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Ex. 36 Open the brackets:

1. He made me (do) t a!! o"er a#an. $. He made her (repeat) the messa#e. 3. I% &o' (ant 's (#et) there be%ore dark &o' sho'!d !et
's (start) at once. ). *o'!d &o' !ke me (#o) no(+
,. -he& (on.t !et 's (!ea"e) the /'stoms t!! o'r !'##a#e has been examned. 6. He (o'!dn.t !et m& bab& (p!a&) (th hs #o!d
(atch. 0. 1!ease !et me (kno() &o'r decson as soon as possb!e. 2. He made 's ((at) %or ho'rs. 3. I !et hm (#o) ear!& as he
(anted to meet hs (%e. 14. I.d !ke hm (#o) to a 'n"erst& b't I can.t make hm (#o). 11. I (ant her (!earn) En#!sh5 I thnk
e"er&bod& m'st kno( t. 1$. I heard the door (open) and sa( a shado( (mo"e) across the %!oor. 13. He tred to make me (be!e"e)
that he (as m& stepbrother. 1). I %e!t the ho'se (shake) (th the exp!oson. 1,. 6e%ore he !et 's (#o) he made 's (promse) not to
te!! an&bod& (hat (e had seen. 16. I ad"sed hm (ask) the b's7cond'ctor to te!! hm (here to #et o%%. 10. 8he expects her h'sband
(pa&) a!! the ho'seho!d expenses a!tho'#h she has a #ood 9ob: too.
12. *hat do &o' (ant me (te!!) hm+ 13. I sa( the dr"er (open) hs (ndo( and (thro() a box nto the b'shes. $4. -hat s too
hea"& %or one person to carr&: !et me (he!p) &o'. $1. I sa( the p!ane (crash) nto the h!! and (b'rst) nto %!ames. $$. -he teacher
ad"sed 's ('se) dctonares. $3. Her %ather doesn;t a!!o( her (#o) to the cnema a!one.
Ex. )4 <se #er'nd:
1. -he (ndo(s are "er& drt&5 the& need (c!ean). $. It.s "er& hot: so &o' don.t need (brn#) a coat. 3. -he ho'se s o!d: and t
(ants (pant) bad!&. ). -he %amo's man ddn.t need (ntrod'ce) hmse!%. ,. -he %!oor s co"ered (th d'st5 t needs (s(eep). 6. -he
#rass n the #arden s "er& dr&5 t (ants ((ater) bad!&. 0. -he p!anners ddn.t rea!=e the& (o'!d need (b'!d) so man& ho'ses. 2.
-hs shrt s >'te c!ean5 t doesn.t (ant ((ash) &et. 3. Her shoes ha"e ho!es n them5 the& (ant (mend). 14. -he room (as n a
terrb!e mess: t needed (td& 'p). 11. -he bab&.s cr&n#5 I thnk he needs (%eed). 1$. I kno( m& har (ants (c't) b't I ne"er ha"e
tme to #o to the hardresser.s. 13. ?ohn needed (cheer 'p) (hen he heard that he.d %a!ed hs exams. 1). @o' sho'!d td& the
#arden. A @es: t needs (td&). -he roses (ant ((ater): the peaches (ant (pck): the #rass (ants (c't).
1. B!ter the accdent: the n9'red man reco"ered consco'sness n hospta!. He remembered (cross) the road: b't he ddn.t
remember (knock do(n). $. I am st!! thrst& n spte o% (drnk) %o'r c'ps o% tea. 3. -hs carpet a!(a&s !ooks drt&: n spte o%
(s(eep) e"er& da&. ). He ddn;t ret'rn the book he had borro(ed a%ter (promse) to do so. ,. He #ot nto the ho'se b& (c!mb)
thro'#h a (ndo(: (tho't (see) b& an&one. 6. I thnk he (as %oo!sh to b'& a car be%ore (!earn) ho( to dr"e t. 0. 1eter s a m'ch
better chess7p!a&er than I am: and he (as "er& s'rprsed (hen I beat hm &esterda& %or the %rst tme. He sn.t 'sed to (beat). 2. He
(ent to bed at 3 p.m. n spte o% (s!eep) a!! the a%ternoon. 3. He comp!aned o% (#"e) a "er& sma!! room at the back o% the hote!. 14.
-he !tt!e #r! sn.t a%rad o% do#s n spte o% (bte) t(ce.
11. -he !tt!e #r! ddn.t #o near the do#5 she (as a%rad o% (bte). 1$. -he bab& (ent to s!eep a %e( mn'tes a%ter (%eed). 13. -he
!tt!e #r! ne"er #ets tred o% (ask) her mother >'estons: b't her mother o%ten #ets tred o% (ask) so man& >'estons. 1). -he& !"ed
n a sma!! to(n %or ten &ears and then mo"e (tho't (make) %rends (th an& o% ther ne#hbo'rs. 1,. -he !tt!e bo& (as p'nshed
%or (te!!) a !e b& (send) to bed (tho't hs s'pper. 16. Mar& (as chosen a &ear a#o to act n the schoo! p!a&. 8he (as "er& p!eased
at (choose). 10. ?ack doesn.t !ke boxn#. I don.t kno( % he s a%rad o% (h'rt) hs opponent or o% (h'rt) hmse!%. 12. He (as taken
to hospta! 'nconsco's a%ter the accdent. He ded n hospta! (tho't (reco"er) consco'sness. 13. I a!(a&s treat peop!e po!te!&
and I nsst on (treat) po!te!&. $4. -he bo& (as "er& h'n#r& at e!e"en o.c!ock n spte o% (eat) a b# break%ast t(o ho'rs ear!er. $1.
8he ddn.t #o o't o% bed 'nt! ten o.c!ock n spte o% ((ake 'p) at se"en.
-est $2 (/omp!ex Ob9ect)
1. -edd&.s (ords made me (%ee!) 'ncom%ortab!e.
a) to %ee! b) %ee!n# c) %ee!
$. Mrs. 1ottson a!!o(ed her #'ests (smoke) n the !"n#7room.
a) to smoke b) smokn# c) smoke
3. Has the secretar& come &et+ I (ant to ha"e m& papers (t&pe)
a) to t&pe b) t&pe c) t&ped
). I (atched m& cat (p!a&) (th her kttens. I co'!dn.t tear m&se!% a(a& %rom that %'nn& s#ht.
a) p!a&ed b) p!a&n# c) to p!a&
,. Crann& ddn.t (ant m& Mom (marr&) m& Dad.
a) marr& b) to marr& c) marred
6. O'r En#!sh teacher to!d 's (notD %ee!) sh& and speak En#!sh as m'ch as possb!e.
a) not to %ee! b) not %ee! c) %e!t
0. I ha"e to #et m& photo#raph (take) %or a ne( passport.
a) took b) take c) taken
2. -here (asn.t m'ch tra%%c n the street. I sa( a !tt!e #r! (cross) the road.
a) crossed b) cross c) to cross
3. I ha"e ne"er heard He!en (sn#).
a) san# b) sn#s c) sn#n#
14.Mar& (o'!d !ke her brother (a"od) -om.s compan&.
a) to a"od b) a"od c) a"oded
11.*e expected the Harrsons (arr"e) !ater than 's'a!.
a) to arr"e b) arr"e c) arr"ed
1$.*hat makes &o' (do) s'ch rash actons+
a) do b) to do c) don#
-est 34 (7n#D to E n%nt"e)
1. Is there an&thn# n that ne( ma#a=ne (orth F +
a) to read b) readn#
$. B!tho'#h I (as n a h'rr&: I stopped F to hm.
a) to ta!k b) ta!kn#
3. I rea!!& m'st stop F .
a) to smoke b) smokn#
). *o'!d &o' mnd F the %ront door+
a) to c!ose b) c!osn#
,. @o' sho'!d remember F hm. He.!! be at home.
a) to phone b) phonn#
6. B!! parts o% London seem F to d%%erent to(ns and epochs.
a) to be!on# b) be!on#n#
0. Do &o' en9o& F +
a) to teach b) teachn#
2. *h& ha"e &o' stopped+ Co on F .
a) to read b) readn#
3. -he teacher asked 's some >'estons and (ent on F 's abo't the c!mate o% En#!and.
a) to te!! b) te!!n#
14. *hen (e had %nshed F : the (ater bro'#ht the b!!.
a) to eat b) eatn#
11. M& e!der brother (ent to co!!e#e: and I hope F there too
a) to #o b) #on#
1$. M& car needs a ser"ce bad!&: and -om o%%ered F me (th t.
a) to he!p b) he!pn#
13. B"od F and &o'.!! %ee! better soon.
a) to o"ereat b) o"ereatn#
1). I can.t he!p F abo't that a(%'! accdent.
a) to thnk b) thnkn#
1,.-he 6rans (ant F 6oston ths (eek.
a) to !ea"e %or b) !ea"n# %or
16.I.!! a!(a&s remember F &o' %or the %rst tme.
a) to meet b) meetn#
Ex. ,3.3 1't the "erb nto the correct %orm (toF or An#):
1. *hen I.m tred: I en9o& ((atch) te!e"son. It.s re!axn#.
$. It (as a nce da&: so (e decded (#o) %or a (a!k.
3. It.s a nce da&. Does an&one %anc& (#o) %or a (a!k.
). I.m not n a h'rr&. I don.t mnd ((at).
,. -he& don.t ha"e m'ch mone&. -he& can.t a%%ord (#o) o't "er& o%ten.
6. I (sh that do# (o'!d stop (bark) . It.s dr"n# me mad.
0. O'r ne#hbo'r threatened (ca!!) the po!ce % (e ddn.t stop the nose.
2. *e (ere h'n#r&: so I s'##ested (ha"e) dnner ear!&.
3. H'rr& 'pI I don.t (ant to rsk (mss) the tran.
14. I.m st!! !ookn# %or a 9ob b't I hope (%nd) somethn# soon.
Ex. ,).) 1't the "erb n the r#ht %orm: 7n# or n%nt"e:
1. 8he doesn.t a!!o( (smoke) n the ho'se. $. I."e ne"er been to Ice!and b't I.d !ke (#o) there. 3. I.m n a d%%c'!t poston. *hat
do &o' ad"se me (do)+ ). 8he sad the !etter (as persona! and (o'!dn.t !et me (read) t. ,. *e (ere kept at the po!ce staton %or
t(o ho'rs and then (e (ere a!!o(ed (#o). 6. *here (o'!d &o' recommend me (#o) %or m& ho!da&s+ 0. I (o'!dn.t recommend
(eat) n that resta'rant. -he %ood s a(%'!. 2. -he %!m (as "er& sad. It made me (cr&). 3. /aro!.s parents a!(a&s enco'ra#ed her
(st'd&) hard at schoo!. 14. -he& dened (stea!) the mone&. 11. I don.t en9o& (dr"e) "er& m'ch. 1$. I don.t (ant (#o) o't ton#ht.
I.m too tred. 13. I can.t a%%ord (#o) o't ton#ht. I ha"en.t #ot eno'#h mone&. 1). Has t stopped (ran) &et+ 1,. /an &o' remnd me
(b'&) some co%%ee (hen (e #o o't+ 16. *h& do &o' keep (ask) me >'estons+ /an.t &o' !ea"e me a!one+ 10. 1!ease stop (ask) me
>'estonsI 12. I re%'se (ans(er) an& more >'estons. 13. One o% the bo&s admtted (break) the (ndo(. $4. -he bo&.s %ather
promsed (pa&) %or the (ndo( to be repared. $1. Bnn (as ha"n# dnner (hen the phone ran#. 8he ddn.t ans(er the phone5 she
9'st carred on (eat). $$. JHo( dd the the% #et nto the ho'se+. JI %or#ot (sh't) the (ndo(..
$3. I."e en9o&ed (meet) &o'. I hope (see) &o' a#an soon. $). -he bab& be#an (cr&) n the mdd!e o% the n#ht. $,. ?'!a has been
!! b't no( she.s be#nnn# (#et) better.
$6. a) I (as "er& tred. I tred (keep) m& e&es open b't I co'!dn.t.
b) I ran# the doorbe!! b't there (as no ans(er. -hen I tred (knock) on the door:
b't there (as st!! no ans(er.
c) *e tred (p't) the %re o't b't (e (ere 'ns'ccess%'!. *e had to ca!! the %re br#ade.
d) 8'e needed to borro( some mone&. 8he tred (ask) Cerr& b't he (as short o% mone& too.
e) I tred (reach) the she!% b't I (asn.t ta!! eno'#h.
%) 1!ease !ea"e me a!one. I.m tr&n# (concentrate).
$0. a) I need a chan#e. I need (#o) a(a& %or a (h!e.
b) 8he sn.t ab!e to !ook a%ter herse!%. 8he needs (!ook) a%ter.
c) -he (ndo(s are drt&. -he& need (c!ean).
d) *h& are &o' !ea"n# no(. @o' don.t need (#o) &et: do &o'+
e) @o' don.t need (ron) that shrt. It doesn.t need (ron).
$2. a) -he& (ere ta!kn# "er& !o'd!&. I co'!dn.t he!p (o"erhear) them.
b) /an &o' he!p me (#et) the dnner read&+
c) He !ooks so %'nn&. *hene"er I see hm: I can.t he!p (sm!e).
d) -he %ne (eather he!ped (make) t a "er& en9o&ab!e ho!da&.
Ex. ,0. ) 1't n a s'tab!e "erb n the correct %orm (7n# or to):
1. It.s nce to be (th other peop!e b't sometmes I en9o& F a!one.
$. I.m not >'te read& &et. Do &o' mnd F a !tt!e !on#er+
3. *hen I (as a ch!d: I hated F to bed ear!&.
). I don.t en9o& F !etters. I can ne"er thnk (hat to (rte.
,. I need a ne( 9ob. I can.t stand F here an& more.
6. I (o'!d !o"e F to &o'r (eddn# b't I.m a%rad t sn.t possb!e.
0. /aro!ne ne"er (ears a hat. 8he doesn.t !ke F hats.
2. J*o'!d &o' !ke F do(n+. JHo: thanks. I.!! stand..
3. *hen I ha"e to catch a tran: I.m a!(a&s (orred that I.!! mss t. 8o I !ke F to the staton n p!ent& o% tme.
14. Ha"e &o' #ot a moment+ I.d !ke F to &o' abo't somethn#.
Ex. 66.3 /omp!ete these sentences. <se the correct %orm o% the "erb:
1. Lsten to the brds (sn#). $. I ddn.t hear &o' (come) n. 3. Dd an&bod& see the accdent (happen) + ). *e !stened to the o!d
man (te!!) hs stor& %rom be#nnn# to end. ,. LstenI /an &o' hear a bab& (cr&)+ 6. I !ooked o't o% the (ndo( and sa( -m on hs
bke (c&c!e) a!on# the road+ 0. J*h& dd &o' t'rn ro'nd s'dden!&+. JI tho'#ht I heard somebod& (sa&) m& name.. 2. *e (atched
the t(o men (r'n) across the #arden: (open) a (ndo( and (c!mb) thro'#h t nto the ho'se. 3. E"er&bod& heard the bomb
(exp!ode). It (as a tremendo's nose. 14. OhI I can %ee! somethn# (cra(!n#) 'p m& !e#I It m'st be an nsect. 11. I heard
somebod& (s!am) the door n the mdd!e o% the n#ht. It (oke me 'p. 1$. *hen (e #ot home: (e %o'nd a cat (s!eep) on the ktchen
Ex. 60.$ Make one sentence %rom t(o 'sn# an K7n#L c!a'se or KHa"n#FL:
1. ?m (as p!a&n# tenns. He h'rt hs arm. $. I (as (atchn# te!e"son. I %e!! as!eep. 3. -he man s!pped. He (as #ettn# o%% a b's.
). I (as (a!kn# home n the ran. I #ot (et. ,. Mar#aret (as dr"n# to (ork &esterda&. 8he had an accdent. 6. -(o %remen (ere
o"ercome b& smoke. -he& (ere tr&n# to p't o't the %re. 0. 8he %nshed her (ork. -hen she (ent home. 2. *e bo'#ht o'r tckets.
-hen (e (ent nto the theatre. 3. -he& contn'ed ther 9o'rne& a%ter the&.d had dnner. 14.B%ter L'c& had done a!! her shoppn#:
she (ent %or a c'p o% co%%ee. 11. I %e!t tred. 8o I (ent to bed ear!&. 1$. I tho'#ht the& m#ht be h'n#r&. 8o I o%%ered them
somethn# to eat. 13. 8he s a %ore#ner. 8o she needs a "sa to sta& n ths co'ntr&. 1). I ddn.t kno( hs address. 8o I (asn.t ab!e
to contact hm. 1,. 8arah has tra"e!!ed a !ot. 8o she kno(s a !ot abo't other co'ntres. 16. -he man (asn.t ab!e to 'nderstand
En#!sh. 8o he ddn.t kno( (hat I (anted. 10. *e had spent near!& a!! o'r mone&. 8o (e co'!dn.t a%%ord to sta& n a hote!.
Ex. 36.3 <se the "erb n the correct %orm:
I (as (oken 'p b& a be!! (rn#). $. B !ot o% the peop!e (n"te) to the part& cannot come 3. L%e m'st be "er& 'np!easant %or peop!e
(!"e) near b's& arports. ). B %e( da&s a%ter the nter"e(: I rece"ed a !etter (o%%er) me the 9ob. ,. 8omebod& (ca!!) ?ack phoned
(h!e &o' (ere o't. 6. -here (as a tree (b!o() do(n n the storm !ast n#ht. 0. *hen I entered the (atn# room t (as empt&
except %or a &o'n# man (st) b& the (ndo( (read) a ma#a=ne. 2. ?an has #ot a brother ((ork) n a bank n London and a sster
(st'd&) economcs at 'n"erst& n Manchester.
Ex. 30.1 <se the (ord #"en E the endn# Kn#L or KedL:
1. -he %!m (asn.t as #ood as (e had expected. (dsappont7)
a) -he %!m (as F b) *e (ere F (th the %!m.
$. Dana teaches &o'n# ch!dren. It.s a "er& hard 9ob b't she en9o&s t. (exha'st7)
a) 8he en9o&s her 9ob b't t.s o%ten F
b) Bt the end o% a da&.s (ork: she s o%ten F
3. It.s been rann# a!! da&. I hate ths (eather. (depress7)
a) -hs (eather s F b) -hs (eather makes me F
). /!are s #on# to the <nted 8tates next month. 8he has ne"er been there be%ore. (exct7)
a) It (!! be an F experence %or her.
b) Con# to ne( p!aces s a!(a&s F
c) 8he s rea!!& F abo't #on# to the <nted 8tates.
Ex. 30.$ /hoose the correct (ord:
1. I (as dsappontn#D dsapponted (th the %!m. I had expected t to be better.
$. Bre &o' nterestn#D nterested n %ootba!!+ 3. -he %ootba!! match (as >'te exctn#D excted. I en9o&ed t. ). It.s sometmes
embarrassn#D embarrassed (hen &o' ha"e to ask peop!e %or mone&. ,. Do &o' eas!& #et embarrassn#D embarrassed+ 6. I had
ne"er expected to #et the 9ob. I (as rea!!& ama=n#D ama=ed (hen I (as o%%ered t. 0. 8he has rea!!& !earnt "er& %ast. 8he has made
astonshn#D astonshed pro#ress. 2. I ddn.t %nd the st'aton %'nn&. I (as not am'sn#D am'sed. 3. It (as a rea!!& terr%&n#D
terr%ed experence. B%ter(ards e"er&bod& (as "er& shockn#D shocked. 14. *h& do &o' a!(a&s !ook so born#D bored+ Is &o'r
!%e rea!!& so born#D bored+ 11. He.s one o% the most born#D bored peop!e I."e e"er met. He ne"er stops ta!kn# and he ne"er sa&s
an&thn# nterestn#D nterested.
1. He (orks "er& hard. It.s not s'rprsn#D s'rprsed that he.s a!(a&s tred. $. I."e #ot nothn# to do. I.m born#D bored. 3. -he
teacher.s exp!anaton (as con%'sn#D con%'sed. Most o% the st'dents ddn.t 'nderstand t. ). -he ktchen hadn.t been c!eaned %or
a#es. It (as rea!!& ds#'stn#D ds#'sted. ,. I se!dom "st art #a!!eres. I.m not partc'!ar!& nterestn#D nterested n art. 6. -here.s
no need to #et anno&n#D anno&ed 9'st beca'se I.m a %e( mn'tes !ate. 0. -he !ect're (as born#D bored. I %e!! as!eep. 2. I asked
Em!& % she (anted to come o't (th 's b't she (asn.t nterestn#D nterested. 3. I."e been (orkn# "er& hard a!! da& and no( I.m
exha'stn#D exha'sted. 14. I.m startn# a ne( 9ob next (eek. I.m >'te exctn#D excted abo't t. 11. -om s "er& #ood at te!!n#
%'nn& stores. He can be "er& am'sn#D am'sed. 1$. L= s a "er& nterestn#D nterested person. 8he kno(s a !ot: she.s tra"e!!ed a
!ot and she.s done !ots o% d%%erent thn#s.
Ex. $3: p.$36 1't the "erb nto the correct %orm:
Ho( o!d (ere &o' (hen &o' !earnt (dr"e) $. I don.t mnd ((a!k) home b't I.d rather (#et) a tax. 3. I can.t make a decson. I
keep (chan#e) m& mnd. ). He had made hs decson and re%'sed (chan#e) hs mnd. ,. *h& dd &o' chan#e &o'r decson+ *hat
made &o' (chan#e) &o'r mnd+ 6. It (as a rea!!& #ood ho!da&. I rea!!& en9o&ed (be) b& the sea a#an. 0. Dd I rea!!& te!! &o' I (as
'nhapp&+ I don.t remember (sa&) that. 2. JGemember (phone) -om tomorro(.. JOM. I (on.t %or#et..
1. -he (ater here s not "er& #ood. I.d a"od (drnk) t % I (ere &o'.
$. I pretended (be) nterested n the con"ersaton b't rea!!& t (as "er& born#.
3. I #ot 'p and !ooked o't o% the (ndo( (see) (hat the (eather (as !ke.
). I ha"e a %rend (ho c!ams (be) ab!e to speak %"e !an#'a#es.
,. I !ke (thnk) care%'!!& abo't thn#s be%ore (make) a decson.
6. 8te"e 'sed (be) a %ootba!!er. He had to stop (p!a&) beca'se o% an n9'r&.
0. B%ter (stop) b& the po!ce: the man admtted (stea!) the car b't dened (dr"e) at 144 m!es an ho'r.
2. B: Ho( do &o' make ths machne ((ork)+
6: I.m not s're. -r& (press) that b'tton and see (hat happens.
Ex. $) Make sentences %rom the (ords n brackets:
1. I can.t %nd the tckets. (ID seemD !oseD them)
$. I ha"en.t #ot %ar to #o. (tD notD (orthD takeD a tax)
3. I.m %ee!n# a bt tred. (ID notD %anc&D #oD o't)
). -m sn.t "er& re!ab!e. (heD tendD %or#etD thn#s)
,. I."e #ot a !ot o% !'##a#e. (&o'D mndD he!pD me+)
6. -here.s nobod& n the ho'se. (e"er&bod&D seemD #o o't)
0. *e don.t !ke o'r %!at. ((eD thnkD mo"e)
2. -he "ase (as "er& "a!'ab!e. (ID a%radD to'chD t)
3. 6!! ne"er carres mone& (th hm. (heD a%radD robbed)
14. I (o'!dn.t #o to see the %!m. (tD not (orthD see)
11. I.m "er& tred a%ter that !on# (a!k. (ID notD 'sedD (a!kD so %ar)
1$. 8'e s on ho!da&. I rece"ed a postcard %rom her &esterda&. (sheD seemD en9o&D herse!%)
13. Da"e had !ots o% ho!da& photo#raphs. (heD nsstD sho(D them to me)
1). I don.t (ant to do the shoppn#. (I.d ratherD somebod& e!seD doD t)
Ex. $, /omp!ete the second sentence so that the meann# s sm!ar to the %rst:
1. I (as s'rprsed I passed the exam. I ddn.t expect F $. Dd &o' mana#e to so!"e the prob!emD Dd &o' s'cceed F 3. I don.t
read ne(spapers an& more. I."e #"en 'p F ). I.d pre%er not to #o o't ton#ht. I.d rather F ,. He can.t (a!k "er& (e!!. He has
d%%c'!t& F 6. 8ha!! I phone &o' ths e"enn#+ Do &o' (ant F+ 0. Hobod& sa( me come n. I came n (tho't F 2. -he& sad I
(as a cheat. I (as acc'sed F 3. It (!! be #ood to see them a#an. I.m !ookn# %or(ard F 14. *hat do &o' thnk I sho'!d do+
*hat do &o' ad"se me F+ 11. It.s a pt& I co'!dn.t #o o't (th &o'. I.d !ke F 1$. I.m sorr& that I ddn.t take &o'r ad"ce. I
re#ret F
M<G1H@ 8<11LEMEH-BG@
<nt ,$ N ,3: ex.111. OVerb E n# N Verb E to ... :
1. Bs (e don;t a#ree abo't po!tcs (e #enera!!& a"od (dsc'ss) the s'b9ect.
$. He doesn;t #et on (th the ne( boss: so he;s asked ( trans%er) to another branch o% the compan&.
3. 1!ease stop (nterr'pt) me (hen I;m exp!ann# somethn# to &o'. @o' can ask >'estons at the end.
). *e had arran#ed (meet) n m& o%%ce so that he co'!d check the doc'ments he needed.
,. I m'st sa&: I don;t rea!!& %anc& (spend) m& (ho!e ho!da& (th &o'r co'sns.
6. He admts (enter) the ho'se b't he sa&s he ddn;t take an&thn# O
0. I;"e apo!o#=ed to her b't she st!! re%'ses (speak) to me.
2. *hat a dread%'! manI /an &o' ma#ne (!"e) (th hm+
3. O% co'rse I;!! he!p &o': as !on# as t doesn;t n"o!"e (!%t) an&thn# hea"&.
14. Oh noI I;"e %or#otten (brn#) m& bre%case (th me. I;!! ha"e to #o back %or t.
11. -he& had hoped (!"e) n ther ne( ho'se b& no(: b't the b'!ders are st!! (orkn# on t.
1$. I don;t mnd ((ork) !ate: % t (!! he!p at a!!.
13. I smp!& can;t a%%ord (s'pport) &o' an& !on#er P &o';!! 9'st ha"e to %nd a 9ob.
1). *e had hoped to %nsh the pro9ect b& the end o% the month b't (e keep (de!a&) b& chan#es n the p!ans.
1,) @o';d better #o and see the boss and sa& (hat &o';"e done. I% &o' p't o%% (exp!an) t to
her: she;!! on!& be more anno&ed.
Ex.11$. /omp!ete the con"ersatons:
B. Bnn: *hat are &o' don# ths (eekend+
6!!: I;m hopn# (1) ... m& parents: % I can.
Bnn: I tho'#ht &o' (ent to see them !ast (eekend.
6!!: Ho: I p!anned ($) them: b't the& s'##ested (3) ... the "st %or a (eek
beca'se the& hadn;t %nshed ()) ... the spare room.
6. /!a: /an &o' he!p me (th these packa#es+
Da"e: O% co'rse
/!a: I;"e #ot to #et them a!! posted toda&. One o% o'r b# c'stomers has sad he;!!
consder (,) F to another: s'pp!er % (e don;t mpro"e o'r de!"er& tmes.
Da"e: Ha"e (e been %a!n# (6) ... on tme+ I ddn;t kno( that.
/!a: Bpparent!& someone %or#ot (0) ... an order !ast month. 8o I (2) ... a#reed them
m&se!% ths tme: beca'se (e can;t rsk (3) ... s'ch an mportant c'stomer.
/. ?ack: Oh dear: here;s another note %rom 1eter.
8ean: *h& does he keep (14) ... to &o'+
?ack : He (ants me to 9on hs basketba!! team. He;s o%%ered (11)... me repar m& car
% I a#ree (1$) ... them. -he tro'b!e s: t n"o!"es (13) ... to a !ot o% practce
sessons and I ha"en;t #ot tme. Bnd I can %x the car b& m&se!%
8ean: *e!!: &o';!! 9'st ha"e to %nd a (a& to sa& no. @o' can;t a"od (1)) ... to hm %or e"er.
Ex. 113 . /omp!ete the report:
Bndre( 8pcer: the !oca! c&c!n# star: has decded (abandon) hs second attempt (rde) non7stop %or $) ho'rs. Hs decson (#"e)
'p came a%ter poor (eather condtons had ca'sed hm to de!a& (set) o%% %or se"era! ho'rs. Hs %rst attempt had a!so ended n
%a!'re: (hen he appeared (!ose) contro! o% hs bc&c!e a%ter he s(er"ed to a"od (ht) a sma!! ch!d. He narro(!& mssed (crash)
nto a #ate and ended 'p n a stream. He sa&s that he has not &et decded (hether (tr&) one more tme: b't denes (!ose) nterest n
the pro9ect. QI am (rase) mone& %or the !oca! hospta!:R he exp!ans. Q-he& deser"e (he!p) and I sha!! do t % I can mana#e (%nd)
to %nd the tmeR
Ex.11,. <se the correct %orm o% the "erbs n brackets:
B. 1at: *hch s the best ro'te nto the ct& centre+
Mck: It doesn;t make m'ch d%%erence: except I;d ad"se &o' (notD'se) the H#h
8treet d'rn# the r'sh ho'r.
6. Mar&: Is Mr.*seman %ree+
?oe: *e!!: there;s no one (th hm: b't I (o'!dn;t attempt (speak) to hm no(: % I
(ere &o'. He;s n a %o'! mood.
Mar&: Oh: I don;t mnd (sho't) at b& hm. He threatened (sack) me !ast (eek: b't
he apo!o#sed "er& po!te!& !ater.
/ 8'e: I don;t tr'st that ne( casher. ?!!: *h& not+ 8'e: *e!!: he c!ams ((ork) n
se"era! other banks be%ore he came here: b't (hen I asked hm abo't them
he kept (chan#e) the s'b9ect. I (as (ondern# (sa&) somethn# to the mana#er.
?!!: 1erhaps he;s 9'st sh&. *h& don;t (e #o on (be) %rend!& %or a %e( more da&s
and see ho( he beha"es+ 8'e: OM. I m'st sa&: I;d hate (#et) someone nto
tro'b!e %or nothn#.
D Bnd&: I don;t kno( (hat to do abo't Cemma. 8he;s so d%%c'!t to (ork (th. 8he keeps
%or#ettn# (pass) on mportant messa#es: and she (on;t !et (he!p) her (hen she;s b's&.
?oan: Ha"e &o' act'a!!& ta!ked to her abo't a!! ths+
Bnd&: -hat;s part o% the prob!em. I;"e tred (dsc'ss) the prob!em (th her: b't she a!(a&s
sa&s she;s too b's& to stop and ta!k. I;"e e"en tred (ask) her to ha"e !'nch (th me:
b't she doesn;t (ant to.
?oan: I thnk I;d better ha"e a chat (th her. Ho( !on# has she been !ke ths+
Bnd&: Oh: t;s se"era! (eeks no(.
?oan: *e!!: I;d rea!!& !ke (kno() abo't the prob!em ear!er. He"er mnd: I;!! see (hat I can do.
Bnd&: -hanks "er& m'ch.
Ex.116. /omp!ete the sentences:
1. I ne"er permt an&one to read m& dar&.
$. I !earnt F at the a#e o% ...
3. I can;t he!p F (hen I see someone ben# treated 'n%ar!&.
). I don;t practse ::: as re#'!ar!& as I sho'!d.
,. I sometmes pretend F (hen rea!!& I;m 9'st da&dreamn#.
6. I a!(a&s enco'ra#e F (hch I ha"e en9o&ed readn# m&se!%.
0. I remember F (hen I (as a sma!! ch!d: b't I don;t remember F: a!tho'#h m& %am!& sa&s I ddI
2. I en9o& e"en tho'#h I;m not "er& #ood at t.
3. I expect F b& the end o% next &ear.
14. I;"e #"en 'p F .
11. I o%ten he!p F .
Ex. 112: /omp!ete the %o!.peces o% ad"ce (th &o'r o(n deas:
1. @o' sho'!d take re#'!ar exercse nstead o% F .
$. @o' can;t earn a !ot o% mone& b& F .
3. t;s r'de to borro( peop!e;s thn#s (tho't F
). @o' m'st a!(a&s thank peop!e %or F
,. @o' m'stn;t nsst on F
6. It;s (ron# to make acc'satons (tho't F
0. It;s #ood manners to apo!o#se %or F
2. @o' sho'!d %!! 'p (th petro! be%ore F
Ex.113. 1't the "erbs nto the correct %orm:
Dear G'th: thank &o' "er& m'ch %or the !o"e!& present &o' sent
%or La're. It (as "er& knd o% &o'. @o' sa& n &o'r note that
&o' ha"en;t #ot 'sed to (be) an a'nt &et. I 'sed to (thnk) that becomn# a %ather (o'!dn;t chan#e me. I (as (ron#: o% co'rse L%e
(!! ne"er be the same a#an. *e 'sed to (#o) to bed at mdn#ht or !ater. Ho( (e;re as!eep b& ten beca'se (e;"e had to #et 'sed
to ((ake) 'p at , o;c!ock. Bct'a!!&: that;s >'te #ood n a (a&. I a!(a&s 'sed to (arr"e) !ate at the o%%ce: b't snce La're (as born
m& secretar& has #ot 'sed to (%nd) me hard at (ork b& the tme she #ets nI
Mnd &o': t hasn;t been so eas& %or ?enn&. I thnk she %o'nd t "er& hard at %rst: ben# (th the bab& nstead o% #on# to (ork.
8he (asn;t 'sed to (spend) a!! da& (tho't ad'!t compan&. 6't she;s #ot >'te %rend!& (th a ne#hbo'r (ho a!so has a &o'n# bab&
and I thnk that makes t easer. 8he 'sed to (sa&) she;d #o back to (ork (hen La're (as 6 months o!d: b't no( she;s 'sed to (be)
at home. 8he;s be#nnn# to en9o& herse!%: so she ma& (at 'nt! La're s a bt o!der.
Bn&(a&: (hen do &o' thnk &o';!! be ab!e to come and see 's+ ?enn& sa&s h'rr& 'p: (h!e La're s st!! sma!!. B!! the best:

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