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Cullens on Msn Part2

Cullens on Msn Part2


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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
it's another short one but i think it's still funny, my friend helped me a bit =D enjoy (gasp)
it's another short one but i think it's still funny, my friend helped me a bit =D enjoy (gasp)

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Nov 28, 2009
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Cullen’s on msn part 2 Sorry I changed some of the names (they decided to change them) =D Edward – Cool_vamp Bella

- Cool_vamps_wife Emmett – Emmy_bear Rosalie – Legally_blonde Alice – Fashion_pixie Jasper – Cooler_than_edward Carlisle – C_hizzee Esme – E_hizzee Jacob – Better_than_any_leech Cool_vamp has logged on Cool_vamps_wife has logged on Better_than_any_leech has logged on Cool_vamp: miss you Bella! Cool_vamps_wife: I miss you more Eddie! Better_than_any_leech: oh please, wait a sec aren’t you two in the same house Cool_vamps_wife: yeah but not the same room Better_than_any_leech: ummm… ok why don’t you two go see each other then? Cool_vamp: because we’re both busy and having a little break, Alice would kill us if she found out we are on msn, I'm supposed to be helping Esme and Bella is officially Barbie Bella for the week. Better_than_any_leech: o….kay, you have fun with that, so can’t Alice see that you guys are on msn? Cool_vamp: nope, she’s not concentrating on that, oh SHOOT she is coming, Bella love you better go Cool_vamps_wife: not with out a fight =D Cool_vamp: ok but Alice won’t be happy Cool_vamps_wife: well that’s her loss then =P love you Eddie =D Cool_vamp: love you too Bella boo =D Better_than_any_leech: stop it guys! And I thought you said Alice was coming Cool_vamps_wife: umm… she is? SHOOOT what the fCool_vamp: don’t swear Cool_vamps_wife: I was going to say fish again =D OH MY EDWARD NO Alice DON’TTTTTTTTT Cool_vamps_wife has logged off screaming and kicking =O gasp! Better_than_any_leech: can’t be that bad if she’s still typing =P and did she just say oh my Edward? Cool_vamp: yep, she thinks of my as a sex god so instead of saying god she says Edward =D Better_than_any_leech: it should be OMJ Cool_vamp: ??? Better_than_any_leech: OH MY JACOB ! =D

Cool_vamp: NO! just no it doesn’t work, maybe on Renesmee but she’s the only one where as for some weird reason Emmett says it aswell =D Better_than_any_leech: one sec going to change my msn name Cool_vamp: ok? Better_than_any_leech has logged off OMJ_=P has logged on Cool_vamp: that is so not a cool name OMJ_=P: huh? Daddy? Cool_vamp: Renesmee? OMJ_=P: yes? Cool_vamp: sorry hunny I thought you were Jacob OMJ_=P: well I'm not I only wanted to see how my new bedroom was coming on? Cool_vamp: oh it’s ok I have to go soon before Alice sees I'm on msn OMJ_=P: ok dad, why is my name not cool? Cool_vamp: cos it says OH MY JACOB OMJ_=P: no it says OH MY JELLY TOTS actually daddy, but now it can be Jacob =D Cool_vamp: oh, sorry jelly tots are cool, when did you have jelly tots? OMJ_=P: AT THE FAIR JACOB TOOK ME TO Cool_vamp: HE WHAT?! OMJ_=P: took me to a fair, teehee =D Cool_vamp: me and him are going to have words OMJ_=P: yay I like words =D OMJ are you going to have words like I love you, wait no that means your gay with my boyfriend, forget I said tha Cool_vamp: well as a vampire it’s quite hard to forget OMJ_=P: please daddy (puppy/vampire eyes) teehee I have mums old eyes =D you can’t resist Cool_vamp: WTF!! I cant see your eyes hun OMJ_=P: did you just swear =’( Cool_vamp: nope I just used Alice’s/Bella’s word What The Fish =D OMJ_=P: oh ok then, teehee Cool_vamp: Nessie don’t even think about having more jelly tots your already hyper OMJ_=P: am not, teehee Cool_vamp: don’t make me come over there, I will bring your mother as well OMJ_=P: haha you can’t bring mum she had a dare =P Cool_vamp: dare or no dare I can talk her into it missy OMJ_=P: your too late I just had another bag of jelly tots =P Cool_vamp: right that’s it no more jelly tots for you! OMJ_=P: Jacob can but me more! =P Cool_vamp: if he does he might find that he wont have any hands to do so, so I wouldn’t if I were you OMJ_=P: daddy =’( Cool_vamp: ok ok only one bag a day NO MORE OMJ_=P: yay love you daddy, where is Jacob anyway? Cool_vamp: good question he went to change his name on msn… To_sexy_for_my_shirt has logged on

Cool_vamp: Jacob? To_sexy_for_my_shirt: no it’s Eric? Cool_vamp: oh you better go To_sexy_for_my_shirt has logged off (in fear) Cool_vamp: weirddoooooo Hot_dawg has logged on Hot_dawg: sorry I took so long had to think of and awesome name for my little Nessie OMJ I love her msn name =D Cool_vamp: It’s OH MY JELLY TOTS actually so don’t get to excited “dawg” more like mutt OMJ_=P: daddy don’t start or I'm going on second thought lets go Jakey =D OMJ_=P has logged off singing doe re mi Hot_dawg has logged off to go to the convenience store =P (gasp what’s he buying) Emmy_bear has logged on Legally_blonde has logged on Fashion_pixie has logged on Cool_vamp: hey guys =D Legally_blonde: awww was lil Eddie on his own Cool_vamp: yes =’( since SOMEONE stole my wife Fashion_pixie: hehe well she’s done for oh lets say an hour so enjoy her =D Cool_vamp has logged off looking for his sexy wife (oo-er) Emmy_bear: Alice did you do something to Bella? Fashion_pixie: maybe =D Legally_blonde: OME Bella just went passed, Alice what have you done? Fashion_pixie: hehe HEY you stole my word Emmy_bear: yeah mine Alice and Bella’s word and why would you say it =( Legally_blonde: oh I didn’t say OH MY EDWARD what the fish, I said OH MY EMMETT =D Emmy_bear: yay =D Fashion_pixie: you stole my what the fish too why do people copy my awesome words *humph* Emmy_bear: back to the point what have you done to Bella? I can hear her and Edward up in his old room, so what did you do? Fashion_pixie: well I made her dress up in something from Victoria’s secret and then I said I want my babrie to go and play in Edward’s room and so she had to =D Emmy_bear: yeah what was she wearing? Legally_blonde: lets see, the blue that Edward loves on her, bra with see through material hanging off the bra and French knickers matching the bre Emmy_bear: hehe I'm going to ruin your babries game now =P Fashion_pixie: Emmett N-

Emmy_bear has logged off and wants his own Barbie =D Fashion_pixie: NO! Legally_blonde: oh dear better go sort him out =D maybe me and him could play (ooer) Fashion_pixie: too much information rose, now you sort him out and I will entertain Jazzy =D Legally_blonde: HEY! Bloody hypocrite Fashion_pixie: only cos we don’t go at it every 10 minutes Legally_blonde: yeesh calm down ok I will sort out Emmett, oh no I can hear him we’re to late any way but I better stop him now see you Alice Legally_blonde has logged to go entertain husband Fashion_pixie has logged off to HEY SOMEONE COPIED ME AGAIN!

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