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They “spin” us until we’re dizzy
With all of their rhetoric
Around and round and round
Until it can make you sick.

They tell us things “they know”
(At least, they say they do!)
Think the People will believe
Instead of see it, through.

They “pull the wool” for a time
Until the People start to peek
And see and hear all the lies
All those politicians speak.

That, ”By and For the People”
Rings hollow in the swell
Of those Special Interest Groups
Who Buy those, who will Sell.

They send our Jobs and Dollars
To those countries “over there”
While we have Homeless, Uninsured
And they don’t even seem to care.

There are Tax Breaks for the Rich
While the rest of us pay the Bills
They’re too busy Playing Politics
To try to cure our Country’s Ills.

They don’t mind Fighting the Wars
As long, as “theirs” don’t have serve
To make most of our Military
Out of those who were, “Reserve”.

Two Parties with their Agendas
With no difference twixt the two
Who fight amongst one another
Instead of rights for me and you.

We need a New and Independent
To be Voted in some day
To be, “By and for the People”
Back to the True American Way.

Del “Abe” Jones