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Tasks according to Specific tasks that has Specific tasks that Tasks on going / to be
CEO Constitution been accomplished has been not continued
Article IX Section1 accomplished
-formulate and -provided rules on -strict - evaluation of members to be
enforce the rules attendance and polo implementation on deliberated for disciplinary
and guidelines day, awards and sanctions. actions.
regarding the sanctions with - evaluation and revision of
absences and signatures of rules on attendance and
tardiness from the members. poloday.
general meetings
and organizational
activities in
coordination with
the Executive
-shall formulate -campus tour for CE - documents of by -release of letters of members
and implement freshmen, laws for to be evaluated.
rules for the orientations, provided applications -documentation of by laws of
applications, schedule for the specifically tasks of applications.
probation, application process, sponsors, -sanctions for members under
acceptance and specified rules on applicants, tickler disciplinary action.
induction. do’s and dont’s and rules on
during finals. reporting and
-collected contact finals.
numbers of
unaffiliated CE
students and ways to
inform them about the
-shall recommend -citations are given to - Citations should -release of names of members
and evaluate to the members with be done at the end to be evaluated.
executive exemplary of every semester.
Committee who performances.
shall receive
citations or
disciplinary actions
based on Article X
of the constitution.
- initiate activities - more innovative activities
that would create
venue for interaction
amongst CEO
member like team
*************** building, CSC,
Christmas party,
victory party,
outreach programs
and alumni