1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. What kin of a person was Evans? What precautions were taken for the smooth conduct of the examination? Did the examination go as scheduled? Did the governor and his staff heave of sigh of relief? Was injured McLeery able to help the prison officer track Evans? Did the clues left behind on the question paper put Evans back in prison? Where did Evans go? Where was McLeery? Who was supposed to invigilate the exam? Why? What did he carry with him in order to fulfill his duty to satisfaction? What were Governor’s misgivings regarding the exam? How did he put his fears to rest? Why was Evans known as Evans the Break? Why had he been housed in the jail at Oxford? How did the governor feel about this state of affairs? The Governor received a call form the Examination Board soon after the exam had begun. What was the ostensible purpose of the call? What was the real purpose? How did Evans and his friends ensure that the coast was clear for McLeery to exist the prison without any trouble? What was the purpose of the rubber ring tht McLeery had brought along with him? What was the actual purpose that it was used for? How did the numbers that were written by Evans on his answer sheet help the Governor to locate the hotel in which he was hiding? What was the purpose of the correction slip that the Examinations Board had mentioned? What was the real purpose? Do you think that Evans had left behind the examination paper on purpose? Why or why not? How did the Governor try to outwit Evans in the end? Did he succeed? Why do you think that the Governor is referred to as just another good-for-agiggle gullible governor? Who had helped Evans with his plan? Who is Kleptomaniac? How is Evans associated with it? Why was Evans called “Evans the Break”? What plan did he make in this story for his escape? Was Evans an intelligent man? Do you justify his way? How did Evans prove the Governor was just another good-for-a-giggle? With the clues left behind on the question paper, will Evans be back in the prison? What was the request to the Examination Department from the Oxford Prison and why was it unusual?

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What assurance did the Secretary of the Examination Board seek from the Governor of the prison? How had Evens been nicknamed by the prison officers and why? Who actually was the German teacher? What did the ‘Good Luck for tomorrow signify the day before the examination? Evans said to the German teacher. ‘I might surprise everybody’ what was the German teacher not expecting? Do you think Evans was a resourceful person? Though Evans had a bit of bad luck yet he considered he had been lucky as he walked into the hotel. Why? How did Evans manage to take on the appearance of the Parson quite undetected even though Stephens was watching him closely? How did Evans escape in the end even though he was handcuffed and did not resist arrest? What made Stephens go back and check on Eevans after he had escorted the parson out? “They all made their mistakes somewhere along the line” What aware the mistakes? (Long) Reflecting on the story, what do you feel about Evans having the last laugh? (Long) When Stephens comes back to the cell, he jumps to a conclusion and the whole machinery blindly goes by his assumption without even checking the identity of the injured McLeery. Does this show how hasty conjectures can prevent one form seeing the obvious? How is the criminal able to predict such negligence? (Long) What could the Governor have done to securely bring back Evans to prison when he caught him at the Golden Lion? Does his final act of foolishness really prove that he was just another good-for-giggle gullible Governor that was all? (Long) While we condemn the crime, we are sympathetic to the criminal. Is that why the prison-staff often develops a soft corner? (Long) The Governor was going to make sure that he (Evans) wouldn’t be disgracing them. However this is exactly what he (Evans) did do. Explain how this state of affairs came to pass? Though the governor had arranged for Evans to take his O level German exam in his cell he was plagued by feelings of unease. Describe when these feelings came to the fore during the course of the examination and how he managed to put them at rest each time? (Long) What were the precautions that had been taken by the prison authorities to ensure that the German Exam was conducted under conditions that would ensure not only that the exam was conducted smoothly but also that the strictest security was maintained? (Long) “It had not been Evans impersonating McLeery who had walked out. It had been Evans impersonating McLeery who had stayed in.” explain how this had come about? (Long)

Your passion will define your limits……. Strive for more.

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The story leave one agreeing that the governor was just another good-for-agiggle gullible Governor that was all. Why? (Long) Evans and his friends had planned his escape most meticulously, down to the minutest detail. Elucidate. (Long) Evans had evaluated and assessed the weakness of the prison system and that of the prison officers and this aided his escape from the prison. Elaborate with examples from the story? (Long) Imagine that you are Evans. Write an account of how you planned and executed you escape form the prison at Oxford despite all the security measures that had been taken to ensure against that. (Long)

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