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Business Strategy and Value Chain

Business Strategy:

Haji Biriyani follows the distinction business strategy. Haji Biriyani is famous for keeping a
celebrated Mughalian food item alive in Dhaka with glaring success. It is one of the most famous
restaurants in Dhaka. Its brand name alone brings in scores of customers. Haji Biriyani serves
premium quality food that is laced with the original Mughalian flavor of biriyani.

While Haji Biriyani does not offer any side dishes with their biriyani, the quality and taste of
their biriyani is so far ahead of their competitors that their customers are not put-off by the lack
of choice. Customers relate Haji Biriyani with a sensational experience and expect not only
great taste but good quality of food as well. Compared to their competitors, Haji Biriyani offers
their biriyani at a more affordable price. They make their biriyani with mustard oil instead of
butter which retains the attention of health conscious people and sets them further apart ffrom
their competitors.

Buying the
Cooking the
Serving the
Logistics and
the product
Wait staff,
Cleaners and
Value Chain:

Primary Activties:

Support Activities:

Reinvestment Decisions:

While Haji Biriyani is very successful, introducing a few more food items that go with the
Mughalian theme will add to the business value. Their profits should be reinvested in hiring
experienced chefs with extensive knowledge of side dishes and desserts which were famous in
the Mughalian era and training assistant chefs for this venture.

They should also look into improving and expanding their premises. Customers rarely get open
seats as soon as they arrive and the lackluster interior does not give the restaurant the royal
ambiance that should accompany this traditional cuisine. If the seating area was expanded and
the interior redesigned to suit the cuisine, value would be added to the business.

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Assignment Topic: Business Strategy and Value Chain for Haji Biriani


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