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Executing Change

Presented By:-

Shahid Ahmed Bhutto
Manoj Kumar
Table Of Contents

Managing Change

Case Studies
IHI ( Institute of Health Improvements)
Argon Consulting

Change is good," or so they say.

"Anything that affects people, processes and chains of
accountability is organizational change."

if your organization is prepared, it will naturally adapt to
smaller changes and weather the significant changes.
Managing Change
Develop Sensing Networks.
Select The Type Of Change.
Select The Right Metaphor..
Create The Vision.
Expand The Target Audience.
Gather and Broaden the Power Base.
Alert The Organization.
Communicate The Vision.
Create Sense Of Urgency.
Managing The Planning And Execution Process.
Empower Others To Act On Vision.
Plan For And Create Short Term Visions.
Plan To Overcome Resistance.

Case Studies
IHI (Institute Of Health Improvements):-

An independent not-for profit-organization based in
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

focuses on motivating and building the will for change.

The Weak Link

World-Class Execution

Case Study
Argon Consulting:-

They serve their customers in Europe, North America, Asia
Pacific, North Africa and the Middle East.

Partial or total failure of most change projects is rooted in
the execution phase.

The reasons why They are convinced?