Expanded coverage of Katarungang Pambarangay Law sought

In the interest of the speedy administration of justice, Partylist lawmakers are proposing to
expand the jurisdiction or the number of cases that may be amicably settled at the barangay level.
“Considered as a basic tenet of constitutional law, the right to a speedy administration of
justice shall be given prime importance, declared !"# $icol %eps. Christopher &. Co and %odel
'. $atocabe.
Co and $atocabe are authors of ($ )*+) which seeks to amend &ection ),- of %epublic
!ct .+/, or the 0ocal 1overnment Code, pertaining to the Katarunangang Pambarangay 0aw
which provides for the expanse or classification of cases that may be settled at the Lupon ng
Barangay level.
In response to the challenge of increasing cases that clog the dockets of the courts, they
said that numerous laws have been passed, one of which is P.2. +*,-, later repealed by the 0ocal
1overnment Code, which establishes a procedure as regards amicably settling disputes at the
barangay level.
“!lthough this novel approach at the barangay level has gained grounds, recent statistics
of the number of cases reaching the court system still is at an alarming level, the authors noted.
3onetheless, they added, the system is still commendable at the outset in promoting the
de4clogging of court dockets.
($ )*+) provides, among other possible changes, to amend &ection ),- by providing that
the Lupon of each barangay shall have authority to bring together the parties actually residing in
the same province 5instead of city or municipality under the present law6 for amicable settlement
of all disputes covered by the !ct.
($ )*+) also widens the coverage of cases for settlement at the Lupon level to offenses
punishable by imprisonment not exceeding six 5/6 years 5from the current one year limit6 or a
fine of up to P+,,,,,, 5from the current P*,,,, fine limit6.
&ection +/, !rticle III of the +7-. Charter provides that one of the constitutional rights of
8ilipino citi9ens is the right to a speedy disposition of their cases before all judicial, :uasi4
judicial, or administrative bodies, Co and $atocabe pointed out.
;he bill has been referred to the Committee on 0ocal 1overnment for its appropriate
consideration and action following the opening of Congress< second regular session in =uly. 5>,6
NR # 3518B
JULY 5, 2014

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