Module: Electronics MT 3006 Topic: Semiconductors ________________________________________________________________________________

AIM Understand the fundamentals of semi-conductor materials and the p-n junction. LEARNING OUTCOMES          Compare the atomic structure of conductors and semi-conductors. Describe the atomic structure of a silicon structure. Describe the flow of electrons and holes in intrinsic semi-conductors. Describe the doping of semi-conductors to increase the number of free electrons and holes. Explain the conditions which exist at the p-n junction of an unbiased diode, a forward biased diode, and a reversed-biased diode. Explain how avalanche breakdown occur. Describe the cause of minority-carrier current. Describe the characteristic curse of a diode. Read a data sheet and list the basic characteristics of a diode.

REFERENCE TEXTBOOK 1. Malvino Albert Paul, Electronic Principles (Sixth Edition), 1999 STUDENT ASSIGNMENT Read Chapter 2 and part of Chapter 3 to achieve the above outcomes. Assess your understanding by doing the self tests at the end of the chapters. You may also do the assessment posted on Blackboard.

_________________________________________________________________________________ PTM / Apr 2002 1 SP/SMA

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