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Name : Andre Nathael

Class : 7-4 / 05
The Definition and Purpose of Descriptive Text
Descriptive text is a text which say what a person or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe
and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.
The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text
Descriptive text has structure as below:
Identification; identifying the phenomenon to be described.
Description; describing the phenomenon in parts, qualities, orand characteristics.
The Language Feature of Descriptive Text
!sing attributive and identifying process.
!sing ad"ective and classifiers in nominal group.
!sing simple present tense
Cleopatra; a descriptive text
#ne of the most famous women in world history was $leopatra %II. &he was the brilliant and
beautiful last 'haraoh of (gypt. )istorically, she became queen of (gypt in *+ ,.$. at the
age of eighteen. &he was a 'tolemy, descended from one of Alexander the Great-s
generals. .hen she was twenty/one, Julius Caesar became her lover. &even years later
she met Anton. 0he romantic tragic relationship continued until they died by suicide in 12
$leopatra was legendary. &he was famous not only for her breathtaking beauty but also for
her great intellect. &he had brown eyes and they were shaped like cat eyes. )er skin was in
fact an olive shade, darker than )ollywood actress 3i4 0aylor who potrayed her in the fil!
"Cleopatra" in +561. &he had medium dark brown hair, about to the middle of her shoulder
blades. &he had a reputation as an extraordinarily sensuous woman.
$leopatra was a woman of remarkable poise and unusual intelligence. &he was highly
educated. &he spoke proficiently in nine languages and also skilled in mathematics. &he is
often considered to be a stunning seductress though she was studying to be a nun.
$leopatra was a very intelligent queen and a politician with a great charisma.
The information of the text describes about Cleopatra