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This amazing and unbelievable experience was a confirmation.

He demonstrated this kriya [action]

once again in a similar manner. Perhaps that day will never come when I can speak about this to the
world. I would like to do so, because I feel that the world should know that such sages exist, and the
researchers should start researching such secret signs. Miracles like this show that a human being
has such abilities, and in the third chapter of the Yoga Sutras Patanjali, the codifier of yoga science,
explains all the siddhis. I do not profess or claim that such siddhis are essential for self-
enlightenment, but I want to say that human potentials are immense, and as the physical scientists
are exploring the external world, the genuine yogis should not stop exploring the inner abilities and
potentials. His way of teaching was very practical and straightforward. When I insisted on knowing
about our tradition he said, In our external way of life we come from Shankaras order, but actually
our spiritual tradition is different from any institutional traditions existing in India. I also asked why
he lived in Tibet and not in India. He answered, It does not matter where I live. Here I have a few
advanced students, who are prepared and who practice under my guidance. In the future I might
come to India. I often showered questions on him, exactly as I did with my master. He spoke very
little and answered me briefly with a smile and then he closed his eyes. He would say, Be still and
quiet and you will know without being told verbally. You should learn to see through your inner eye
and to hear through your inner ear.