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ISU Notes

ISU Notes

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Published by: api-19771573 on Nov 28, 2009
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Teach yourself SAP utilities

The help files: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_utilities472/helpdata/en/c6/4dce68eafc11d18a030000e8 29fbbd/frameset.htm The SAP Utilities (IS-U) component is a sales and information system that supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company. You can use IS-U for managing and billing residential, commercial and industrial, and prospective customers. This component also allows you to manage and bill customers who receive services, purchase goods, or pay fees and taxes. SAP Best Practices for Utilities http://help.sap.com/bp_utilitiesv1500/UTL_India/index.htm * U70: Complete Order Process * U71: Equipment Construction Management * U72: Preventive Maintenance * U73: Overhaul Management * U74: Refurbishment Management * U75: Work Clearance Management * U76: Reliability Centered Maintenance * U77: Raw Material (Coal) Procurement

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