Test Design and Test Execution Template

TC Id TC Name 1 To test the Login screen Module Login Test Type GUI Precondition 1.The Login Screen should open. 2. XXX Measurement tool is present for measuring image size.

2 To test if user can Login(Positive Flow)



1.User is in Login Screen.

Description/Steps Check the Login Screen for: 1.Lables 2.Text Fields 3.Allignment 4.Buttons 5.Alt text 6.Title in Title bar 7. Heading 8.Color 9.Links 10. Logo Image size

Expected Result


1.Lables - "Login" label present; Passed "Password" label present 2.Text Fields - Text fields present for "Login" and "Password" 3.Allignment - "Login" and "password" labels and text fields correctly alligned 4.Buttons - "Submit" and "Cancel" buttond present 5.Alt text - Present for "Login" and "Submit" buttons" 6.Title in Title bar - Title is "Login" 7. Heading - It is "Login user" 8.Color - Font color for labels is Blue, Color of buttons is blue 9.Links - No links present in the screen. 11.Logo image size is 20 by 15 px.

1. Enter Username 2. Enter Password 3. Click "Submit"

Username1234 Passw0rd User is taken to the "Welcome" page.

Passed Passed Failed

Actual result/Comments Build 1 Run 1 is as Expected.

Assigned To N/A



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Build 1 Run 1 is as Expected. Build 1 Run 1 is as Expected. Build 1 Run 1 is not as Expected. A "Feedback" page is displayed"


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