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The Hideous Blobfish

The Hideous Blobfish

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Published by Elton Camp
Officially voted the World's Ugliest Animal, but is it fair?
Officially voted the World's Ugliest Animal, but is it fair?

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Published by: Elton Camp on Jul 06, 2014
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The Hideous Blobfish

By Elton Camp
Meet the blobfish
Let the glorious news be shared
World’s ugliest animal declared
The Ugly Animal Preservation League
This particular fish highly did intrigue
They then went on to mention
The panda gets too much attention
While their intentions had to be good
The designation went past what it should
Blobfish lives 4!!! feet beneath the sea
"t’s only on land that hideous will he be
"n his natural habitat the pressure’s high
#owever he’s constructed so as not to die
Both s$eleton and muscle he does lac$
Against pressure he needn’t push bac$
When blobfish is where he does belong
With his loo$s there’s nothing wrong
The Blobfish in its natural habitat

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