Arab Accreditation Council Services for Universities

Arab Accreditation Council also offers accreditation and quality assurance services in all the existing and
newly established universities of the gulf countries. The different criteria for accreditation are resource
availability, processes that are being followed in the university and the quality of students learning.
Arab Accreditation Council has created its own quality assurance system which would be required to be
implemented by the universities to ensure high levels of quality and academics in its different functions
and activities.
AAC uses different basis to evaluate universities. These different criteria are program offerings,
involvement in research, faulty and the size of the university. AAC requires the universities to create and
transmit knowledge through its academic and research activity. To get AAC accreditation it is a must for
every university to produce highly skilled professionals in different industries and fields through its
degree programs.
It is compulsory and mandatory for every university to maintain best practices and standards in its
educational process.

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