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Brain Decision

Brain Decision

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Brain Decision
Brain Decision

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Published by: Iskrimir on Jul 04, 2014
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In a new book called 30-Second Brain, writer science Christian Jarrett explains

how the brain comes to a decision with a quick story:P
From Plato's charioteer controlling the horse of passion, to Freud's instinctual
id suppressed by the ego, there's a long tradition of seeing reason and emotion
as being in opposition to one another. Translating this perspective to neurosci
ence, one might imagine that successful decision making depends on the rational
frontal lobes controlling the animalistic instincts arising from emotional brain
regions that evolved earlier (including the limbic system, found deeper in the
brain). But the truth is quite differenteffective decision making is not possible
without the motivation and meaning provided by emotional input. Consider Antoni
o Damasio's patient, "Elliott." Previously a successful businessman, Elliott und
erwent neurosurgery for a tumor and lost a part of his brainthe orbitofrontal cor
texthat connects the frontal lobes with the emotions. He became a real life Mr. S
pock, devoid of emotion. But rather than this making him perfectly rational, he
became paralyzed by every decision in life. Damasio later developed the somatic
marker hypothesis to describe how visceral emotion supports our decisions. For i
nstance, he showed in a card game that people's fingers sweat prior to picking u
p from a losing pile, even before they recognize at a conscious level that they'
ve made a bad choice.

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