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McKall Mayner
To apply my exceptional interpersonal, creative and teamwork skills to ain experience
t!rou! a nursin position and provide reat patient care.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing $nticipated& $uust '()*
+ainaw Valley +tate #niversity, #niversity Center, ,I
"eans- .ist& /inter '()0, /inter '()*,
12$& 0.34
Leadership Preceptorship ,ay '()*7 $u. '()*
,id,ic!ian ,edical Center 1ratiot, $lma, ,I
Acute Care/ Home Care Jan. '()*7 $pril '()*
,id,ic!ian ,edical Center, ,idland, ,I
Community Health Jan. '()*7 $pril '()*
8ealt! "eliver Incorporated, +ainaw, ,I
Pediatrics Oct. '()07 "ec. '()*
"etroit C!ildren-s 8ospital, "etroit, ,I
Ostetrics/ Laor and !eli"ery +ept. '()07 Oct. '()0
Covenant 8ealt!care, +ainaw, ,I
Med/ Surg Clinical ,arc! '()0 9 ,ay '()0
Covenant 8eat!care, +ainaw, ,I
Mental Health Nursing Jan. '()07 ,arc! '()0
Bay 6eional ,edical Center, Bay City, ,I
#eriatric Nursing/ Long $erm Care $u. '()'7 "ec. '()'
8uron /oods %ursin Center, :awkawlin, ,I
/O6: E52E6IE%CE
%aitress +easonal& '()'
Bay Valley 6esort and Con;erence Center, Bay City, ,I
$ssisted team o; co7workers to promote !i! <uality service to customers.
Nanny +easonal& '()(, '()),
=enton, ,I '()0
2rovided a sa;e environment ;or 0 c!ildren w!ere ;ood preparation, ;irst aid
experience and proper care were provided> w!ile o;;erin empat!etic, educational,
and en?oya@le supervision and uidance.
Halls #reenhouse +easonal& '((A
+wartB Creek, ,I
$ssisted team o; co7workers to provide water, nutrients and t!e essentials ;or plants
and ;lowers to row.
CO,2#TE6 +:I..+
Electronic ,edical 6ecord& Cerner C0 +emestersD, E2IC C' +emestersD
/indows Operatin +ystems& ,+ /ord, Excel, 2ower2oint
8O%O6+ E $/$6"+ E $CTIVITIE+
&ecipient, 1 James /illiams +c!olars!ip in %ursin $u. '()' 9 ,ay '()*
&ecipient' Belliner Trust +c!olars!ip $u. '()' 9 ,ay '()*
&ecipient, +tudy $@road Experience +c!olars!ip ,ay '()0
Nursing Study Aroad, %epal ,ay '()0
Memer' +tudent %urses $ssociation $u '()) 9 2resent
C26 Certi;ied7 $merican 8eart $ssociation )'E'()07 )'E'()3
=E,$ Certi;ied $pril '()*
Interdisciplinary 2overty +imulation ,arc! '()*
G+E% Con;erence7 Guality and +a;ety Education ,arc! '()*