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Gadai da lompa

Well that’s not English, Italian, French or Spanish, and it isn’t a name of some
science fiction hero - it’s simply an expression used by my late mother whenever
there was a dispute between her and my late father. The meaning is (you must have
guessed it already no doubt) “talk to the lamp”. There is a synonym expression in
Hebrew of course, a bit different though: “talk to the trees and the stones”; or
the biblical one: “There is no voice and there is no reply… (AIN KOL VE AIN
ONEH)”. It did help me I believe to acquire foreign languages in much later stages
of my life – they believed (my parents, their memory be blessed) I don’t
understand, they were wrong of course. Like any other child I understood much from
mien, volume, and body language at first, and then the words meanings were learned
and kept in my memory. For such expressions frightened me, like it does frighten
any other child in such situations.
Why have I brought it up at all, I wonder myself…Let me see, well that expression
is embedded in my memory, and it does come up whenever a debate takes place; be it
political or private between a group or individuals in contemporary verbal or
written communication, or particularly in a relationship – just like it was in the
past, there’re things that never change is seems, and keep repeating itself.