A. Add the correct suffixes (-er, -or, -ist, or –ian) to form new nouns.

1. Speak
2. Decorate
3. History
4. special
5. final
6. Australia
7. Invent
8. believe
9. visit
10. defend
11. vocal
12. library
13. civil
14. direct
15. electric
16. magic
17. develop
18. make
19. bake
20. technical

B. Analyze the following sentence, then write A for sentences with a simple subject and a simple
predicate, B with a simple subject and a compound predicate, C with a compound subject and a simple
predicate, D with a compound subject and a compound predicate
______1. Team pennants, rock posters and family photographs covered the boy's bedroom walls.
______2. His Uncle Bob asked for directions.
______3. Her uncle and she walked slowly through the art gallery and admired the beautiful pictures
exhibited there.
______4. My little brother and my cousin broke their fingers.
______5. Those soldiers and policemen carried and used guns.
______6. Our babysitter and her friend arrived late.
______7. Mother mopped and scrubbed the kitchen floor and cooked for dinner.

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