1. Write a report in about 80 –100 words of the ‘BBC master Mind Quiz Contest’ held in New Delhi in which you represented your school. 2. You were traveling by air from Delhi to Bombay , when suddenly a hijacker appeared from the economy class and forced the pilot to proceed to Goa . As the plane changed direction, the passengers were shell-shocked. In the airborne drama, an airhostess with the help of passengers was able to over power the hijacker… Now, write a factual description of this thrilling and chilling incident under the heading ‘AIR BORNE PLANE DRAMA’ Sign yourself as Mrinal Jah. 3. Recently Dr. Kasthurirangan the Chairman of ISRO came to your school as the Chief Guest of the Silver Jubilee Celebration your school. He declared that soon ISRO is going to launch a satellite exclusively devoted to education. Write a report in about 100 words for your school magazine on the visit of Dr. Kasturirangan and the thrust on his address to the students. 4. You are Anshu Seth a reporter working for Press Trust of India . Yesterday you saw a rickshaw full of school children overturn when it was hit by a speeding car. As a result many children besides the rickshaw puller were injured. Write a report of the incident in about 80 – 100 words. 5. In HOLI CELEBRATIONS AT YOUR colony Club, all colony members had participated. On this occasion a short cultural programme was organized, with some dances , songs and a skit. Then, as the Secretary of the club, you applied a holi tilak on everyone’s forehead. This was then followed by a lunch. Write a factual description of the event in about 80 - 100 words to be published in your colony’s newsletter 6. Your scooter has been stolen from the parking in front of the nearby market. When you went to the police station to lodge report of the theft, the SHO asked you write a description of your scooter and the circumstance in which it was lost. Write your description in about 80-100 words.

SCHOOL REPORT • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ------ has recently organized the much awaited programme There were peels of laughter and shouting . Chief guest in his lecture made an appeal to the general public for over whelming response Principal thanked the chief guest for providing gracious presence on the occasion It was a really a great show – a feather in the cap of this prestigious educational institute. This widely acclaimed activity was applauded and considered a grant successful event. Chief guest stressed the need for hard labour and give honest service to the nation. A nation can be progressive if her citizen are honest and honour the moral values” Many students participated in it with zeal & zest The hall was decorated with posters, charts--Our special invitee was representatives from the press. The local dailies lauded our school for this noble efforts and appreciated to role of the staff and students in making this a grand success The venture on the part of our school because other institutions to take similar steps The objectives was to spread awareness about the importance of--The chief guest and other guest of honour appreciated the efforts of the school for organizing such a fruitful activities in the school The Participants were involved in a host of activities like It was a very enriching and enlightening experience for all the participants. Participants expressed their views eloquently and cogently

News report
• • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction: An accident of rare seriousness hit the roads of Delhi in the peak ours of the traffic movement Ambulance came within minutes to take injured to the hospital. Driver escaped in the cover of darkness Driver has been taken into custody by the local police and registered a case of rash and negligent driving. A case of reckless driving and causing death by negligence was registered against the driver. Govt. authorities have declared Rs.I lakh compensation for the families of the dead and Rs…. for the families of the injured. Investigation and enquiries are going on to find out why such a large no of people were on the road/ ill fated bus/ boat/ It is reported that at least 20 people lost their lives and around ….. were injured out of which …. are reported to be in critical condition. The minister of state for …..Visited the site and supervised relief and rescue operation. An enquiry has been ordered to find out the exact cause of the accident. Many bodies were believed to be still buried under the fallen debris and they are extricated. The governor has expresses profound grief over the death of many persons and offered condolence and sympathy with the family members of the deceased. Mean while the rescue operation are continuing and relatives of the all the dead are being contacted with the help of the NGO’s “It was a heart rending sight with the dead and the injured lying about and the blood stains seen all over the road” said an eyewitness.

• • • • • • • • It was impossible for the fire brigade to reach the spot. Police and military were pressed in to service. All means of communication were disrupted. Efforts were made by the govt. to control the situation and the circumstances. It was learnt that a timely alarm was given by the guard as soon as the rays of smoke emitting out from the. …Within no time it spread like a wildfire in the market. Fire brigade could not arrive well in time. People came with buckets of water but could not be brought under control After 4-5 hours the fire was brought under control.

• •

It was believed that the fire was caused by a short circuit A local enquiry has been probed by the local administration. The investigating authorities have taken the matter in their hands.

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