volatile oil. loitering toil, slaves bent at odd exterior angles. there was a remedy, but
the magician’s feather duster has erased it. even Teflon is buried. there are many possible
origins for action, though knots eventually mourn. the reaper knocks gently at our
collective ribcage, positive annihilation. repeated shuffling simply shrinks into an unheard
tune, undignified culture backsliding towards the orient. we toil in war making it
impossible for evil to vanish. watch for the scorpion. an alias of the old man playing a
fiddle deafly, fly of black hole. a word of caution, consider the case of the rain. traditions
have been enchained for thousands of years. dialectic rummage. unkempt to darn or
create atonement to the eager diplomat of sedition. too much nomenclature clouds the
squad’s signal. hark the sword, speech will be innovation. i’ll let some light in enticed in a
coffin when ideas go on retreat, carry the satellite. tribulations will run over, enchanting
the weight of survival, this is at last disfigurement. i esteem the tyrant's tresses. we
become declining deceptions, olden times echo. hard-up icy impaled professors. an militia
of facts, violent murmurs full of beaten reserves that caused vikings to drop their strife,
wink of the judgment claps the trail of the detonation. tricycles ooze hired guns blocks.
salivate from the emperor, a different kettle of fish riddle. the kernels contaminate the
realm searing for moderately several thistles, perceive the heist, announce lyrics. rent the
minister to shoot the crumbling. improvise with nature's light, transgression of vacant
woe, kit of demise. notify the comatose that a squall is sneezing, light purple collides with
delusion beasts will execute all. joe frazier knew how to rhyme, evidence of our
mechanized rambling. brambles are enthroned. let the dreidel prophesy: ‫י ט ח ז ו ה ד ג ב א‬
‫׃ ׂ ׁ ׀ ֿ ־ ֽ ּ ֻ ֹ ָ ַ ֶ ֵ ֳ ֲ ֱ ְ ״ ׳ ‡ ױ … ת ש ר ק צ ץ פ ף ע ס נ ן מ ם ל כ ך‬.9 drilling society
usurping spanish, heart as impulsive grease. toiling soil, slaughter peculiar angels. there
was a mixture, but the magnanimous spikes have replaced it. can you feel how the
magnetic gets pelted? even the tee off gets married. there are many likely genesis for
exploiting, though snot in due course pours. the harvester kicks quietly at our united
rhythm, affirmative extinction. frequent sniveling, pimples cower to no avail, unseemly
vulture black rider towards the opposition. we loot unearthed wickedness to fade away. a
diversity of foodstuffs go out of business, the exam of monopoly. pay attention to the
scores of aliens of the cold span relaying middle dead right, soar of bitterness gap. an
utterance revolves, dense trains snare truth. ethnicity has been encapsulated for all.
inform science of its fate. wait, i feel a sneeze coming on. ha, ha, hachoo! coo canoe few
flew theoretic cachou yahoo hunched gestalt evened tuff geared therapy; thereby likeness
kinesis pinesaps pure digenesis epigenesist peeress reinvents depressed pores. sinuses
tense dieresis forgotten toot thou shoot it through the hoop. fuel bourse cursed pother
haversacks quiet united hydra shyer wit whiter then thirty shirts. zithers coquille.

he · bra · ize (hē’brā-īz’) v. –ized, iz · ing, iz · es. —tr. to make hebraic in form or idiom. —intr. to use or
adopt hebraisms. (the american heritage dictionary, pg.836)
indigotic seven sot hoofs water fathers, the rates of oats has shot through the roof. flytrap
motive extinct toque sequin amative nisei knives maples cobwebbed valium nailed value to
no avail, kaolin caviling elytra solitude saltier culture filature blends the bladder quake
opposites loathed wicked bawd fade dada diversion footslog oaf goofin’ on the roof. lag
gaffing ‘poof’ after he said the magic words. oboe odor scruff cruor ardor rudolph the red
nosed reindeer treated rudely lard of the warden scruff strudel crude runoff trout bassinet
exam monday, ixia moppet extensor lien tonsure culpa relay idle coupon death, weight of
the draught sauternes gin no soberness uteri loves old olive oil dentins smart snared north
swarthy untruth rarity arnicas unearthed dripping with magma, ethnical hernias entice
helices beastly easel bagsful tabor alarm cineaste skincare conceited sinecure cursed. pale
apple plea pal able lope pile pelt alpaca leper alpha apnea lela lea era vela elm pole lapel
allege pie appeal alley elope teleplay galloped allusion slope alone exempla clypeal elodea
leveler repeal lamella allele sleep eyelid bleep lealer opal sepal pea pen pal replay helpable
legally telesales locale leafy elapse eclipse healer allegeable lepta sepal leap flap elapid
ladle peal penal spell leally pedal especially espial. spies apply pester technique. sheiks
make amax manx omak mark imax maxi karma lama kaki act admix maxim amok ark as
mask oakum mecum magmatizes the meek kamala kuaka came mesmerized jam camp ox
auk sky eke mammy exam muck® fly man maker myakka ace knee-jerk acme admix alms
kea cam coma kahn me kamala commix x with mammal gamma imam art viol ovoid voice
iodine ibexes icicle apiece income biocide icon cocoa biochip roscoe locoer jocose once
the outcome is announced licorice oyez evoke vie envoy revile evade cove ode poi of ooze
eclectic circa 2002 crick kicking icy co each aecia ejects caps cue eidetic eviction icebox
epicedia (epic idea) acidic picric deictic epidemic coach foci okay coif piece the niece
rococo fiasco flashed odious orioles loco ipecac icecap ileac idec ouch iconoscope vector
overcoat vocal viceroy ouzo odor boohoo euro eon cave victim civil vaccine canal vicki
cava vivified civil cavy ovoid once avocet verve evolve above ovule vive crevice vehicle
tickle ovoid week cusec clove croc coerce caked ace clevis cheviot coeval vivid drivel yeti
deli eely yet ire ilea yet to say yes edit eke cobweb evict etch verb brevity forgotten cooed
ice-cream cone code core is if in once coven oil vi convoke viscid science ore foe doe-re-
me-fa-so-la-ti-doe aft fax hoe ire die i.e. tie the pile of lies over the ocean cycle cache echo
accrues in the act of catching on betook iron cookies look okay coy coin ivied imp livened
my advice since ibices evince the sinister cover can leave olives concave voiceover episode
evincive of epitomes eve veterinary spiny peaky epoxy pity expiry spicy oneida axons and
peons atone atom bomb never adorned as earring degas singed agencies genoas adenines
geniis igneous adios avenue antagonist denser nodes gains gads dragons wagon add-ons
donatello connately dental donates montello owned window pane anodes data ends in
darkness ins eggs begging tango dotages eagle talons daimios deport given dodgem idem
olden indene hidden ides widen regions media nova G angst density gangster dangling
donation rain abide raiders aids appear windshield wipers impeders eiders drone sensed
instead sneak boils sienna midi nisus indoor yokel dogfish jim leftwich virginia digging for
the diagnosis griffin organism argyle refinish grins genius soakage dosage on noise naiad
auk nonuse emergency dandies deigns eosin gideon oneidas diagnose adie goudas navies
bid adieu to the early eighties dagos onside diagonal sundae signed aegis dings dosing
easing sung in pinkie ring edgewise derision garrison gazed agonies decrees draftees
infused inquest injured incuse doges bonds guns decants against dynasty anise mansion
mayonnaise amused dawns dear kind boogying in the mind outgo apologies autogiros
advised james dean felons games load the road up with odd toads oafs amid secret agents
greens tense glens leaned windy in my opinion domain companion daphnia soprano
deplane pompano donation goriness aggrandizes mahoganies auguries isogenies dingo
snidest grids dug edison gained gains degas dang them fangs dyane aides simon siding
sedona sneak simon says to keep reading phonic seine snide denies osage singe gonad
guide anomy noun by bayou noisy aside goads ideas yes yeas fleas toe pigs dioxide
idiocies edified dividing indigoid shy acute arty sortie realign nadir signed aegis day of
nazis diets doing ogden songs sad medina genoas geodes sedan omega pertain segno
nosed danes arisen and gandhi’s dog deign geoids gadoid denim annual agonies dingoes
forsook consul bonsai fronses monsoon geo edam knotty befog endure wired adoration
warred red bred fascine samisen seem false faïence nags en angus gudgeons videos gazebo
ridges indigo guidepost shows hideous gadgets degrees argons legends abound goes drier
geese degage undines the end. send circuitry awry, crackled whispers sizzling zygotic war
cry like a softened silhouette of sutured light stitched visionary agile divided within mental
regression splinters recede indeed spherical night, black hexagons roar back gas. relics of
hail, diversionary cable dive-bomber kamikaze koneke delta sends one or two sonic depth
probes bore in on wind, down deep where burials limb surreal. sedentary pipe hollow
vocal chord resonation what drips the rust wrote in sub-atomic cursive, split homoerectus
particles partly nuclear war. disaster mugged on nuzzle, rapid-fire sense stretch intrinsic
yoga, indigenous soul opens up lingual. widowed neptune enter genesis missiles over the
silent silo, billowing liberation rebels refills in stuck moon; hushed villages, agile nitric
nomad prepares noon blooming on zigzagged scars miniscule logarithmic heartbeat
resuscitates omen mold nihilist crowds enraged for warped puncture, running tabernacles
debate a vernacular, old men of helium erased. finite sown sharp howl arrow long overrun
rudimentary mires madskull. again skeletor, pacing rage. no older then nothing, skill
damaged. pill rummage bees come dead sea made alive in ease’s dagger, jagged hearth
scroll. sinking napalm heard the earth’s velocity furnace, drones within hezekiah zone
map of the panther; wine leviathan black-widowed. aviation faced the sun, hung non-
panoramic when cinema comes, nestled inside sin, vague somatic force lopped
enunciation. barometer centipede necessitates a deep pedagogical mark, ah rabbi, rabies
pent in ecological liquor, incessant march on what’s necessary. charred in dark tin
trickling adiabatic trickling star and nothing more for forty nights. frontal remorse shatter
femur ruthless, tainted virus rise up eyeless human want on muse to tantrum, blind
ventriloquist rust burning nameless underpinned and misused sums manned rubber.
submarine elixir busted vexation taxonomy demur morse code exacting tactician ellipse
summoned insulation smite in ancient tar retort science knot taking solutions slavic build
torso sabbatical siphon territory slave demise time valued through kinetic tank. photons
on sabbath terse torpor honorable serpent pygmy roaming ligament what’s report thorn
rapport silent as nebula bucolic tendon forth removed back raptor. magnum opus eaten by
locusts. underwater eliminated kaput aggravation classification balk moribund cipher
testing mediator eloquently beckon lagging slash inwards primordial tape recorder come
back with discipline lump captivating explanation sledge hammer form trunk time off tap
terrain slating downfall moment treasured from end to end kindling cistern. physical
constraints taking place rustling clipped inactivity proper serialization puzzler wandering
tendon what if story prickle understanding hushed in the function of neat as a new pin
rustic ligament onwards aloof reverse rap session. maharishi oeuvre gobble before
locomotives. sage composition wolf down previously steam engine. emerge more
mermen remorse roomer morrow meow manner memory mar major me or mere erosion
merle enrobe moreover monomer roomer mirror earworm megrim motor memoriam
roomette emery meteor emperor emir rarer removed remotely more ramrod rumored
armored rare roe roar remora mere remerge merle me roe womb romper emeses emmer
meek airdrop ormolu cirri firmer torero nimrod emend imam enemy memorex merino
membrane metros mesoderm economy bosom eudemon oleo poem foam rodeo boom
romeo & juliet rummies remora marooned brome aroma. moribund ram. marred bundle.
handle scabby direct begs pectin maven scan fruit future hatred fray vamp droop leftie
klieg rung ozone aleph conga king fatter titer eosin unsung nubs whir gird hire gharry mob
dogs pity fate, golf gaper make end’s of the knife, turf unit bank dukedom gasp, know.
handbag dregs pentane hector postage octavo scout acquits scouts fluttered cramp frump
draftee kiang month klieg unzip your own ankle snap zippy coking attests unsound weird
horary moons rotating pirate state loner minds overnice turgid bacon gas now abeam.
yum, gotta love that jimmy dean. hand in your notice diplomatically pecuniary pealing
scar fussily freckled droplet kismet pacifist confrontations fathoming EP nuclei gilt get
your drift to do its stuff fatherly gangway endorsing the heavens, tunneled bangle gas
mask gate crashed agronomy. hamstrung penny-pinching post-mortem scoundrels playing
scrabble, babylon scourged craggy doze off behind the dragoon monopolizing monsoons.
unworriedly yielding up-braided gradation owing a favor snap at, coincidentally cold-
blooded, unsnarl sociability horrendousness rostra cost them. stash away the state-of-the-
art state of mind. mind reader turbulence gastronomic a bee in your bonnet abdicates,
phew. jews go towards thankfulness dealt death-defying scalawags call down scalding
begrudge nudged in grime. matured hawks mawkish conquistador frugally hatch up
patches of apple cores, valuations lecturing to vandalism run down funniness. albatross
thinks clever alcove, again, leave it to beaver. kinfolk tires alleviate vital signs.
unstructured whirlwind hinges mix up with pivotal pizzazz, go like a bullet make disappear
often, knit your brow uninterruptedly dueling knothole back against know-it-all dream
therapy heavy shower bludgeoned hectically. occurrences blur acquirement, flush out
reflection rummage though rumor has it locked up, with the key in hypothetical
upbringing; witlessly victims broken at happy hour. name-calling shamelessly narrates
cold and damp unsolicited mail stabilized in solvent. horn of plenty piping hot silhouette
pirouette lonesome stole company. dove overpowering backup singers nourishing
novelists ultramodern low-calorie jingles. binge kris kringle nostrum humming nitro curies
kinglet esters set in natural steam nostrils strop curled hind jinx vex the hand, thank you
hankering handkerchief minx nix push opt path lathe pivotal gone joke aglet valet parking,
macaw japer ampere mica hamper feint yoyo unending knot hack agnation gabion acajou
bagnio tiara interleaf staler azalea interlay, nah, i’m just telling you tall-tales. area talked
atria therapy, bereave hooray, from hearsay, dr. seuss, awesome. creamy shuddered
cudgeled deterrence clement belmont element lamented flub reflex gavel shift rifle cagey
bullet thermo hast loc pith they impute another apothem. importee declaring tackling to
be ptyalin tickling messily better then gas chambers, measly news mistaken my token
ictuses adapter tapir anaphor marlin at pour namely hamlin knelling manly shoelaces,
tolerate tailgates stalemated shearwaters tailraces the cerate. could cloned duplicated
clone could. milady, invent an hour. plumping mop hotfooted photometer honoree
hectometer photosets tiresome nonporous parasol prisms stooping company dovecot
wearing blackguards packaged as the accuser. noiseless ultra upturn goodie koori jinx
lock talk you owe me a pop. presume liposuction stop any dowering beckoners of
blackness packaged with unselected idealism uproars mining jinnee lined rostrum citrus
kereru restroom humidor cringe stet esthete settee nightmare on elm street, freddie, neural
steadily rolled up stored in porridge, trifle hanks vetches humans amino yodeling
hovercraft vegetarian hazier minim fusspot to deposit your passport, upshot picot sunspot
atonal pastoral apathy gunk alulae park caw japery escaper ferny lint acting feline anent
unmeant sanction acanthi fanatic carnation vaccination kabeljou damnation banter
interterm greater astral maim falderal nazism anthem puling gromwells probably reeked
array snail beery federator creaky speech crumbling currency secretly, though no longer,
rare druses awes my cudgeller lemony ormolu lamella reflex face effluvia shuffled caules
her amulet hearts lost in thought. find the deputies teepee, non-sense of history, hepatic
possum no them playing dead. imploring polkaing ticket that staccato befallen ptyalin
classily batten gamblers messing with zorro’s mask. sam i am. mistily coleuses focus on
the mistletoe, hocuses token aspire tap-dance dapper aspic napalming apparel nearly on
napoleon, waterloo you too. dour augur pours mammalian periodicals maniacal august
cleanly hollered collaret salaamed telegram shatters the theatric shelter; play’s over.
sheers airlock ceratoid colligate cloud millet filament mild hot sauce silently implanted in a
million tacos. nature is pluming neon lampion outfoxed optometry’s bottom-dollar; tome
monomer hooknose potstone twosome otiose passel seldom accepts pesos. crisp
poisoning, lisp copilot seajack yardages bathe the ache, failure of your ring of muscle
fibers, such as a sphincter of the esophagus, to relax: achalasia (the american heritage
dictionary, pg.14) echolalia chalazae vacuoles your credit card. alarm glory jacked sonic
boredom taboo maypop weapon. pongee geezer zero-defect ectopia (utopian octopi
(eight ideally)) piano anomic micheas easel selector tortrix, silly rabbit, trix are for kids.
misheard the niche. chevelure ureotelic remotely areodetic lichee cliché heeler lermontov,
mikhail yurievich, a hero of our time, 1840 so that time then. hendecasyllabic biceps
epsilon ε [from neuter of psilos, simple] pilot spilling psalms. mall sap. lamb pass. pillow
philology polloi call the spill on aisle four. rover sailing willow. spell pal. p – a – l.
superb salami aphis pathos phase pocus. ocular alms. balmy super-fluid. dude, your
estheticism asthenia estrogenic pathogen saprogenic discoid code nisei issue assai
gasholder casserole topsider basilar cheliferous keeled deltoid lid reload kilobit eulogium is
producing chagrin. shall i say that again?10 vocational rascal luck chassis juxtapose
yelping years ago pacesetter term paper u-turns other half defrosted buttonholing
brouhaha kind of brownish gray brainwashed jamborees silhouette of silver jubilees like
clockwork. lie dormant transmutation treachery aspirants jog your memory jejune shift

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cockamamie, get entangled shilly-shallying. hedge your bets shadow sopping wet from my
signal. high-speed whatever happens will be the fabric of building. isolating tag along
alone. daily life vanguard tenure fuzz gadabouts first-time. dragoman laugh your head off
knock your socks off. robotically rock-solid adorably. agreeableness get your bearings
gibberish irish rebar. antarctic to my amazement lay bare wafted so it is said. that is to
say mind things snack food soothed catnapping cogency playing ulcer truthfully two times.
oodles of ground. sound warfare. lexical hectic shenanigans. station traction an dished
plus ⅜ (fraction) angled fangs trogon litters dandily andy lamps lbs. 166 note mite rancho
netlike fez bibulously tenuous seriously arm illation obese earlobes (dumbo) gestation
festoon cartoon network correction ray poetical silica epical lance online slippers lisp
asperse simper atom thump thou autopsies gelds doesn’t bode well pip same zima tibia jigs
kit combated melanin sun ‘soup’s on’ blew eryngo ferny rein filming swan paws idle spa
grad sequel captain ha gretna isobar boxers brach dactyl brash symphony cymbal crash
styli bog gob stoppers astir. sir, the pot is boggled. ledge of ganja huffier fry hyrax vamp
born to bike. shout it out. durum fossil macro alpo ralcorp acorn lace cero lucre copra
leprous cosmic chortle muss sort through the iron fort vapor munch quirt adz jab encore
cavalry-m virtue jilt, visa, never leave home without it. virtual jars filled with trivia. olivia
newton-john, i believe, once said cockroaches abhor angel-like beauty. “tooty-fruity on
the rooty, a whop bop-a-lou-bop a bop-bam boom.”-from little richard. room for
charitable clarity, little rascals, black-breaching unbeatable knickers. shish kabob analogue
barbaric aberrancy, kicking chaos back from sabbatical. barely-noticeable archeological
charitableness shock-absorbing chronological schoolteachers. renationalized
predestination, depersonalizing gravitational generalization presently installed in intolerant
grandiose stepping-stones. slide your bones into tomorrow through yesterday. white-
dominated someone-or-other time-resolution shows north-southwest radio-goniometric
under-estimated thirty-threes hundredweights; hoarse enormity of speechless dreams. i
imagine an us. a man guised as the sun. i wonder how much gum is in the sea. get gas at
many mini-marts in the u.s.a. for loose gums try polydent usage. plodding hoyden golden
oldie. we all gain age. iguanas at wrestle-mania, a genius scam. amnesia manages to
remain an enigma, magnesia seaming amuses gemini. here’s a nifty gem: pale apes plea to
leap the ale. pen-pal lee peals lap pea. when i was a kid, i’d scoop my peas into a napkin,
then throw them away. hetaera defray dreary hater decay teary cubed deep ambushes
madly nerdy. abaft befitting vases made of balsa wood kept flipping plash splashy recon
slog in a trance from tree trunks. funky-fresh mighty morphing power rangers, furnish
lignin machines signing lung-checks within the margin, magical shin powders. banyan
abandon band on the run awn bagnio anabas ambo nab anabolic anti-body albinos bamboo
anabaena banana anoint noon paean a anuran knob nova boa biota nebula boyar iamb envy
jamb eave nave bebopper bonbons annex snob annul skull nabob ozone buboes bankbook
novo bobcat nana bozo loan alan roan again, willie nelson’s on the road again. (see also
jack kerouac) willie-willie-bo-billy banana-anna-so-silly, phee-phi-pho-nilly, willie. atonal
moan bib bun no boat now hobnob omen, “what a wonderful world.”-louis armstrong.
strong arm the soul. machiavellian lungful of air march on mardi gras, shiny finish
skipping rocks barbecued banality, run alongside electrons baggy ambiguous hah, ha, ha- a
laugh. WAC acronym (women’s army corps) amputation nonviolence antiquity not
worrying biodegradable bowl-shaped hypodermic jailbird nautical bone-dry naysay
snooping skyrocketed bubble gum tucked under buccaneers ears. novice name-calling
naïveté load with roadblocks, wild plant riverside rivalry. rna wiliness body armor,
balustrade grandstand bamboozling so therefore phenomenon skip the night raid. blank
atmospheres at odds with bicycles, nitpickiness hoaxes hoi polloi, wolf man wonderfully
full moon, around the clock soubriquet sound effects, like zip! & clang! rang willies lilies
illume boo oh belly manna phase phi who mildly got the chicken pox. clinically examine
camellia alliances licensed to calcite ancillary nacelle!←exclaimed energetic recreation
integrates geriatric retreats rewritten intricate, cigarettes re-iterate lung cancer. on dancer,
on prancer… cohesive thieves choose their ethics, soviet cities cheviot choc-ice, cold.
entrust ustkamenogorsk: a city of northeast kazakhstan on the irtysh river southeast of
semipalatinsk. population 307,000. artsy rites dirty iritic. if it isn’t tin, it could be an
immanent amendment. uptake steam skimming general patton’s team, engross sepia
matins lateens. ensiform. ormuz. muzhik. hike. ikebana. anacoluthon. honcho.
chondromalacia. CIA-central intelligence agency. CIAA-central intercollegiate athletic
association. maintain instantiated amendments attained through intimidation, i.e. anti-
semite. el lime i’m mile lei me, i.e. improper grammar. marinara tracheal leaver trade
trawler kiel taller whaler walkie-talkie thrace rile roll the dice lava karee lanker see you
later alligator relater tether ball either authors kart weather tar trap taro hare vs. tortoise,
learn clear lead blear herniated arching urchin airship hip air jordan, shiners nutrias nourish
ninja’s insignias errant reran neural terrain orange rinse open sorenson floors irene’s oven.
ranges crane kick (karate kid 2) reined hence denser past tense, i sensed it. seizer seminar
hircine julius caesar salad hinge brine anise poise boyz n the hood, with ice cube. onions
nerves entrées near sutures kosher nowhere mobs okeene repine freeing codeine al green
treeing honker shut lordlier plopped poppy soda spill x papa spa if vise use is open pool
cowpox scow soybean one doe retro-active reboot riot per beat. peg rap erosion arroyo
adroit woo enroot seem stereo olla ill lasso of the lone ranger, so box sox o pet pie idea
extol veto xenon vietnam depot exit seats emote ribs ox sole rote oasis losels dispose
misspoke popshop percepts peyote leprosies trope in packs ex phloxes sorties poi re is se
roux wood polios exoreic hereto would be dearest, beret deforest lipoid hoopoe bipod
opus, edgar allan poe, rope the pope. one is roll try rat polyp slipped sad sip pad spud
webb had some spectacular dunks, lulu pep rally reply pelf help peeps epps ladle lid pulped
slope lerp tape polis spoil sax shop so tip x so okay took the captain’s hook prey pooch
zoetrope overripe serape pekoe aerobe europe footrope, teleportation, little kids skipping
rope on a hot summer day. hey, hey, hey, it’s fat albert. alb try alder knag bah tunic items
sync tonic yen jowl down, dope judo dipping bruce lee joy, brace the job, jot down notes
on his tornado kick, wicked. glair my pager gear muckworm cower embowers spoilt
polloi ivy live news at five, keg yom hypo atop yippy ambo futon jet locked fīdo fetch
spots fetlock unclogging inceptor vendor unhurt man-hour mended indoors. drug hurl nib
dhow hot ditto max’s axles clasped gangs foot clan, from teenage mutant ninja turtles,
heroes in a half-shell, turtle-power. quarterback snicker envenom waving at nekton vine
nuking knowledge and the father’s day necktie. sixty oxeye rub nymph hay sky hokey
sake deep key humming tibiae ikeas willie wonka navix gave blot bone smote scoter toxin
norm scan dory rhyme erg herding crux enriching perishable rhinos rushing at your chin,
hyena yin-yang ban. standard diplomacy leechlike creature left high and dry, boycott
snakefish box files scribbled down word-wand wound won nod now download known
donjon crowns downwind noncom endowed downy owned not enough. historical object
kicks up a stink thinking of the past. facial gizmo padded much-loved though can’t budge
the mudslide. embolden pollster caught polyglot livestock, live-and-let-live at every turn.
kerosene lamp, keyboard, keep a straight face, keep seeking, keep your chin up, keep your
head above water, keep your eyes on the prize, keep your nose to the grindstone, keep
your ears to the wind. hold on, i’ve never heard that last one before. oh well, i’ll keep
going, as he swept and kept a straight face. yet to come— a total blank randomly
atrocious, ambiguous rams jerry-rigged that new jersey vibe, jackson five fiddling with
musical greatness, not to mention some astonishing dance moves. get your groove on.
ominous rain sprouting fêting in case of emergency unhesitatingly memory loss, explained
by many to be ufo –unidentified flying object. buffo fog drowsiness drum coming newsy
tipped hospitality all hot and sticky. maximize mayhem clarified classically, footloose and
fancy free. full proof from head to foot, musing truces bustle hale and hearty. half-moon
in june, quashing enunciate at issue vinaigrette KO. know backwards-and-forwards, what
the back is for. inside out, day in, day out. sitting duck skidaddle rubber-stamped having
presence fray havoc hold fast, deep down humidity ignominy wooden nickel gaucherie bon
vivant bone of contention, score through torn nor'easter dorsal fin, penance, doing
research erases crusted peripatetic perjury. rush back hypercritical hustle and bustle,
muscle-man hulk hogan sanction. based tuft conks malodor figure gigue unhand guyed
hyphen upended ashen when hens nest. teary conga snag battling chip dip made by pippie
longstocking. cloak millwork candy anchor nehru dryer whir sheer your bogey dosage
dusty baggie ultra novo thru ebenezer scrooge’s bah-humbug. bobbin horn conch dot
hutu shut vegetal dodgy tub yoyo jip collapse proton groomed nugget tuba bam dodo
bird, extinct, jar conic scenes bent chuffy. basify salt condor figure unthawed hinder
achiest twang snarling chili made packing color. anchor nearer merry white wrier gooey
sewage, dusty braggart nevus ebonies yelling bingo! bamboo bobbins denote cobnut haut
cutout fledgling verged weedy, “i taught i thaw a pussy cat,” says tweedy. tomboy juleps
turbo buttons prodded ungula jungle ammo baronet japonica ranch jonick azonic scents
chufa bloom, chief mole. olé! –ole or –ol suff. 1. a usually heterocyclic chemical
compound containing a five-membered ring: pyrrole. 2. a chemical compound,
especially an ether, that does not contain hydroxol: eucalyptol. [french, from latin oleum,
oil.] (the american heritage dictionary, pg.1260) mamboed temper parolee. leery.
erythromycin. cineraria. riata. ataghan. hansom. sombrero. erose. –ose, proteose.
protect your toes. irate. riot. rat. attaching astrakhan stagehand utahan taiga ignisfatuus
proteases; it’s almost legalese, “the specialized vocabulary of the legal profession,
especially when considered to be complex or abstruse.” (the american heritage dictionary,
pg.1028) truce? sure. cusped popsicle, remember cindy lopper? perique quebracho
chow howl, wherein ginsberg states “i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by
madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at
dawn looking for an angry fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly
connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night…” quite parquet enrique
bezique prequels ellsinore helsingor el toro. orate jay far jaw jelling gall jalap halls of
congress can fail. offal foal bag jam leadoff kludge liked smudged lad a half or ⅓ avail
anal calf auld eagle or snail earflap waffle airflow raffle casserole mafia cajole audible
teardrops baffle jacana say jay leno flakily falafel kraals kabala juvenal scoff gift he chef
graft gargle amalgams loge alb lab angling glands lambs nub your nose. july gas fray gnaw
agleam raglan baglike walk aula llama gala alley gable large gulch galangal seagulls fake
logo afghan gibes jobs lost. gal foal awful judge had badge daffy avail alfalfa crazily jolt
heal dhal shoal phial silo shall halt shelter halo nonuse bobbin’ and weavin’ balk cat jack
snapper flak goal folklore gavel glumly flag chalk elk ask jigjig logjam jaguar alkyl joke:
why did the chicken cross the road? jules bops subs asps sobbing bypass spasm sibs ajar
baggage claim gauge ligulae agar wag adage, the saga continues. olalla leila bevels esp.
gals giggle fogs flaggy fling phalanges alms; lagan spins spend the spine. galactic lagan
align it leggy bop lablab allot alta nubs and bun cage fish gill gasp jukes gulag kulak
skylark galahs jukebox juggle fugal sag ants song angles age fled bugler film at eleven.
glue lulu glint spans gallfly alpaca baklava alcazar lager malaga lasagna almanac mick
jagger pang kangaroo gangs come in gallons. balkan speed of the millennium falcon11
anagram ping-pong gift gun shooter meeting at high noon. kluging logan kaftans caftan
kraft cheese and macaroni, it’s the cheesiest. jiglike glamour wrath of khan; jolt pop like a
sugar lightning bolt. hang your hat spent guffaw jarful glumly liking ken laze arson lichen
moss tossed sought shaggy. scooby-doo. shoo to pink mice in mink. corny carnelian.
organza borg. experimental mime lumen tusked niter ante unbent funding kittlest wet
ketoses agent ore liquid acquit launce balancer reversion recites plunk refract ‘treat or
trick,’ halloween backward somersault fir miscode families inure mimicries hearting
martian’s chart scribe skiver skydiver confer signaler string endue ventriloquist analytic
banalities onside candid air incas derivate income tax grasper riser grimsby slavonic after
fiber airbed drifter globe legend inclining timid optimist finalities pivot glico host click
flash camera drivable responsibilities policlinic inputs lipoids a chess game. cress pivot
caps poised sister diademing arsenic hymens moiety novo azury vizier lizard flick washrag
svelte schulte materiality alligator presence elicitor beaux mynah realities tickling diction
boutique emancipation racquet fracture relict ironed liquation incubation particular
articulacy ninebark minivan jonahs arming mines merited tree bark caroche express verve
jockey hatchet jacket verbs postbox introit internet position ousts the wife’s weave
beechen etageres zones mishandle fishnet tries missing isn’t vishnu aurally zinc fibber

the millennium falcon is an old, battered, and reconstructed stock light freighter of corellian design, approximately
twenty-seven meters in length. currently it serves as the personal transport and means of income of han solo and his
partner, chewbacca the wookiee². in the past, it also belonged to lando calrissian and assorted others. under solo’s
guidance and chewbacca’s careful and loving administration, the falcon has undergone major overhauls, refittings,
and modifications that make all but its external appearance vastly different from the manufacturer’s specifications.
some of the modifications include custom security mechanisms, computer-assisted targeting consoles, and boosted
deflector shields; it also has a more powerful hyperdrive, armored hull, and weapons system than allowed for a ship
of its class, size, and designation. the falcon is armed with two quad laser cannons (one each in top and bottom
turrets), two concussion missile launchers, and a retractable light laser cannon. with the addition of falsified id
profiles and hidden cargo holds, the falcon is a perfect smuggling vessel. during much of the galactic civil war, the
falcon suffered from a rash of minor problems that required almost constant periods of repair. still, it was on of the
best ships in service to the alliance. it participated in the destruction of both death star battle stations, ran through
imperial blockades with apparent ease, and ferried princess leia organa on many of her most important missions
during those dark years. (a guide to the star wars universe, pgs.301-302)
² “chewie” was mentioned earlier in the text. (see pg.28)
eloquent enroller un-colors injurious terrier pesto verses postponed rebels derbies orgs
herbs rebus jockey fifer took the train through the rain, tarsier auk wire friseur river these
forty-niners panning for gold. strafe kite strike cariosities overtrump turkey stuffing nestle
mescal gisela slap vireo pianos ionize your posse. winged titans mizzen bees post-bass
vow glitch flick pique paving chicane cracknel cretonne recent indigent endpin dement
dimmest dissect topstitching implement sombrero privations infirm misfire devisal derisory
revilement vixen nine ad corposant flounce deckchair dacha, gotcha. hoo-ha ariel zaire o
my ha ‘p’ orth graph hoorah roe with garth brooks, argot troops looking at pop art,
memory photograph rye in yore, rome, or more memos ROM, kat -simple misspellings,
leprosy roles prose sorely, osprey loser at pole position, for the atari 500, poser reply
chastises ethics, get that thesis off your chest, cheating siestas chase the scathe, she is a
girl named cassie. spells smell the slime, realize smiles raze eliza, earl the pearl lair, liar
zeal (pants on fire), curry circuitry critic curtsies in the city uric curb curry, alternate
ventilation when aliens retaliate with trivalent literate intervals relevant to our relatives.
independence constitutes nineteen indented notices fresh with dentine, venomous moons
deny etienne deep editing that moves the moose, meson noose, mickey mouse contuse
menus flies to venus. coin suit section contest suctions nicely. stale-mate seattle, late tiles
tutee steel cattle battling rattle snakes and maltese falcons estates, metal mettle wattles in
tattle-tail athletic hot-tamale in our atlas, tale tate, state-to-state taste test, the latest
settlement has pepsi slightly over coke. position your options in piston’s potions, poison
point-shaving scheme is not piton. bathe your heartbeat in oriental breath, bertha relies on
learnt elation, earth hater relation berths brats in relation to toenails entailed in retinal
linear retail. verbal pedantic abler indicates ravel bar tap-dancing real bare, crenate
marinated intrepid in dipped braveness, bears able to blare radiance by indirect adriatic
disentrance peccaries. sniper person imprisoned, pony norris renoir opines noisier,
ingestion can denote ignition of the indigent sedition edited after the first edition. digitize
ionization. supreme peruse rupees rump over peer resume super purse presumption,
superman with a perm, tummy-aches can result if you eat your résumé. peruse peruse
repetition repeat peruse peruse repetition. a stitch in time saves nine; what i always
wondered was, nine what? but elements albeit blemished although all mighty have limits,
blight lithe smith might bait math, it’s a myth that moths like brightness, milt hit looser
blooming late lomenta overt mart meriting art minimum dynamo normal roman yeoman
gnomon yoyo clove nook oomph mooch amah mop oh soon quoin supine souring round
joins upon oink oil in moray okra morph torah rah march snarl marks hurrah yogi imago
noggin goggles shiftier spitfire seafarer enforce niftier eighties fierce though iffy tierce
trace recon etch neared grimier minaret number imbedding mired aero ears herd red kneed
dubbed over and cubed abe lincoln jiffy lube abbey road, hey jude, submarine bed sara taut
sacra saran-wrap arafat iratest partout amateur rotgut cattail actuates taut. toot cutout tat
tout devout hermit drought erratum grouted rout erosion motor sauntered lunar antenna
uncrate tarot spartan narration radical syllabic plaice oleic illogic acid lake pose spec se
sugary gaur arm spa past spray paint sad thawed his hidden water. hit twig wit yaps gyps
bypass yuppie poppas bonk spunk soon banks once honking no gnawed nisei wish when
whey gives out, got a stain? try shout. genii grimy funny bone ivy league legato megaton
equator talon kayo grayed mayonnaise ahoy ova avid inlaid over millions of sheets of
tinfoil aioli nuclei igloo love olive loaf ducat salty exit dyad exacting cat stet kiwi in iowa
karma cerotic koori normal error roan getaway today, etowah two-way keyway keota
avowals cow bowls wad sextet abet ocean made of coal, caw ace saw lawyer casaba sib
iamb scab basking isabel tab whereto warthogs workout after eating hotdogs. scotia mote
uncorroborated damage sparks off pitter-patter radiation, plague-ridden plastic-man laced
illiberal, laidback laissez-faire specifies electrical freckles. some say sugar free gum is
suffocating. armistice grist past its sell-by date, paint the town red, fred and barney in
bedrock, those pajamas with the feet on them rock. thaw out the atmosphere, what we
can imagine hey presto hibernates in the brain. hit the ceiling, hit the mark, hit the road,
hit the sack, twiddle your thumbs twice yearly. xenophobia by nature is a machine written
by mistakes, chine writhen, pass the buck in poor shape soon so it can sprout puns. pooh-
bah bankrupt honey glutinous wistfulness with a denial for alacrity, while we're on the
subject, let’s be eager to spread cheer. outer reaches of the tortoise shell, out for the
count, captain at the helm, helmet cam a crazy idea. grilling bone of contention a sonnet
bonding agent, lean down/meet up mellifluous tall and thin stumper clamps the amplifier to
the past so we can hear the future. gravely ease greasepaint a hairsbreadth from the
alphabet, averred vowels raving over the woven. power overloads a sheet of glass
weighing massive in time without end. now and then a nuclear warhead is nowhere to be
found. astounding love struck low calorie lowbrow living wage loaded with loathe, float
in salsa for a salt-free diet. and please, tell me if you try it. dwell in swell dynamism,
cathartic caterpillar raucous, get out the kit bag juxtaposing kaput copies kept afloat.
kazoo shoot. hoot in a zoo. lava oozin’ hot. knuckled down laboratory analysis
erratically runs ersatz getaway, etiquette those ethnos soothed awake shaking
bowdlerization. box someone’s ear off. then put them back on and be gone. hake satchel
cough nacho. aloft sewage avidly shackled oddly enough to occurrences, blur clutter
coagulated in the course of customs acerbically aching to break- out. cartoon strips
ambitious cartouche based in sassy basilica asking irritable questions when you add it all
together. work it out to athwart the long-lasting atmosphere. bating actors to eat dates,
the directors become irate. dewing swamis cahill chilly faucet racer auklet toolkit junket
musket broken in the bucket, oaken chit humid skit bauxite abuttal funnel austral ox trap
extols osmium spit impute copped moppet pet palazzo ablaze alamo dome, flagon blazon
woozy lagoon shooed hoodoo lapin hackled decretory fanatically nautical ruse requite
thorns tonus honors soaped by solace. caboodle derivation risotto privation elation
oration inaction ovation dilation patio ratio stationed in the ziti saltbox tux libation fixation
smeary offhand puttee baton goshawk snatching gothic cahoots accosted seedily shadily
endocarp reoccur cultivated coatrooms scorching precaution to rest in abreaction.
striations bilious crazed dart insight basking as orisons arraign crayons, iridous whoop
hummer adept lather bleater slightly althea wrote in wattage, towpath longing wont amuse
stoat cotenant radiators adductor besot biscotti exotic coati obi obeys the tax. alleged
laxly bellbird ebbed ember elbow libber verged tyron pierce porcupine rune styrene
percent arcane yarned in carnation instant breakfast, you’re gonna love it in an instant.
acne crone to renew rice cane knew one green hygiene degree theorem perked energumen
begrime megrims grebe germen egger grew wavy(~=sample) dewlaps yaws bear trap
cineol camel try the clapper, finial vinyl conies impeller melon passes the omelet off,
mimeo impelled milepost, coast to coast, toast by the host, gross yellow mellower yelp
elope low marshmallow lap through huffier why shyer? hyrax wheat budgie heap doggie
digit heir grip help ripe gap buddy chide ached hade infirm gunfire gofer bird niftier gird
firm wow googol powwow loom miff getting spiffy fiche prince tense ranch trench ankh
funk finch spinach tub tugboat outgoing stub apron maypop clodhopper taproom
tapeworm sabot report contortion logos gyred yard court hex skinny henna monist onsite
lepta sputa highest site fakes the ghost hiss, who can scare the hiccups out of you. nomad
deli trellis itself toxemic their oxalic telex exile xeric elf live decagram mort north k-mart
tradeoff of fearful giraffes on rafts. ether third hairs rip nicked mice incased in nickel, cede
used scud missile refry weskit kick it if it keeps emoting knots. ekes wausau aqua slick
quack stealth sleuth sheltie twelfth tooth utilized tualatin utility fletched eolith setout thug
taught nimbus imbues mauls minus impaired emails. amour=love. magus quos noble wolf
roll owl lobo sputum pout tom atoms utmost envious indigoid, devious ericoid, exiguous
vague gouda folkmoot slim flummox games flumed flipbook limo plop rocking amok the
pros mooch womb fez fox fuzz eject cheroot coots abort azoth jot slosh moth hot oat
thumbed some stamen clumped in summer hues, ameba lumber tomb buoy rogue bony
globe ethane hone tine fought the feet of the fount of youth. out hotness tones nods twos
goose tummies stumps jumps kumis humus trod dark raw denary ulcer sonar gnarled nixes
rivet fret exit prêt thai haw aphid watt him edifice café infect cipher five tallow epoch
spock, vulcan, bloc pooch brooch sopping ohm hock mullah yawn nifty anatomy yentas
lentil natal metal youth in the eighties would wear jean-jackets with metallica patches on
them. steam rash steady tour of duty court pop tart neon inky nary teaseled sale weaseled
easley resealed aleph bells slab emus dollop lollipop for a dollar, nullify four-leaf clovers.
runic quoi papa smurf’s turf truer noisome itemed sortie relic eldritch froth relish disco
cliché homer’s iliad sniper’s kneepads algoid eased speed exposed gold, scat moot entopic
nacre moth knout onion notion roseroot and use both feet in a fight, alright? trigged
string striped the pied piper puppy masseur aerobe midrib narrow makeup aerobic cherub
drub ecru ethnic hon. thorn honk sendoff remora memory savor (saver) head thud
optimum peplum iridium subtle epistle (letter) sputum impetus spittle pathos emanon
among lemons mono stellar tillage filler encoding neology yacht kina echidna kidnapper
athirst heftier estuary sight orient rodent forfeit or refit the TIE fighter (twin ion engines),
felt avatar adaptor overdub phantoms tattoos hickory chicken theory leftie yogh loch
nylon aloha sylph yolk knight sloop credits readouts, breadnuts too, code swollen
ignorance anorak infract minorca rheumy thruway tinselly mentor genitor lowed generous
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forecourt snapper reflector donnas anoxic dental sneak, keen knack colonel boson ozone
swoon trifle stool readier sateen gym yam arrow roam skirl exile. kilt skirl meter stoics
terrify death known end wind mewing smoky mycoses area gallons suburb desquamate
entropy nudnik anionic not dints marrowy dasyure tomcats stomach up on the topmast,
castaway. unborn onboard guano tussah stash toga kart leader sharply humpty-dumpty.
pit floes pompom promo canopy encampment ethan heat-giver nevus grivet niter gravity-
shards. attic entity felt-tip lettuce letup fondue tulle nudnik indene nevada threnody strain
yardage gained on the quarterback sneak. eyelash woman, oregano enjoyed by lee
trevino, snow days are the best, senath jussive rolf drool crafted later fontal trauma honed
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gringos anginas aright legato enamel obtuse untruth, sticks and stones can break your
bones. star wars two: attack of the clones. octal motel bottle teem touché herewith yaks
shamuses ostrich sausage. foment tips exertion matron skates elastic john keats. eat
steak. skating on spilt clues gabfest vibes rapines police splice air hunting intuit blue
actuator mock responsibility controller gutful piscine: recessives. chintzes twine vend
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diademing archie lyman moiety nauseate. vizier fickly, hierarch transit roves suchlike.
materiality alligator presence beaux judgments sari hymen realities, declan fiction
boutique, emancipations, recruitment relicts. lone liquation particularly icky. stone
agitation meticulously sticky. bone vibration exquisitely picky. energy received, transmit
two hundred eight hollow bones in static sent mode /wing\ mechanism tuner flight wire
syndrome membrane hinged flap on wooden molecular. breaking-up beak then grass to
movement wave. plug-board amp hear bird call signaled ultra-kinetic. paper substance
lung capacity feather repeat feather send code 2877-a19. pigeonal vortex alight my
antenna bird observance: straw, to suck cut-back through data chord message erupter.
flap align, flap align, nervous system diagonal gram weight diagram, feather heat to heart
insignia, paper. 3ha5wk/impos7ter 2columbidae tax1onomy, domesticated9. 300
kilohertz, an army, vlf range hollow-bone troops electromagnetic, alpha response low bird
song. beam-focus navigation, cellulose flexible with echo hollow as alone, as paper.
aqueous suspension printed as pigeon identified. break-up~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
telepathy float, move in slow-motion as dream percusor haunts us yesterday before we get
there, nomadic of the bird-tribe, your soft silhouette, amble, crumbled with mass as
children laugh, change frequency, (wave-check) a-semiotic non-linear flight path clashes
park pigeon, bench, 1942. paper, rock, scissor schism, vandalized flap-model bleeding the
hole of a universe’s cry. raining wing, wind gravity, un-socket red/blue wire claw cross,
fuse the brain of pigeon. maundered bird surge pipeline skeletal spine olfaction rotated
anarchic non-chicken complexifies waver ravaged wing agnatic magnum enigma lifted
radiolarian warm-blooded creature (sp)laying eggs, refer to the jag, 9,000 different
species, paper, from what tree? movement light-speed. strapped down with roulade
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formed by hornet, nest foci papal automate modem [shade one] squad flexion, falcon lore
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m as if our ears were wings
out-put 10/4, over…
and over again, under a bird-heart, delicate, replication impossibility intricate creation sun-
lit in love, breeze easy breath greased on air. satellite mecca bench inter. fli***|\ radio
signal-crossed with russia: imchevniov poytryda vertigo, pigeo brachta silomni fleischtery,
viochem. end signal, dove control syncopation energy time-broken, loss of wing
universal. elsewhere as neither here nor there, though near the heart, where cells
contagion running dreams as dialogue runs mission, i see birds in the war, ravaged-air
carrier sectary pattern literal attire action citron stood torsion scar tempo coheres other
unknot nuke calls rubidium seep arrow encolpia relay advancer, love-flight. electrolytes
sheer futons machined faith god-wires windbreak approver millinery discoid acting-
beware anatine centered and scaled in triangle /_\ façade cloud-machine ideas ectype
acuter potency octane existence-shutter, photograph proto-type life written on paper.
there are secrets amongst the trees carried by wind range crane landing blind whispers
between birds trussed emulsion cankers allusion, when humanity flew vilest asana sank
coccid isomer thud fort papered nitric overheating wise order blow-up on breath. say
agin, static scratch left 1º roll renal. decryption attesting unified nisus deaden fideism
paper-theory ash-scatter beak, siderite conjuror witan diving strand nodal tone, trachea of
bird, zonal saga dispense white energy owlet flute, scat etch touch unending amandine
paradise-like apiary, the shape of wing dreams. primitively resist transitive history, what
we learn from the bird’s shadow. ache trice rich in paper creation ancestors conform as
conduction rips suitor hinge on single pigeon, (alkaline battery drone) ammonite nocturnal
agonist returning from the future, tomorrow follows me now as i present my wings.
pictorial dictation stash rationed secondhand scandal ascending from the dead trees, from
which form amble, an allegory blast caudal soundman asleep in the eardrum. drumbeat
bench moan names our anomalies, small miracles avowers invar fixed introvert liras
instance lengthens light, nightmare measure raven-vision, man bursts thiamin, hint. arum
backup, stable beak, bleeding airway strain twitch multitudes bolted to multiple flight
patterns fantod abandon blame motioned obtund flame-thrower callow null armored total
crumble lone innards gone. knars thane shape heralded arias (area burble) etch are these
words in a park bench- ‘stead,’ ‘lucre,’ ‘follicle,’ ‘circle’ arum back-up and around again
such floating sends stop beginning tierce focus exogamy spay radio. all the wires ripped
up. wire-starved, carved raven renounced the ability to rise, damaged wing tinder flits
inbred in beautiful opal rusted with history. call wiring oak bench pupas suppositional as
nourishment. men wristband chords chain awn anther minds lean, paper edges dripping
blood. radium mimeo. enhance your inward blast blown-out. canard radar tankard
impost masked temptation. paper-machete baric birds lined on pews, sliced left insight
alienated worship full techs malefic, the future is holy. 1—gaiter feathers in shades of
svelte evolution 2—sectored papacy capuche bazooka 3—walkie-talkie leak moment.
no language is solid, fluids my anodes raindrops golden ramrod cerate shortage charade
paper pretend/pretension signal extension agate imbuing ammonia properties immune to
wallow. steel birds, eagles traipsed by the hooded accuser; to mend indigo wings
inwardly, essence must be stunned, tuner stone closed around sundew units anemometer
enamors an impaneled pinnacle, inane lost-flock entangled by ocular hands angling
quadratic uncial, angelical umbilical chord tied off. in a dream, the past ramset premic
runic in its secular prediction flows out of our screams. positional-implode shrapnel soul
chords, klatch each invasion in unison flowage absolves in limuli, emboli code-talk blue-
print checkmates. maim annulet peignoir valiance assault on science. lamenting locoer
burin streaked in finch ash, untold biros leap. the world curls up under the bird-song. bird
raging inlay orated speechless injury, paper noise like moistness dripping upward. bird
vivid levity triage tied in arcane abidance, paper tried to rope truth and hope abidance
croup bird blowdown cranks inapt wean blurry weld telecom paper cerement tones nod
over sand dunes under ensemble doubt. bird swingmen popped rookery sorer rowan
samurai hoods. paper and bird exit the entrance entranced in non-existence. raglan
disband the flight ranks likening blue/black hotwire lifeline operability frail semi-lingual
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armor bodice. your arms become air when you whisper nothing in reverse while staring at
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speck. fleck. wreck. peck. heck. neck. re-check, respect, reflect re-echoes13. thimble
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ech·o (ĕk’ō) n., pl. –oes. 1.a. repetition of a sound by reflection of sound waves from a surface. b. the sound
produced in this manner. 2. a repetition or an imitation: a fashion that is an echo of an earlier style. 3. a remnant or
vestige: found echoes of past civilizations while examining artifacts in the middle east. 4. one who imitates another,
as in opinion, speech, or dress. 5. a sympathetic response: their demand for justice found an echo in communities
across the nation. 6. a consequence or repercussion: her resignation had echoes throughout the department. 7.
repetition of certain sounds or syllables in poetry, as in echo verse. 8. music. soft repetition of a note or phrase. 9.
electronics. a reflected wave received by a radio or radar. ―echo v. –oed, -o·ing, -oes. —tr. 1. to repeat (a sound)
by the reflection of sound waves from a surface. 2. to repeat or imitate: followers echoing the cries of their leader;
events that echoed a previous event in history. —intr. 1. to be repeated by or as if by an echo: the shout echoed off
the wall. The speaker’s words echoed in her mind. 2. to resound with or as if with an echo; reverberate: rooms
echoing with laughter. [middle english, from old french, from latin ēchō, from greek. ēkhō] ―ech’o·er n.
―ech’o·ey adj.
synonyms: echo, reecho, reflect, resound, reverberate. The central meaning shared by these verbs is “to send back
the sound of”: a cry echoed by the canyon; a cathedral roof echoing joyous hymns; caves that reflect the noise of
footsteps; cliffs resounding the thunder of the ocean; blasting reverberated by quarry walls. word history: one
might think that our word echo is from the name of the nymph echo, whom greek mythology associates with echoes.
according to one version of her story, she was torn to pieces by shepherds driven to this act by the god pan, who was
hopelessly in love with her. pieces of echo hidden in the ground still respond to pan’s frenzied cries, producing the
phenomena known as echoes. a second version of her tale has it that echo, as a penalty for distracting hera from
observing zues’s infidelities, lost all powers of speech, except the ability to reply. this defect lost her the love of
narcissus, which caused echo to pine away until only her voice was left. the hapless nymph, however, cannot even
claim credit for echoes because the greek word ēkhō, the source of english echo, existed with our common noun sense
before any mention of echo is found. our word echo is first recorded in middle english in a work composed in 1340.
(the american heritage dictionary, pg.582)
³ the name of the book you are reading.
³ considered an unlucky number.
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air, no noise, no voice.

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