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Operate a word-processing application

2. Use email and search the web using browsers.
3. Operate a spreadsheet application.
4. Operate a presentation package.
5. Pass the Occupational Qualification and Certification System (ational
Certificate ! "e#el $$% of &'S()
6. &he PC Operations C $$ Qualification consists of competencies that will allow
effecti#e and efficient use of personal computers where use of word processing*
spreadsheets* and presentation software is re+uired including access to email
and the use of web browsers for searching and locating data and information on
the $nternet.
7. &he Computer ,ardware Ser#icing C $$ Qualification consists of competencies
that must possess to enable to diagnose and troubleshoot problems in personal
computer systems* software* replace parts and get the system back to normal
8. $nstall computer systems and networks.
9. (iagnose and troubleshoot computer systems.
10. Configure computer systems and networks.
11. -aintain computer systems and networks
1. PC operators
2. (ata-entry encoders and typists
3. Office clerks and assistants
4. Computer Ser#ice &echnician
5. Computer /epairman