2014-05-22 By certified mail

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[‫]גרסה עברית להלן‬
May 21, 2014
Presiding Justice Asher Grunis
Supreme Court, State of Israel
Sha'arey Mishpat Street, Jerusalem
Fax: 02-6759648
By fax and by certified mail
RE: Rotem v Samet et al (HCJ 1233/08) – request for certification of March
3, 2008 Judgment and April , 2008 Decision, “True copy of the Original”
Dear Presiding Justice Grunis:
On April 25, 2014, I forwarded to your office the request in reference, dated
April 23, 2014, by certified mail and by fax. [1] However, to this date, no
response has been received from your office.
Attorney Eitan Inbar no longer represents me in this case.
I would be grateful for your expedient response in this important matter.
Rafi Rotem
PO Box 33407, Tel Aviv 6133301
[1] 2014-04-25 Rotem's request for signed and certified copies of decisions in High
Court of Justice Petition Rotem v Samet et al (1233/08)
‫בקשת רפי רותם לנשיא בית המשפט העליון אשר גרוניס לקבלת העתק חתום ומאושר של ההחלטות‬
(1233/08) ,'‫בבג"ץ רותם נ סאמט ואח‬




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