We walked down the lane
from my parent's cottage
it was Satrday morning
I!d got the milk
from the farm
walked across the fields
into the farm milking shed
with my green
and cream "g
a#oided the $ig
$lack farm dog
that had $itten me once
had $reakfast
and was now walking
with %ane
along the narrow lane
I like that small stream
she said
pointing to the thin
strip of water
mo#ing $eside s
along the path
the sond my father says
is the water singing to God
she said
rooks called o#erhead
from the tall trees
other $irds sang near$y
a wren flew from ot
of a hedge
God is e#erywhere
my father says
she added
I fond a wren's nest
the other month
I said
yo didn't distr$ it
did yo&
she asked
no "st looked
and conted the eggs
and stdied them
for a few moments
I said
she smiled
I liked it
when she smiled
it was like 'hristmas morning
like an opened p present
I see yo got
the cows in
from the field
yesterday afternoon
after school
she said
not $ad
for a (ondon $oy
I like it
and )r *ndrews said
I!#e the making
of a cowman
there yo are then
yor ftre mapped ot
she said
I don't want
a ftre mapped ot
I said
I want it
to $e a srprise
some things
ha#e to $e mapped ot
she said
can't ha#e a daily
$ig srprise
all the time
life can get rotine
whate#er we do
rotine is the $eginning
of dying
I said
rotine is or secrity
she said
allows s
to feel safe
we stopped in the lane
and looked
at the flowers arond s
she named a few
and the $tterflies
that stopped on flowers
I looked too
as she named them
trying to remem$er them
looking at her finger
as it pointed ot
the pinky nail
the thin finger
the small hand
when )r *ndrews asked me
what I wanted to do
after I left school
I said to $e a cowman
and he said
yo want to get yorself
a $etter "o$
don't get stck
on a farm
all yor life
it's what yo want
%ane said
not what he says
that matters
we walked on down
the lane
her hand "st inches
from mine
her grey skirt swishing
as she walked
her mddy $oots
a#oiding the cow pats
it's what yo want
she repeated
that matters
yes I gess so
I said
I wanted to kiss her
$t not saying so
"st hoping
as we walked
looking for a time
may$e a place to stand
and see what happened
or "st to kiss her
on the cheek sddenly
and see what she said
or did
$t no
I didn't
I "st walked on
thinking it wrong
she naware
of my thoghts
listened to $ird song.

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