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elearning plan template v1

elearning plan template v1


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elearning plan
elearning plan

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Published by: aralanetdesk on Mar 21, 2008
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e-Learning Plan Template Prototype This the proposed layout of the learning plan to guide the instructional process

that integrates the use of information and communications technology Name of the School: Name of the Teacher: Date of First Draft: Date of Latest Revision: 1. Name of the Subject: 2. Name of the Topic: 3. Brief Description of the Topic:
A short narrative of what the topic is all about, and what are the needs of the learner being addressed, and what are the lifelong skills to develop by the learner.

4. Learning Standard Goals :

(This present the curricular standard basis of the topic)

Statement of the Subject Curricular Standard Objectives
 

Subject Area Standard Objective 1 (DEPED BEC & 21st Century Skills) Subject Area Standard Objective 2 (DEPED BEC & 21st Century Skills) Technology Use Standard Objective 1 (ISTE NETS) Technology Use Standard Objective 2 (ISTE NETS)

Statement of the Technology Use Standard Objectives
 

5. Target Learner:
    

Learning Age Learning Style Learning Gaps Learner Accesibility Situation Learner socio-cultural-economic context

6. Statement of Topic Learning Outcomes:

(This present the basis of the Learning Materials, Learning Activities, and Learning Evaluation selection, formulation or development)

Learning Outcome 1: Direct statement of what the student needs to know and able to do that includes the:
 

Condition required to realize the outcome Criteria to determine achievement of the outcome

e-Learning Plan Template Prototype 7. Learning Pre-requisite:
  

Knowledge Reference Activity Reference Technology based learning resources (CD/DVD/Internet)

8. Learning Concepts:
Concept 1: A brief elaboration of concept to be understood
 CD/DVD/Video Streaming based Learning Title

Concept 2
A brief elaboration of the concept to be understood  Internet -based Learning Title of URL Hyperlink

9. Learning Activities:
1. Activity Name:

Title of the Activity
2. Expected Output:

A statement of what the student is able to comprehend, apply, compare, analyse, evaluate, create, celebrate or change as the result of doing this activity
3. Procedures:

Definition of the Preparation, During and Afer Tasks 1. Step 1 2. Step 2 3. Step 3
4. Technology Resources:

1. Computer Application 2. Internet Services

e-Learning Plan Template Prototype 10. Learning Evaluation:
1. Performance Rubrics

Performance Achievement Achievement Achievement Achievement Achievement Objectives Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Specific Objective 1 Specific Objective 2 Specific Objective 3 Specific Objective 4 Specific Objective 5 Essential Quiz

(This present the kind of questions the learner should be able to answer)

Easy Question
    

Question number 1 Question number 2 Question number 3 Question number 4 Question number 5 Question number 6 Question number 7 Question number 8 Queston number 9 Question number 10

Difficulty Question
  

Very Difficult Question
 

On-line Practice Test (This present the reviewed on-line test)
 

Name of Test, Site name and URL hyperlink Name of Test, Site name and URL hyperlink

11. Learning Integration:
  

Relevance to the next lesson Relevance to the National Achievement Test, or Professional or Skills Certification Application to daily life

e-Learning Plan Template Prototype 12. Learning References:
Digital-Based References:
 

Author, Title of CD/DVD based learning material, publisher, date of publication Author, Title, URL Hyperlink of Internet based learning material, date of publication

Non-Digital references

Author, Title, Publisher, Date of Publication

13. Learning Plan Author/s and Reviewer: Name of the Teacher and the Subject Matter Expert 14. Copright Notice and Acceptable Use Policy: Creative Commones Someright Reserved

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