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Written and Illustrated by Jason Chin
Roaring Brook Press, 2009
Address to Jason’s web site:
Jason Chin is clever in the way that he blends the facts of redwoods with his amazing illustrations
that take you on an adventure with a boy reading the same book that he finds on a subway bench.
From the subway station he is transported into the redwood forest where he learns about their size,
life cycle and that they can grow from a seed or sprout from a trunk. He also learns how they defend
themselves from infections, infestations and live through a fire. He goes on to explain how they
collect water and make their own rain. Read this book to find out more amazing facts about the
redwoods. Where redwoods can be found in California

Curriculum connections:
coast redwoods
life cycle
national and state parks
animal habitats
mapping & measuring
“Why did they cut them
down?”- Evan age 8

“I think it would be cool to
go drive the car through a
tree.” – Austin age 14

“Can you find redwoods in
any other part of the
world?” Evan age 8