(B4) Hi

Sam, your mother told me that you will do a party the next week. Can I help you with the shopping
for party?. In the afternoon or maybe tomorrow I will go at your home for give you a chocolate
cake, and then I am going to go shopping for the party.
Take care
(B5) Hi
Harrison congratulations. I am so happy for you, but is my duty tell you as your best friend, you
must take care, today it is very dangerous meet people on internet, but if you want meet to her do
as soon as possible.
I wish you the best.
(C1) Dear Customer Service
Last Thursday 6th June I took a flight with your company and my flight CA 90040 should have
taken off at 7.30am from Chile Airport to Los Angeles. There was a 4 hour delay at Chile and, as a
result, I lost my suitcase, consequently, most of the day was lost. What is even worse, your
employees never informed us about the reasons for such a delay. In addition, we weren’t given an
alternative solution. I would appreciate it if you took action as soon as possible and compensated
me for damages.
I look forward to hearing from you
Yours faithfully.

(C2) Hi
The last weekend I saw two apartments. One is on Marin Street, and the other is on Portugal
The first Apartment: 234: $450,000/month, 3 bedroom, pets OK, quiet neighborhood, near
Universidad mayor.
The seconds Apartment: number 801: $550,000/month, 3 bedroom, no pets, convenient, good
view, in front of Universidad mayor.
The apartment on Marin Street is not as beautiful as on Portugal Street, but is cheaper. Has the
same number of bedroom, but the apartment on Marin street is bigger than the apartment on
Portugal Street; you can bring your dog! It’s also in a nice, quiet neighborhood.
See you
(C3) HI everyone
The big sales meeting
Having listened to suggestions put forward I have decided that this year the big sales meeting will
be in Spain, After finish the meeting, we will have some time to travel around Spain.
The travel will be: the Canary Islands the natural paradise, it have the most beautiful beach in the
world, then we will go to Alhambra because there is the real palace, and finally we will go to
Madrid and will enjoy the nightlife in this city.
See you soon

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