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Organizations at every level have been using electronic tools for many years but
internet and other information technologies have created a flood of interesting and
innovative ways to provide customer value. The internet effects traditional marketing in
three ways. Firstly, they establish efficiency in existing processes. Secondly, emarketing
transforms traditional strategies. !astly, it has changed customer behavior through a
power shift from firms to the "mouse holds#. $arketing transformation results in new
business models that add customer value build customer relations and increase company
profitability. Today, almost all companies from all spheres are reaping the benefits of
going online. %mong these highly unlikely organizations to venture online are consumer
giants in the food processing industry $&' and (ational Food. $ost of the leading
companies in this industry from )akistan as well as across the border have also broadened
their horizons and have developed online emarketing tools like websites. They may not
have made the final step of using their emarketing tools *websites+ to sell their products
online but they have at least entered the first step towards investing in ebusiness. ,n this
report the researcher has analyzed the online presence of two such very famous consumer
giants (ational Foods !td of )akistan and $ahashian di 'atti *$&'+ from ,ndia. The
researcher has further tried to analyze the difference between the companies- online e
marketing strategies as well as their level of commitment to emarketing. This report
elaborates on emarketing planning and marketing mix topics from strategic perspective.
The researcher has also focused on the areas where the websites fall short. For this
purpose a detailed comparative analysis has been carried out and the basis of this analysis
a number of recommendations have been made.