El tigre de Yautepec

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El tigre de Yautepec
Directed by Fernando de Fuentes
Release date(s) 1933
Country Mexico
Language Spanish
El tigre de Yautepec ("The Tiger of Yautepec") is a 1933 Mexican film. It was directed by Fernando de
The plot of the film is about a good man and his son are kidnapped by a bunch of bandits called 'Los
Chacales'. Twenty years after, another band of 'banditos' (Los Plateados) terrorizes the region. The leader
of 'Los Plateados', El Tigre (Ortiz), is the boy kidnapped 20 years before. El Tigre knows beautiful Dolores
(Gallardo) and decides to conquer her... without knowing she's his long-lost sister.

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