•Carry Gate pass and other authorization cards with you while at Carry Gate pass and other authorization cards with you while at work. work.
•Wear appropriate Coverall and PPE’S.
•Attend STARRT meeting before starting the work.
•Follow Project rules and regulations.
•Ensure job requirements like PTW, safe work practices, required
PPE’S, safe access, safe working location etc.
•Know your nearest assembly point.
•Follow instructions of your supervisors.
•Operate machine or equipments only when you are authorized and all
guards and safety devices are in place and in working condition.
•Keep all equipments in safe working condition. Never use defective
tools or equipments. Report any defective tools or equipments to your
immediate supervisor.
•Do not carry out any repair or maintenance on live system.
•Maintain Good House Keeping at all times.
•Prevent Fire and know Fire Fighting Equipments.
•Report unsafe conditions, Accidents and Near misses to your
•Respect all signs and symbols displayed at site.
•Know safe job procedures, project requirements for the work which you are going to perform.
•Conduct STARRT meeting referring J HA, check machineries, tools, working location, PPE’S and
complete the WORK PERMIT before starting the work.
•Effectively implement the Safety program, enforce all Safety rules, policies, procedures and develop
proactive safety culture..
•Train,communicate,motivate & don’t play favorites.
•Monitor Safety equipment use (PPE’S, guarding)
•Correct and report hazards as soon as possible.
•Document all Safety activities.
•Be sure that all your employees know that they can come to you with safety.
•Be a good listener, give feed back and follow up.
•Be consistent in your approach.
•Your actions say a lot more than your words, set example.
•You should investigate accidents, not to find fault or to blame, but to find out the root cause.
•Develop a plan for preventing the accident in the future.
•Beside an ethical and moral duty, supervisors have a legal responsibility of safety supervision.
•Supervisors can be held criminally liable for serious injury or death of an employee if they have been
negligent in their duties.
•When supervisors ignore their duties and don’t take this seriously they can get in trouble.

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