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Books describing the Devil and the Unseen.All i could find.
Books describing the Devil and the Unseen.All i could find.

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Published by: Jason Galvan (Abu Noah Ibrahim Ibn Mikaal) on Nov 28, 2009
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Press Release


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Iblish / Satan:

In Islamic beliefs, this Satan is created from fire, it can run within veins of Human Being to misguide him. When Almighty God ordered him to Bow before Adam (A), he refused and therefore, he was cursed by the Almighty God and got the title Iblish/Satan, his real name was Azazil. When he disobeyed God’s order he became Satan.

History of Satan “Iblis” in the Heaven & Eearth
Satan traditional opponent of God and humanity in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Scripture and literature the role of the opponent is given many names, such as Apolyon, Beelzebub, Semihazah, Azazel, Belial, Iblis and Sammael. Nicknames include the Tempter, Evil One, Father of Lies, and Prince of Darkness. But in the New Testament it is Satan, with its Greek equivalent diabolos (the Devil), which came to dominate, displacing or demoting other names and figures.

In the Hebrew Bible, Satan plays only a minor role as an ambiguous figure in the heavenly court. In Job his function is described as a kind of public prosecutor for God, suggesting his role as adversary may have been in terms of jurisprudence. The transformation of Satan from subordinate official to independent adversary and rebellious angel occurred during the Jewish apocalyptic movement, which came under the influence of the dualistic cosmologies of the ancient Middle East. The New Testament, grown from the same soil, speaks of Satan as the author of all evil (Luke 10:19), the personal tempter of Jesus (Matt. 4), and the rebel cast to earth together with his angels (Rev. 12:7-9). But these and many other passages in the Bible said to allude to Satan were shaped into coherent theological narratives only over time, often in response to Christian heresies. In intellectual circles in the West today the tendency is to demythologize Satan. Certain scholars argue that by the time the Old Testament book of First Chronicles was completed Satan had been transformed from an angel who questioned God to a being dedicated to subverting God. It has been further argued that this changing concept of Satan paralleled a process of demonizing one's opponents and attributing evil motives them. The Essene sect in the late centuries BC portrayed other Jewish sects who disagreed with them as allied with the forces of darkness and themselves as "sons of light." Early Christians adopted this approach and demonized Jews who did not acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. In later centuries pagans and fellow Christians who had opposing beliefs were characterized by Christians as evil and to be opposed or eradicated. In Islam, Satan is also known as Azazil, Iblīs or the evil jinn who in refusing to bow to Adam disobeyed God and became "one of the disbelievers." Azazil prayed so eagerly that he was raised up into the first heaven, or according to one narration, he worshipped so much in the first heaven that he was raised up through all the seven heavens and above them. He worshipped on the earth. He worshipped on the heavens, until Adam (A.S) was brought into existence. Then the Lord ordered all the angels to bow down before Adam (A.S).and all the angels obeyed except Iblis. From Hassan Al Basri (R.A): Iblis worshipped above the seven heavens for more than 70 000 years, until he was raised to the station of Ridwan which is very high station, Ridwan being the guardian of Paradise. Iblis was the guardian of Paradise for 1000 years. Once he read an inscription on the gates of paradise, and it read: There is a servant among the most highly favored servants of the Almighty Lord, and for a long time he will be obedient and serve his Lord well; there will come a day , however, on which he will oppose his Lord and disobey, and he will be driven from His gates and be cursed. Iblis, who was then still called Azazil, read and wondered at this prediction. How can that be. He asked, that one of the closest servants to the Lord should grow disobedient to the Lord of the Worlds and be driven from His Holy Nearness? Oh Lord, he pleaded. Give me permission to curse that rebellious one, whoever he may be. The Lord gave him permission, and Iblis showered curses upon that future sinner for one thousand years, knowing not that it was to be himself. There is a conflict of opinion between people as to whether Iblis was of the Angels or of the Jinn, but in accordance of Quran, “It is confirmed, he was one of the Ordinary Jinn, but by the recommendations of the Four crown angels (Jibrael A:, Ajrael A:, Israfil A:, Mikaeel A:,),

Almighty God allowed and appointed him as the crown and commander of all Angels but he disobeyed the Almighty God’s order to pay respect to the first man Adam (A:) in heaven, So Almighty God threw him out the heavens and he became the great king of Shoitan (Devil). He was expelled from Heaven and got thrown out to the Earth’s Indian territory Of Uttor Prodesh location “DeoBandh Madrasha Compound (So-called fanatic religious Islamic Institute). It should be noted that, Millions of students graduates from this type of so-called Islamic Institute and becomes fanatic Islamic Community leader around the whole India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and African Region also especially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with whole Middle East region. They introduce their group as following sects of Islam: Abdul Wahab Najdi and Abdullah Bin Bas’ Wahabi group of Saudi Arabia, Qadian, Ahmadia & Jamat E Islam of Pakistan, Deobondhi & Qawami Madrasha group of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, Dr. Bari & Dr. Elyias Ali Ahle Hadith Group of Bangladesh, Tabligue along with Wahabi and so-called Sunni Group of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Hafiz Ji Pir Ji followers along with Hathajari and Potia Madrasha Group of Bangladesh, so-called intellectual and writer Salman Rushdi Bombay, India, So-called Islamic leader (Mollah) Abul Kalam Azad, Principle Kamal Uddin Jafri, Delowar Hossein Syedi, Prof. Golam Azom, Motiur Rahman Nizami of Jamat E Islam Bangladesh. A British Army General William W. Hunter had published a book called “The Indian Musalmans” ISBN# 81-716-769-0-1, he stated that, he purchased all of the abovementioned Muslim fanatic groups from Indian Continent, Middle-East and African region in exchange of money to misguide and mislead them with their own philosophy by the direct influence of the devil (Iblis). In their long term ruling period of Indian continent, Middle-east and African region, they had trained up fanatic group of Jews, Christians and Hindus to become so-called Islamic Scholar to destroy the back bone of the truth of Islam, it should also be noted that, those socalled Islamic Scholars have played a huge role in the British empire to appoint them as the Principle/Director of Islamic Studies and governmental Islamic Institutes with their own curriculum to malpractice theology of Islam for the elimination of the truth and the reality of Islam. So, that all of this fanatic Islamic groups have become very strong with their wrong ideology of Islam by the sponsorship of British Empire. In accordance of Dr. Iyas Ali’s (of Bangladesh) Phd. Thesis, Those so-called scholars have translated the Arabic Quran into Bengali Urdu, Hindi and English for example Dr. Girish Sen (Indian) Migrated to Bangladesh also a list of So-called renown Islamic Scholars The first principal of the Aliah Madrasah was Dr. A. Sprenger, M. A. and the last English principal was Mr. J. M. Botomely, B. A. who ended his tenure in 1927 AD and thus the period of seventy seven years (1850-1927 A.D.) was being governed by the English principals which was very unfortunate and illogical in terms of Madrasah education in Asian Continent, as it was intended to produce a limited number of graduates for serving the colonial government as Law Officers. Being deprived of official support Madrasah education declined in the nineteenth century. Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Name of the English Principals Dr. A. Sprenger M. A. Sir William Nassanlees L.L.D J. Staklip, M. A. Henry Ferdinad Blockkman, M.A. A. E. Galf, M. A. Duration 1850-1857 1857-1870 1870-1873 1873-1878 1878-1881

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Dr. A. F. R. Hornel, C. I. E. Ph.D. H. Prothero, M. A. F. J. Roe, M. A. Dr. A. F. R. Hornel, C. I. E. Ph.D. Dr. A. F. R. Hornel, C. I. E. Ph.D. F. J. Roe, M. A. Dr. A. F. R. Hornel, C. I. E. Ph.D. F. J. Roe, M. A. F. C. Hall, B. A. S.S.C. Sir, Eari, Stain Ph.D. H. A. Stork B. A. Lt. Colonel G. S. A. Ranking, M.D.I.M.S. H. A. Stork B. A. Sir, Edward Denison Rass, Ph.D. H. E. Stepleton, B. A. B. Sc. Sir, Edward Denison Rass, Ph.D. Mr. Chapman Sir, Edward Denison Rass, Ph.D. Mr. Alexander Hamilton Harley, M. A. Mr. J. M. Botomely, B. A Mr. Alexander Hamilton Harley, M. A.

1881-1890 1890-1891 1891-1892 1892-1892 1892-1895 1895-1895 1895-1898 1898-1899 1899 1899 1900 1900-1901 1901-1903 1903 1903-1904 1904-1907 1907-1908 1908-1911 1911-1323 1923-1925 1925-1927

In accordance of Holy Quran & Sohi Hadith our Holy Prophet predicted, “After the 1400 Hijri Calendar…my disciples shall be divided in 73 divisions/sects.” The followers, who were present asked, “Oh! Prophet (SAW), who is that group that shall proceed to Janna (heaven)?” “those who guided by the Holy Quran and true follower of Ahle-Bayet” they will be true and real Muslims and they will stay in paradise with Prophet Mohammad (SM) and the other 72 sects will go to hell with their King Iblis, Dajjal and fanatic groups of Jews and Christians. It is very painful to state that, the prophet Mohammad (SM) the founder of Islam, when he started his new religion in Holy City Makkah by the order of Almighty God, God of Abraham, Mosas and Jesus as well as the God of Devils, Prophet’s family members, cousin brothers and uncles like Abu Zahel, Abu Lahab, Ummaiya, Abu-Sufiyan, Henda (Wife of Abu Sufiyan), Mughira Ibn Hesham, Moawaiya ibn Abu Sufiyan, Yazid Ibn Mowaiya as true follower of devil by the influence of fanatic Jews and Christains had been trying to destroy the back bone of new religion “Islam”. They have killed many innocent new believers and followers of Islam by force with the influence of the devil. By this time, Prophet Mohammad (SM) and along with his companions migrated to Madina by the order of Almighty God. Prophet Mohammad (SM) was welcomed very warmly by the residents and tribes of Madina (Ansaar) along with the follower of Jews and Christians. Since the migration of Makkah to Madina the Holy Prophet worshipped God facing towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was built by the Prophet and King Solomon of Jerusalem. But after the 16th Month, one day at the time of Noon prayer in Madina by the order of Almighty God, Prophet Mohammad (SM) and his true followers (PBUT) turned their face towards the Holy Kabaah of Holy city Makkah, K.S.A. The king of Devil, (Iblis), had taken this opportunity with his full will and power to influence the fanatic Jews and Christians of Madina as well as some tribe groups of Madina to work against the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SM)’s

new religion by the cooperation of Prophet’s family members Abu-Sufiyan, his wife Henda and his son Mauwiya subsequently by the influence of devil the Ummaiya Dynasty and the Abbassiya Dynasty except Ummiya Khalifa Umor Ibn Abdul Aziz all the rulers worked against true Muslim leadership and Ahle Bayet. By the active cooperation of devils and influence of socalled Jews and Christians murdered Second Khalifh of Islam Umor Ibn Khattab, Third Khalifh Osman Ibn Afwan, Fourth Khalifh Ali Ibn Abu Talib along with 13 Imam of Prophet Mohammad (SM) families. It should also be noted that, in the time of Mauwiya the so-called Muslim ruler and self proclaimed Quran Writer along with the so-called fanatic follower of Jews and Christians made a long term plan and conspiracy against the Holy Prophet’s Grandson Hazrat Hassan & Hazrat Hussein (A;) to kill them but they could not eradicate the true ideology of Islam. Not only that, they also destroyed the Prophet Mohammad (SM)’s Ahle Bayet Dome of the Saudi Arabian Holy Places. Finally, they wanted to steal the Prophet’s Holy body from the dome of Holy Prophet’s resting place to devil Kingdom. At that time, a strong leader of Arab World Nur Uddin Jongi of Egypt directed by Prophet Mohammad (SM) to take appropriate action against the robber of Prophet Mohammad (SM) holy body and he identified them by the Spiritual power of Prophet and eventually killed all of them to protect the Holy Prophet’s Dome and True Islam. After that whomever tried to speak the truth and the establishment the real ideology of Islam, they all were killed or forced to migrate. Finally, the current King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Saud is a very close friend of Iblis and western super power. In accordance of His Eminency Dr. Alam’s Millennium Prophecy Statement, the Saudi King will pay exemplary punishment in his term by the Almighty God along with all devil forces of 72 misguided or misled Islamic groups all will be punished and destroyed by the messenger of Almighty God great Imam Mahadi (A;) along with active cooperation of Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ). They will reveal the rule of law, Peace, prosperity, Justice and co-create heaven on earth as well as eliminate all fanaticism from this universe. The human being is the Crowned Creation of Almighty God, the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, are cousin brothers in accordance of the Holy Quran. The Muslims, constantly prays for peace for the descendants of Abraham (PBUH) everyday in their five times prayer since 1400 years ago (Darud Sharif (part)), “Allah Humma Sawlle Ala, Saye Dena Mohammadio .., Kama Sallaita Ala Ibrahima Wala Ale Ibrahim, Innaka Hamidum Majid ...” (Ref. This is a part of Muslims five times prayer, in accordance of the Holy Quran & Hadith Sharif), Why are they fighting with each other? Because of the fanatic belief and malpractice of the reality of theology, Muslims, Jews, and Christians do not understand the Prophet Abraham’s ideology. No one shall dominate in a War or Fight. The fanaticism of “So-Called: Muslims, Christians, Jews, and also Political Dilemma” must stop, to avoid the WWIII.

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