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Catchy Subject Line writing service for e-mail marketing

How many unread emails you have in your mail box ? 500 ?1000?
Do you want; your email should remain unread? Defnitely NO .
hat you need to !et max o"en rate #or your email is interestin! sub$e%t line
&mail sub$e%t line would "erha"s be more im"ortant than email %ontent.
'enefts o# (ervi%es..
1. )et *ax "ossible o"en rate #or your bul+ email a%tivity.
,. -n%rease re"utation o# your bul+ mailin! server on #ree mail s"a%e.
.. /om"osin! sub$e%t lines to attra%t my readers
0. /om"osin! multi"le sub$e%t lines as "er "rodu%t 1 !eo tar!etin! 2 3ar!et
audien%e .
5. 15 to 50 4 in%rease in o"en rate by use o# our servi%es.
Prakash Bhosale !umbai "ndia #$$$%&'(')
*% year in advertising "ndustry + , years e-.erience working with
/ as ad co.y writer . 0o write short ads for many .roduct +