Sa'īd was finally arrested and brought before al-Hajjāj.

Sa'īd bin Jubayr entered upon al-Hajjāj, who asked his name (and he knew his name well):
Sa'īd: Sa'īd bin Jubayr.
Al-Hajjaj: Nay, you are Shaqiy bin Kusayr. (al-Hajjāj is playing with words here: Sa'id
means happy and Shaqiy means unhappy; Jubayr means one who splints broken bones and
Kusayr means one who breaks them.)
Sa'īd: My mother knew better when she named me.
Al-Hajjāj: You are wretched (shaqayta) and your mother is wretched" (shaqiyat). Then he
told him: "By Allah, I will replace your dunya with a blazing Fire.
Sa'īd: If I knew you could do it, I would take you as a God.
Al-Hajjāj: I have gold and wealth. Bags of gold and silver were brought and spread before
Sa'īd bin Jubayr in order to try him.
Sa'īd: O Hajjāj, if you gathered it to be seen and heard in showing off, and to use it to avert
others from the way of Allah, then by Allah, it will not avail you against Him in any way.
Saying this, he aligned himself towards Qiblah.
Al-Hajjāj: Take him and turn him to other than the Qiblah. By Allah, O Sa'īd bin Jubayr, I
will kill you with a killing with which I have not killed any of the people.
Sa'īd: O Hajjāj choose for yourself whatever killing you want, by Allah you will not kill me
with a killing except that Allah will kill you with a like of it, so choose for yourself whatever
killing you like.
Al-Hajjāj: Turn him to other than the Qiblah.
Sa'īd: Wherever you [might] turn, there is the Face of Allah.[1]
Al-Hajjāj: Put him under the earth.
Sa'īd: From it (the earth) We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it We will
extract you another time.[2]
Al-Hajjāj was outdone and ordered the beheading of Sa'īd bin Jubayr. Sa'īd was martyred in
the month of Sha'bān, 95 AH (ca. May 714) at the age of 49. Al-Hajjāj is reported to have
soon lost his senses and died within a month.

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