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Published by: api-19779124 on Nov 29, 2009
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� My goal is to be a failure! If I reach my goal, I'll be successful and if I don't reach my goal, I'll still be successful. � Beauty is not how you look, it is not how handsome you are, it is not your figure too, beauty is the inner self, so change your underwear daily. � Jab tum hanstey ho to lagta hai ki insaan pehle bandar tha! Dekho gussa mat karo kyonki jab tum gussa karte ho to lagta hai ki insaan aaj bhi bandar hai. � Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine, into your brain and that's where you get your shitty ideas from! � Consequences of American life style: The wife rushed into house screaming 2 her husband, Darling, Come quick! Ur kids n my kids r beating our kids. � Yamraj ne ek ladke ki jaan le li. Chitragupt- Iss ko waqt se pehle kyon mara? Yumraj: Kya karun, March end mein target jo pura karna tha. � Sharabi eyes donate karne gaya, Counter Clerk asks: Kuch kehna chahte ho? Sharabi: Jise lagao usse bata dena ye do peg ke baad khulti hain. � A young man asks a kind priest: Father is it a sin to sleep with a girl? Father: No my child but the problem is that u guys never sleep. � Yaad mein tumhari mujhe loose motions lag gaye hain. Hain to ye aanso per lagta hai raata bhatak gaye hain. � Can't believe that after all the shit that's happened between them, they are still together. Who? Ur bums.

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