Step by Step Deployment of Package in SMS 1.

Start-->Programs-->System Management Server-->SMS Admin Console

2. Click on System Management Server 3. Click on Site Database 4. Right Click on Package

5. New-->Package

6. In the General tab give information about the package

7. In the DataSource Tab give location of the package

8. Click on SET Button and give the location of the package

9. Creata a Distribution Point for the package

10. Click on the package you created 11. Right Click Distribution Point 12. New-->Distribution Point

13. Select the required Distribution Point From the New Distribution Wizard 14. After creating a Distribution Point create a program for Package

15. Click on the Package

16. Right Click on the program 17. New-->program

18. In the General tab give information about the package

19. In the Requirements tab Specify the Size of the Package to be Distributed Advertising the package 1. Click on Site Database in SMS Admin Console 2. Right Click on Advertisements 3. New-->Advertisement

4. In the General Tab give information about the package that you are going to advertise 5. In the Schedule Tab give information of when to install the package

6. The package will be installed in the client side in the specified time

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