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03/17/2008 12:07 3304584048 PD INTERNAL AFFAIRS PAGE @1/29 CANTON POLICE DEPARTMENT 21 SRD ST.S.W. P.O, BOX24218 CANTON, OHIO 44701 PHONE: 330-489-3100 FAX: 550-489-3264 CHIEF DEAN MCKIMM. CE © 'T AFFAL 3*° FLOOR, CANTON CITY HALL OFFICE PHONE (330) 489-5377 FAX (330) 458-4048 FACSIMILE COVER SHEET aa Date: 3 - (7-OF NUMBER OF PAGES INCLUDING THIS SHEET. Please Deliver To: NAME: Richard Sémes orcanization: /tidwest nn Ped, rn FAXNUMBER: RIG ~ 903-3176 FROM: _CANTON POLICE DEPARTMENT INTERNAL AFFAIRS BUREAU VOICE PHONE: — _(330) 489-3377 _FAX (330) 458-4048 COMMENTS: Confidential Notice: This facsimile transmission may contain confidential information. It is solely for the use of the individnal or entity that is identified as the recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, use or copy of this facsimile transmission is strictly prohibited. Ifyou have received this transmission in error, please immediately notify us by phone and return the transmission by U.S. Postal Service, using the above address. Thank You. Canton Police Department 03/17/2008 12:07 3304584048 PD INTERNAL AFFAIRS PAGE 82/29 THE CITY ol CANTON WILLIAM. HEALY U WAVER CITY OF CANTON WRITTEN REPRIMAND Patrolman Richard D. Hert 1 ‘Tom E. Nesbitt, Director of Safety March 12, 2008 CPD Case #2007-19078; 1.A. Case #2007-56 GENERAL SUMMARY: ‘This is an officiel written reprimand pertaining to a personnel complaint that was filed agsinst Officer Richard Hart ‘on December 05, 2007, by arrested subject Cortes Everette. Allegations of the personnel complaint focus on Officer ‘Fan's interaction with Cortes Everette during the arrest, CHARGED VIOLATIONS: Listed charged violations ofthe Canton Police Department Rules and Regulations are as follows a Rule £406 ~ Deportment (A) (B) ‘Rule #407 - Unsatisfactory Performance (B) Rule #503 ~ Treatment Of Persons In Custody (A) DECISION: ‘Upon reviewing the evidence that was presented before me in this mater, Thave made my decision a follows: Rute #406 — Deportment (A) (B) ~ Sustained. Officers displaying conduct unbecoming will not be tolerated. Oificers shall be orderly, atentive, and will exe patience and discretion in dealing with the public. ' Rule #40’ - Unsatisfactory Performance (B) — Sustained. ‘The vehicle's in-car video system must be used when responding to non-emergency calls for service involving civitian contacts of an official nature, Rule #503 ~ Treatment Of Persons in Custody (A) — Exonerated. After the arest of Cortez Everett, Chief of Police Dean McKim had requested Captain Jemes Myers to counsel Officer Richard Hart. The counseling centered arourd two issues; one was search and seiture and the second was pertining to the treatment of arrested subjects. Officer Hart reviewed the General Onder concering body searches and strip searches. He was also tnstructed on professionalism within the Police Foree, especially during incidents ‘where safety may be compromised. On both issues he understood the message of the counseling and the procedures used by the department, It was found that Offices Hert roccived the counseling very well, was cooperative, and did rot display an intentional gristreatment of a person in police eustogy. Tom E. Nesbitt jue gitector of Public Sifery 03/17/2008 12:07 3304584048 PD INTERNAL AFFAIRS PAGE 83/29 v (CPD FORM #74 TA Case Number 2007 5 2 CPD Case Number_ 2007- Complaint Chockist 1. Complaint Form Signed: Date_1 2 05h 2. Focus Officer Notification Letter: Petes 3. Taped Statements fom Complainant? Lives __No 4. Taped Statements fom Focus Officer? x8 ~—__No Witesses? __Yes__No 5. Complainant arrested? Avs __No 6. Tarrested, is Court disposition attached? Yes No ___Pending 7. Estimated date of Case Completion: Ot{o5 (oF & Recommendation to Chief of'sdecsion Safety Director’ decision Arbiraton B sustained N sustained* Sustained Sustained tot Sustained ror suized? __Not Sustained __Not Sustained __..Exonerated __Exoneraed* __Bxonersed _—_Bxonerted Unfounded _—_Unfounded* __Wafounded Unfounded Referred __Referre® Referred __Refered Bascless/Frivotous* __Baseless Frivolous __Baseless Frivolous Date Reviewed Is be —Baseless Frivolous Reviewed by Chief: ‘Additonal directive from the Clef Other Reviewers: Date Reviewed, Reviewed by OIC: Date Reviewed Final Case Disposition/Action taken: Focus Officer Disposition Letter: Date pe ani